Bright New Penny II (Precious Penny) - September 2004, 17 years, 1 month, 27 days old

Hope and I are devastated over losing you but it helps to know you are strong, healthy, happy, and with Andi and Muffin once again. The three of you were quite a trio! Please remember how much you were loved and know that you will live on in my heart always. Hope is quite a lucky little girl to have had you as her teacher the last couple of years! 'Til we meet again, I love you, Precious Penny!

Gretel von Charlemagne - September 2004, 11 years old

Gretel gave us many years of love, friendship and happy times, but it seems so short. We wish that our time together could have been longer. She will leave an empty space in our hearts. She was a lady to the end.

Fred McDowell - September 2004, 14 years, 2 months old

We lost our precious Fred yesterday. He was a huge black and tan standard. At his best he weighed over 40 pounds. He had the sweetest disposition I have ever seen in a dog. He was also so smart. He was a talker. At an early age we taught him to say 'I love you' and he did frequently. He loved to go fishing with us in the boat and would get very put out if we didn't catch a fish with each cast. He kept up a running commentary the whole time we were fishing and we finally figured out that he thought he was calling the fish. His dachshund friend was Bunny and he would actually save some of his food for her if she wasn't available when we fed them. He was the best dog I have ever seen, truly faithful and loyal, and I will miss him for the rest of my life.

Gus Mullikin - September 2004, 11 months old

We rescued Gus and his blind brother, Sam, from a shelter. I grew up with a dachshund, Shorty, so I knew what wonderful pets they were. A week after we brought the boys home, Gus contracted parvo and died a few days later. Sam is still with us and adapting well without his 'seeing-eye' brother. We feel blessed that we could give Gus at least a week in our home and know we will see him again one day. The Mullikin family

Oscar - September 2004, 13 years, 1 day old

Dear Oscar,
We miss you more than you will ever know. You brought us so much happiness and we will never be able to thank you for it, even though, I believe you did know it. We miss carrying you outside several times a day to potty, since you had been blind for 8 years. I know I will see you again, and look forward to the day when you come running and jump into my arms. We, including Molly, miss your kisses and warm body next to us. We love you and think of you every day. Goodbye, faithful and loving friend.

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