Pumpkin - September 2002, 15 years old

Pumpkin came to us as a rescue because the person she owned passed away. She was shy and upset with life. After two years of patient loving, we could pick her up, hold her, and let her know life is grand. My mini-red friend was in pain from cancer, and crossed to where she is now back to her fietsy, dachshund-self. No-one who knew her would say she backed away from any challenge, and her cancer battle was indeed admirable. I miss you, my bossy, loud, fiesty friend!!!

Precious - September 2002, 13 years old

She is truly missed, and was my best friend. You will always be in my heart and never forgotten. See you later girl.

Benjamin Bailey - September 2002, 7 years, 6 months old

I won't ever forget your beautiful eyes that turned blue with love for me. For a small dog you were the biggest and most reverent friend I had ever had and known. I pray to be with you someday again, and you'll always be in my heart. I said this everyday and continue to say 'I love you Ben, My sweetie.'

Tess Foutch - September 2002, 5 years, 1 month old

Our sweet little Tessa Bird. You were so full of life - the light of our lives - the sunshine in our hearts and best bud. Thanks for the love and memories. We will always love you. We miss you more each day - the clicking of your paws, the sound of you tags, that irritating but lovable bark when you wanted something, that sweet little cold nose snuggling under our necks to wake us up. See you at the Bridge my dear friend. God bless you and keep you.

Karen's Krumbly Kobbler MLD - 'Kobbie' - September 2002, 4 years, 11 months old

Kobbie was a sweet little silver dapple girl. On 15 Septeptember 2002 she had her second litter and on 17 September 2002 she left them in my care. For two days she was a great mom - as if she knew she would be leaving. Now it's my turn - I must take care of her babies and make sure they go to good homes as my last gift to her. The last born will be remaining here as part of my Krew. Thanks Kob for all the love - know you are now at the Bridge with your half sister Koconut and other members of the Krew.

Oscar Mayer - September 2002, 2 years, 9 months old

Oh my little Oscar Mayer...my 15-inch Black Weiner... I miss you so much! I miss you when I walk in the door in the evening and you aren't there to greet me. I miss you when I hear someone outside and there is no Oscar barking to warn and protect me. I miss you in the morning when we would cuddle and talk. But I miss you most of all when I lie in bed at night without my little Oscar curled up around my tummy or sleeping behind my knees. My heart hurts more than I could have ever imagined, but for the short period of time I had you in my life, my heart knew more joy and happiness than I could have ever imagined. You were the light of my life and I know you are now in a better place. I look forward to the day when we will cross the Rainbow Bridge together.
I had a little dog
My dog was very small
Of all the treasures that I had,
I loved him most of all.

Daisy Lefi - September 2002, 6 years, 9 months old

Daisy loved life, people and her mom and dad. She was gentle, loving and giving. Mom and Dad love you so much. Wait for us at the gate. I know the angels are caring and loving you as much as we did. Love Mom and Dad

Junior Baty-Peterson - September 2002, 13 years old

To Junior, I will always keep you close in my heart. You were my first 'child', and my best buddy. I will always look for you at my feet, and feel your presence. Although I will never get used to you not being there to lick my feet when I get out of the shower. I know you're are no longer in pain, probably somewhere lying in the sun, or chasing the rabbit. I know you always knew that we loved you, and we know that you loved us. I will forever miss you, more than you could possibly know. Kisses...

Sassy Puppy - September 2002, 10 years, 8 months old

Our Sassy Puppy was the light of the house. Her wagging tail was a constant reminder that all would be Ok in this world for us. We will miss her delightful little antics. She had qualities that made you think she was human. Her litle legs running up and down the hill and bouncing through the tall grass. She was such a happy dog. We love you sassy puppy and will miss you.
Love, your family

Pennie Anne Furman - September 2002, 13 years, 10 months old

Pennie was more than a dog - she was a companion. She was there when I got married, divorced, at my sisters death - she was the only constant in the 13 plus years that she was with me. My family and especially myself will miss her... The way she would stretch for us... the way I taught her to smile... making her show her gums... she was a comic and a relief to all of us ...She knew she was my girl.... I think in a way she taught and trained me not the other way around... I will sadly miss my dog, my friend , my buddie, my companion, my girl.... Keep the cats away from the pearly gates Pennie.... Always in my thoughts...

