Rachel Drysdale - September 2012, 13 years, 7 months old

We rescued each other in September of 2011. Prior to that, my little baby girl had not had the best care. When we met, her coat was dull, brittle and had an unpleasant smell. She was timid, listless and had severe gum disease and few teeth. Her milky eyes were scared and lost looking. Then it all changed. In the year after she rescued us, she was treated like royalty, we didn't even go on vacation for one single day because we didn't want her being without us. In her year, Rachel spent hours outside with us running around after butterflies, digging in the grass with her tiny little paws, and rolling on her back - she LOVED rolling on her back and her coat now had the smell of grass and dried leaves, and wild berries and clover all the time. She could run but only short distances due to her age but it was a glorious sight to behold. We held and cuddled and kissed her silky little head constantly. We taught her to go outside for a walk on a leash and took her on long walks in the park which we literally live right next door to, sometimes alone, sometimes with her two vizsla brothers, Bailey and Spike. We dressed her like an angel for Halloween (she was cremated with those wings on), bought her an awesome pink faux-sheering parka that matched those of her two vizsla brothers for winter walks and she was sooo cute in it. We grew out her beautiful long hair which became silky and shiny and smelled like fresh outdoor air and all the treasures she rolled in. We talked to her and sang to her all the time. She had her own little 'voice' and songs and sayings - she loved her pack and bossed the vizlas around. She was full of joy whenever she saw us enter a room. I told my mom all the time that rescuing Rachel was the best decision I had made in my adult life and just looking at her taught me what the word 'joy' meant. She left us in our home, on her favourite chair, surrounded by her pack, listening to music and comfortable. I will love her forever. I miss her to the point I can barely breathe.

L'il Buddy - September 2012, 4 years old

I will miss my L'il Buddy. He was my companion for four loyal years. He loved to chase rabbits, squirrels and butterflies. He would even try to keep up with my ole' hunting hounds. He loved everyone. I'll love you always Lil Buddy!!

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