Dach Martin - September 2013, about 12 years old

We'll miss you old buddy. The season you came (rescued) into our lives was during serious health crises. We got through them with your unconditional love and loyalty. We will miss the pitter-patter of you following us around. Love you and rest in peace!

Sandy Szymanski - September 2013, 7 years old

Sandy, my sweet little one, you are terribly missed. They say good things come in smaller packages and you were the proof that was true. That horrible disease did not give you any kind of a chance of life. You were brought into this world with the help of my hands and it was the same hands that caressed your sweet head as you passed away, with whispers. Keep your sister Kelly company and give her love from us here. Precious baby, until we meet again . . .

Schultz Bryant - September 2013, 13 years old

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