Heidi Ashley - September 2001, almost 13 years old

Heidi, everyone who met you loved you. Such a personality! I am glad that you chose to stay with me since you were one of my rescue babies. I loved you too much to have you suffer any longer with that terrible heart ailment. You loved to eat and to not see you enjoy that was so difficult. Your chair stays empty like the others know your spirit is still here. I love you so much, my Heidi baby girl.

Mocha Moore - September 2011, 15 years old

Mocha was my first small dog and has given me a love of small dogs forever. I always thought I was a big dog person until Mocha. She has now joined Lucky (our big shep mix) at the Bridge. They were best buds and now are together again. She leaves behind doxie Maggie and a new big member of our family, Oliver, who, we are sure, the spirit of Lucky helped us pick out at the shelter. Mocha was the boss of the house and the barker of the family and the house is painfully quiet without her now. Maggie hasn't gotten the hang of being the new boss but she is trying. Mocha will be missed forever, she was an awesome member of our family.

Ruby Jenkins - September 2011, 3 years old

On 1 August 2008, my miniature dachshund, Mini, gave birth to three puppies. The first two were male and the last was a little girl. We named the males Jack and Flash and the little girl became Ruby. Eight weeks later Flash would go to his new home, but Jack and Ruby would remain together with us and Mini. Ruby and Jack slept in an open crate when they were young. The crate was always in the kitchen. I can still see them lying together in the doorway of the crate, watching what was going on in the kitchen. Jack and Ruby played, slept and ate together. They grew up quickly as all little dachshunds tend to do. Two years later Ruby had her own puppies. They were three girls - Shelby, Dottie and Lisa. They left us when they were weaned.

A little over a year later I would lose my little Ruby and my life would never be quite the same without her. I was working two jobs and didn't notice that Ruby had become sick until it was too late. She saved Jack's life because what ever had killed her was also killing Jack. I was able to get him to the vet and he received treatment and made a full recovery. Ruby died. She was such a sweet little girl. The tiniest dachshund I had. All my dachshunds mean the world to me. They live with me. Wherever I am, my doxies are there. When I go to bed at night they are under the blankets, usually cuddled right next to me. Ruby gave me plenty of love and wonderful memories that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It wasn't her time, but she left anyway. She left behind three little girls, Jack and her momma. I miss her. Losing a dachshund breaks your soul and I don't think your ever the same again. I have four more dachshunds that I have placed in the Dachshund Memorial Garden. I have another one to place soon. I'd like to thank the people who made this garden possible. It's a wonderful place for me and my dachshunds. I am able to come and visit when ever I choose and it makes some of the days easier. Rest in peace my little Ruby. You are missed and loved by us everyday. I'll see you at Rainbow Bridge when it's my time. I love you.

It feels like yesterday, us hanging out chasing woodchucks and watching you run across grandpaw's desk. Everyday we woke up happy to see each other and ready for work in record time. You loved to ride in a Go-Kart and watch the boys in the garage work. I miss those days.

It took three long days before you left me. I prayed you would get better, it just got worse. That day it was in the 60s, bright blue sky and puffy clouds here and there. You told me it's time - it took all your energy to put a hand on my leg. Now there is a tattoo in that spot. It was record time to the hospital and grandpaw came too. I begged and begged them to save you. The doctor replied that there was nothing we could do - if we had tried to do surgery you were too weak to make it through.

I made that horrible choice and let you go. What I wouldn't do for more time with you. I miss you more then words could ever describe. Until we meet again, my Smella. I love you.

Oscar Bunch - September 2011, 15 years old

Oscar was three months old when he came to live with us. We picked him up from a breeder. He was given to us because he had some imperfections. As far as we were concerned he had no imperfections. He was the most loving, sweetest dachshund. He was by my side constantly. I miss him everyday. It has been four years since he passed. He is always in my thoughts. I love you and I miss you Oscar. Someday we will meet again.

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