To enter the rescue dachsie for whom you could not find a home, and who has now gone to the Rainbow Bridge, please complete the form below. We have spent much time trying to make the form as easy as possible - we realise that you are grieving, and that completing something like this is not easy. We would be grateful if you would read the instructions as you go, thus allowing us to put your memorial up as soon as possible. Thank you for your assitance in this.

Name of rescue (if known):

We give a butterfly to boy dachsies
and a rose to girls dachsies.

Please tell us which your pupper was.

Sex: MaleFemale

Month and year rescue went to the Bridge

Age (this may be just years, or years and months if known - or educated guess):

I would like to let you know when I have put your rescue up on the page,and I may have questions, so *please include your email below*. It will not be included on the memorial but please! I really need a contact email in case I have any queries.

Unless you give me an email in this space, I will, with regret, not be able to include your rescue on the page.

Email for acknowledgement of your entry:

If you have a web page for your rescue work, and you'd like us to make a link to that page, please enter the URL here.

Yes. Please make a link for my rescue to:

If you would like to send a picture of your rescue to be included in the page, attach it to an email and send it with this form. While it is understood that some photos you might provide could be very tragic, this is probably not the forum for such images. We have used such photos in the past and they have upset some users very badly.

The following response box has plenty of space for your memorial. The space you can see is a standard size, but the actual typing area is very large.

This page was originally created as a place to pour out your hearts for pets, so don't be shy. No one will laugh at anything you feel you want to write, and you are welcome to make the entry anonymously. For the sake of download time of the pages, however, please keep your entry to no more than two reasonably short paragraphs. I know there is much to say about rescue, but there are other pages where long stories may be better served. At the same time, it is more than acceptable to encourage people to participate in rescue at this site.

Pet grieving is understood by others who grieve for their pets, and those are the people who walk in this garden. No one will read your memorial with anything but love.

You have now entered your pet's details. Please check to make sure you have included an email address for questions and returns. Remember that this entry is not intended for rescues who you actually took in - they go with the other dachsies in the memorial garden. The rescue memorial page remembers the unremembered...

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