Cletus, a.k.a. Baron Cletus von McGeetis - September 2010, 4 years old

Sweet little Cletus . . . you were the most loving and loyal companion anyone could ever hope for. Your quiet, unassuming nature made everyone fall instantly in love with you. It happened so quickly, it's so hard to believe that you're gone. You will live forever in our hearts and your playful spirit will be carried on through your babies.
Love, Daddy and Zoe and Andrea, Moose and Myron

Speedy Weaver - September 2010, 1 years, 10 months old

Our dear Speedy, a.k.a. Special, was born on 21 November 2008. He was a carmel-coloured dapple pup, the runt of the litter, and we knew that he had a lot of things wrong with him.

He loved to go in circles and play in the water bowl, and would fuss all the time to get into the bathtub to have a bath each time we would give baths. Even after he got his he still wanted to get in with everyone else. He kept us happy no matter what. He would always look at you with his head cocked sideways and a certain look. . .

But we kept him happy and he kept us happy and knew he was loved by all who came in contact with him. My heart still hurts so badly that I have lost him - he was fine one minute and then went down hill so fast.

He loved to play fetch with his teddy bear, and he would chase ice cubes too. Speedy knew where the treat jar was and that each and everytime he went out to potty he knew that he would get a treat. He loved to be held. He is truly missed by all of us, but I know that he isn't suffering anymore. Dear Speedy, we all love you and miss you very much. We are going to plant a butterfly bush on your resting place.

Love forever and ever,
The Weavers

Millimeter (Millie) Allen - September 2010, 12 years, 6 months old

Goodbye to my sweet Millimeter. Such a feisty fighter you have been! I miss your precious face and our snuggle time but I know you are no longer hurting. I love and miss you much!

Opie Brewer - September 2010, 14 years, 2 months old

Opie, Even though you were one of six, you was the one that kept me on my toes for 14 years. I have never regretted taking you at 12 weeks old from that local puppymill with fleas on your little face. Yes, you chewed everything you could fit in your mouth for the first five years. You escaped the fenced in yard every summer, even this year. You peed on everything low enough for you to cock that short leg on, you climbed trees, jumped off tables, you never walked anywhere, always running. So much energy! I miss all of those things, there will never be another dachshund close to your personality.

When you started going blind April 2010, and you hated your life, I started keeping you in my bed leashed to me everynight to hold you close. God, I loved those nights. I had to watch you every minute to keep you safe and I would have done that for years for you. When you stopped eating, drinking and had diarrhea for ten days, I tried everything to keep you with me - sub Q fluids, syringing baby food. Finally, on 10 September, I decided you had been through enough. I gave us one more night together and took you Home with Jesus the next morning. I held you close to me and stayed calm so you would not be scared.

We all miss you Opie. Shelly loved you and mothered you all the way to the end. You will never be gone - we feel your presence everyday. Your little eight-pound body stays on my headboard. I love you so much baby!

Mommy, Shelly, Pepe, Lexus, Brewster and Mackenzie

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