D.O.G. Heartbeat's Little Blue Max Anderson - September 2015, 14 years, 7 months, 4 days old

Known as Max, D.O.G. Heartbeat's Little Blue Max Anderson was one remarkable fellow. He had many nicknames, including Maximillian, St Maximus, Maximo and 'The Lumber Waggin' (because he was always lumbering around and wagging his tail at the same time). He once worked to cure a dog that was temporarily staying in our household of a mass in her gall bladder by licking it, a fact confirmed by the dog's vet, and began licking that dog's head for hours at a time. After that dog left, although it had many other health problems, it ultimately died, of - you guessed it - a brain tumor. So, this little quiet dog, whose primary mission in life, other than to love and be loved unconditionally, was to sleep and eat and get belly rubs, (not necessarily in that order) earned his big name as well as his nicknames. He is the half-brother of Henry, who went on ahead to the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2010, and Dervish, who is still going strong at 15 years of age, all of them being proud and noble sons of Leonardo, named after a teenage mutant ninja turtle. He was a gentle, loyal and happy dog who always, even at death, seemed tranquil and full of grace. Perhaps that is what he was sent here to teach me, thereby continuing his healing ways. We humans are made in the image of God, but Max makes it obvious that dachshunds are made in God's spirit. When he left, it left a huge, gaping, mind-searingly painful hole in my soul. On the day Max went on ahead, I was outside and had just prayed that Max knows how much I love him. Immediately after I finished the prayer, between clouds and jet contrails, the word MAX was spelled out before my eyes. I will see you at the Bridge my remarkable and gentle little saint. I love you.

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