Tucker Pigweed - September 2002, 10 years old

Tucker, even though you were just my little 'brother', and I only saw you once in awhile, I loved you very much. You were Dad's dog, and his best friend. He is going to miss you so very much. You were Mom's protector, and her baby, she will miss you very much too. You were in such pain, and asking for help. They gave you the greatest gift, by helping take away the pain. We will always remember your goofy crooked ear and how you would sneeze if we rubbed your nose. Your with your girl Pretzel Roody Dog now, up at the Rainbow Bridge, on a cloud wrapped in an angel's arms. Take care of each other, and keep watch over Mom and Dad. We all love you Tuckie, and miss you deeply. Your Sister Amy, Mom, Dad, Badger, and Bunny

Sir Jax - September 2002, 5 years, 2 months old

Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Button - September 2002, 17 years, 6 months old

The best boy and well-travelled fellow. I will miss my dog very much. He was well loved and will have a special place forever in my heart.

Excelsior - September 2002, 13 years, 7 months old

My boy, my baby, my little mouse, my life... Excelsior went to sleep yesterday and I feel such terrible pain in my chest. I am unable to stop crying...

My Mom and I got Excelsior when he was 4 months old. We lived in France at that time, so he was a little French Monsieur! :) He came over to the States with me when he was a year old. Excelsior was with me for my first boyfriend, my first car, my first job, my first apartment. Unfortunately, he will miss my graduation, and my wedding if I ever marry...

Sleep well my little angel, you are up there with Spooky, Princess, Anais, Trapper, Tigger, Blackie and many more of our pets. Mommie will be with you again some day. You have filled my life with such joy. My heart is broken. I miss you so...

Pebbles Kraus - September 2002, 10 years old

Pebbles, my baby, you always will be in my heart. We miss you so very much, but we know you are at peace now.
love Mommy and Daddy

Marble - September 2002, 7 years, 4 months old

You will be sorely missed by everyone in the family. puppup. It's hard to think about how much happiness you alone brought into our lives. I loved you so much and will always remember our times together. You will never be forgotten. I still miss you sitting on my lab and chewing your bone there. You were a fighter, surviving through two surgeries but finally succumbing to lymphoma. The last several days we spent together were priceless. You brought so much happiness to my life, and you are my true companion. Please live a very happy life hereafter, free from pain and suffering. Don't forget to eat and lie in the sunshine. We will always love you.
Ju, Mungster, Gert

Shiela - September 2002, 15 years old

I had my Shiela from the time I was 18 years old. She was my friend and like one of my kids. I miss her so very much. she was so sweet and loving. My heart is so broken over her right now. I will miss her sweet face and wagging tail as long as I live. She is with my Jessie dog who is also in the garden here. She died 11 yrs ago. Now they are together again. Shiela I love you and miss you so much. You and Jessie take care of each other and know that Mom and Heidi and family will love and miss you forever. rest in piece my sweet girl.

Leo - September 2002, 4 years, 9 months old

Leo was the only male out of four pups. He was born in our bedroom late one December night in 1997. Of the four, we kept Leo and his sister, Hannah. Since then, Leo, with Hannah, Madison (Leo's mother) and Amber (adopted sister) have filled our lives with unconditional love and happiness. He was the 'special' pup, being that he was the only boy among the group...full of vigor and mischief. Leo developed a sudden and debilitating back injury and was put to rest to relieve his pain. He was put to sleep while being held in my wife's loving embrace. Our hearts will bear the pain of his loss forever.We love you little Leo. Goodbye...we'll miss you!

Scrappy J. Davis - September 2002, 9 months old

Scrappy was just barely nine months old when he got out of our fenced yard and was run over by an unknown person. We tried to save our little boy but we ended up having to have our baby put to sleep.

