Tucker Warren - September 2014, 6 years old

Our precious Tucker left us all too soon. He had a ruptured disc just above his hips and lost all feeling. We took him to Ohio State University and had surgery performed. All went well, but he had myeomalacia in the spinal cord as a result. We put him to sleep with the family with him. He gave us six years of unconditional love and joy. Our Lord gave us these little guys to demonstrate unconditional love. We can only feel this deep pain and grief because we had the blessing to have him in our lives. We will miss you Tucker, but we know God is full of love and he has something much better for us after this life is over. So wait for us Tuck Tuck, we will be there soon.

Mitzi Jordaan - September 2014, 15 years old

Dearest Mitzi,

I remember seeing your advert online.You were already an old dog, about ten years old and going grey. Your photo looked so beautiful and I couldn't believe that someone would give you away. I emailed your owner and told her to contact me if she cannot find parents for you. We already had Lila and Grietjie (your two sisters), so adopting a third would be challenging.

One day, after about a month, your owner contacted me - she was unable to find a home for you and was desperate for me to take you. I was so excited and I just knew that you would be special. You sat quietly on my lap, with your chin resting on my arm, while I was driving back home. And for four and a half years you were part of our life. You were a wise, old soul. You shared our beds with us and curled up next to us. You were a constant companion, in good and in bad times.

We miss your grey little face and shiny eyes.
We miss your soft ears.
We miss your big soft feet, digging deep holes in the garden.
We miss your deep bark.
We miss how you always wanted to lie as close to us as you could.
We miss how your maternal instinct came out with Lila and Grietjie. It was clear that you had been a mommy before.
We miss your warm presence.

You will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace, lovely Lady.

Zeidler McCann - September 2014, 13 years, 3 months old

Farewell, for now, to our beautiful boy Zeidler, who passed yesterday in our home. He and his brother Milton (d. 2011) came to us as rescues during the time of the Hayman fire in Colorado. Zeidler was the 'monster puppy', and Milton was his little sidekick. They had a wonderful time with us. Hobbies included eating, sleeping, running in the nearby elementary school play yard, and, again, eating. Zeidler suffered from disc disease from the age of seven, but he handled it well, and got around beautifully until nearly the end of his life. He will be greatly missed by Barry and Lisa, Lola, and our entire extended family. RIP, sweet boy - see ya' on the flip side.

Dexter Russo - September 2014, 15 years old

Today my beloved Dexter, my baby boy, you have gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I love you. You will be forever missed, and forever in my heart. Mommy will miss her baby - until we meet again.

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