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If you have submitted an entry for the Dachshund Memorial Garden and you have not yet been notified that it has been put up, please go through the following check list.

How long has it been since you sent the entry? You need to give me about three weeks. While I try to do all entries quickly, this isn't my 'day job' and sometimes other things have to take priority, for which I apologise sincerely. I do understand that you are grieving.

Please check the Name Index or go to the year and month in which your pet went to the Bridge and see if he or she is listed.

Are you sure you included your email in your entry? If you did not, I cannot, with regret, place your entry. We have decided upon this policy to avoid cranks who might wish to disrupt our work. If you think this may have been the case, resubmit your entry - just put a line at the end of the memorial that says 'this is a resubmission'.

You might be surprised how many of the email addresses I am given do not work when I try to reply to them. Again, it's worth a check in the Name Index (hotlink above). If you find your entry, and were not notified when it went up, I would be grateful for an email acknowledging it. If I have no email for you, or the one I have is faulty, I sometimes take an unacknowledged memorial down to avoid fraudulent entries.
If none of these works, mail me, Meredith Chesterton, and I'll let you know what is happening.

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