Max von Baron - September 2002, 14 years old

Max is a rescue that came to us at 10 years old from a man who became ill, and could no longer care for him. I will never forget when I first held him, and he looked at me. He searched and looked out each window every morning to see if his owner would return. With love and time, he knew that we would be his forever family. He was that rare dachshund with no chips on his shoulder, and was a sweet, giving buddy. He helped take care of the 'girls': our two mini red smooth females that were also rescues. Well, it is hard to let him know how much I miss him, but he was a kind, sweet, loving friend. He was also brave: he lost his battle with cancer, and told me it was time. As I felt the pain leave his body, I was glad to give him one last act of love to send him to his special place at the Bridge. Bye, buddy. I love you.

Heidi Huggybear - September 2002, 15 years old

My lovely and unforgettable Heidi, I grew up with you through the years from childhood to adulthood and thought of you as a sister. I will never forget you my love! Enjoy heaven, Baby Sister, and have fun chasing those squirrels. Love, Big Sis!!

Pepper - September 2002, 8 years old

Losing Pepper has been like losing a part of me. She was with me constantly through good times and bad. I never realised you could miss an animal so much as I have missed her. Life goes on but I will always love and miss her. I think of her every day and sometimes feel like she is still here with me.

Pepper, we love you.

Kujo - September 2002, 7 years old

Kujo's mother passed from illness only a few months before he passed. While he was always our beloved dog, my mother formed a special bond with him in the months after his mother passed. My brother and I were away at college and Kujo became like another child. He went on errands with her and everyday when she came home from work he would be waiting at the end of the driveway to jump in her car and ride home with her. She would even talk to him and he would talk back in that weiner dog howl/barking way. We all miss him dearly and know he's in doggy heaven with his mom.

Odie - September 2002, 8 years old

My beloved little boy went to the Bridge in September 2002. My husband and I were on our honeymoon and we left my little boy with a kennel that I had trusted. The owner was neglectful and allowed my baby to run loose and he got into antifreeze. He was taken from me before his time. This kennel still denies all blame.I miss him deeply and think of my boy every day.

Cocoa Harris - September 2002, 13 years old

Our beautiful Cocoa gave us 13 wonderful and love-filled years. Her love for us filled our hearts with joy. We miss her so very much and look forward to the day when we are re-united with her at Rainbow Bridge.
Don't worry, my Cocoa, we will meet again.
All our love---Mom and Dad

Folly - September 2002, 16 years, 7 months, 16 days old

So little space - so much to say, so many tears to cry. I found you at a house on a dirt road in a town that I had never heard of. You were the love of my life - you are now the light in my heart. You so loved life and I loved it all the more because of you. I cherish the memory of every moment that you spent with me. Holding you when you went to Rainbow Bridge was, perhaps, the hardest thing that I have ever done. Your greyhound friends miss you; especially Domino, whom you so loved to torment and who later became your protector. She knew that she was saying 'good-by' that day when we went for that last ride in your wagon and she walked along. Pixie is here now to carry on the tradition - she is an energetic spitfire like you were. You would have liked her. I will love and miss you every day I live and with every breath that I take. Run, my Angel, my Love - healed and whole again - through the wild grasses of heaven with the wind at your back, your face to the sun, tail wagging furiously. I will see you at the Bridge. I miss you so . . .

Mom, Abby, Domino, and Cindy

Phoebe Dog (Keverne Proud Rosa) - September 2002, 12 years old

We picked up Phoebe from a kennel on the way back from taking Helen to boarding school for the first time. She was a standard black-and-tan dachshund. She was meant to be Brett's dog but she seemed to prefer females to males and bonded to me, and I loved her with a passion. When Brett went off to boarding school too, she slept on my bed. She would snuggle up if you cried or run around in circles if you were happy. We went for long walks in the bush and she would thunder along on her little legs just as Pretzel, Barny, Hotdog and Jimmy did before her. The vet said it was time to put her to sleep when she got a tumour on her windpipe and had little periods of unconciousness. She was brave and loyal .Thank you, Lord, for Phoebe Dog.

from Celia .

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