Roscoe - September 2005, 17 years, 9 months old

Roscoe was a sweet, gentle soul who never had a grumpy bark for anyone. He came into rescue when he was dumped at the age of 15 years. He shared three years with me before he went to the Bridge today. He asked for so little - a warm blankie, food, hugs and pets - and gave so very much love in return. I will forever treasure the short time we had together in his golden years. Good night, my sweet Prince and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. Till then...

Bamm Bamm - my little Stink Bug - September 2005, 13 years, 4 months old

My dear little Stink Bug Bamm Bamm, I lost you tonight in my arms. You will always have a special place in my heart. I love you, Bamm Bamm. Your brother is already there, waiting for you. Your mom, dad and your sister will miss you. But most of all your grandma and I will miss your sweet face. I will miss you every day.

Love, your human mommie.

Bronte - September 2005, 12 years, 10 months old

Our Bubby Girl and Little Tiger ... best little chicken eating, vacuum cleaner attacking, tennis ball obsessed, blankie thieving, sun-baking bellied sausage in town xxxxxxxx.

Taz -The Man - September 2005, 4 years, 6 months old

Taz, you are the man. You are so missed by everyone - your playfulness and stubborn persistence. The house is so empty, I come home from work and expect to have you at the door to scold me and you are not there. I go to bed and you are not there to play tug o' war with the blankets. Oh Taz, I miss you so much. That last day as I held you in my arms, I knew you was telling us it was time to let you go, that you had stayed long enough for us to be able say goodbye. Though the vet did all he could, the injuries were just too great, and the greatest final act of love we could give to you was to let you cross over. Did you know that you were never a pet my beloved Taz? You were one of the family. As I held you in my arms while you took your last breath, I cryed for all the things you had given to me, all the lonely days and nights that you were there and listened to my ramblings of the days events. Did you know my little man that you were so important to me. Little Pepper Ann misses you so very much, I feel she is lost with out you. I will wait and one day be with you again, my Taz man. Thank you, little man, for giving so much and asking for so little. Run and play and bark at the squirrels. We love you and miss you and know in our hearts you are always there, as a gentle breeze and light falling rain and in the clouds above and the sun shinning brightly. Whenever I see a rainbow I will know you our still there my beloved little man.

Baron von Porkchop - Porky - September 2005, 15 years, 6 months old

Porky- my big boy, I lost you today in my arms. You are my best friend, my traveling companion. You gave me three kids and you are now joining two of them today. Your wife, daughter, human grandma and I will miss you forever. Good bye until I see you again my sweet boy...

Otis Stanfield - September 2005, 14 years old

Otis was a beautiful black rescued doxie. He lived with my parents who are now in their 80s. He came to live with them when he was 18 months old. He had a wonderful life...filled with opportunities to play with grandchildren and their dogs. They had not owned a doxie for 20 years. He was their third doxie in their lifetime and was the best little boy they ever owned.

He is sadly missed by our family....he was laid to rest in the country overlooking farm fields. He is now at the Rainbow Bridge with my long list of dogs Muffie, Cookie, Missy, Gretch, Heidi, Maggie, Spike, Dudley and Magic. Although he did not live at my house he was still my doxie. I had four at the time of rescue therefore my wonderful parents agreed to take him and provide a wonderful life.

Diana Z. Poschingeru - September 2005, 14 years old

Misty - September 2005, 8 old


You were the light of our lives. You came and brought so much joy. You left way too soon. I had counted on much more time with you, but for some reason god needed you. It has been one year since you left us. I visit your grave regulary and remember the light in your eyes, as well as the love in your heart. The tears I still shed for you are for the memories you have left me with and the time that was cut short. I will always love you and think of all you gave.

Love Always,

Mom, Dad, and your two legged brothers.

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