scar was the light of our lives. We got him when I worked for a vet and he was the last one left in his litter. We lived in a place that we weren't allowed pets, but I brought him home anyway, and figured we would move if we decided to keep him. I asked my husband if we could keep him and, after seeing his adorable face, had to say yes. We named him Oscar, which is of course, the most obvious name for a dachshund. We got him in January and in March, we found out we were expecting our first baby. We were a little bit concerned that Oscar would be jealous of the baby, as we had spoiled him so much. He was our baby for almost an entire year before the baby was born. He was the greatest dog. He slept with us in bed at night and he went pretty much everywhere with us. I am originally from Canada and we took him on our numerous trips to visit my family and everyone loved him. He was such a people dog. I know he loved us so much. We couldn't leave him with anyone even to go out to dinner as he would cry and cry at the door until we got home. We had to trick him by distracting him while we sneeked out the door. I have had other dogs before, but none like Oscar.

ur son was born in November of 2000 and we took Oscar to stay with some friends while we were at the hospital. When we went to pick him up, we were so afraid he would be jealous of the baby. But we took Jake with us when we picked him up and he surprised us all and loved Jake right from the beginning. We were so relieved. We couldn't wait for our son to get bigger and fall in love with Oscar the way everyone else had and we thought they would be friends forever. If only we knew what lay ahead...

hristmas is a very important time for our family and especially with a new baby, my mom wanted us to come home to Ontario for Christmas. So we packed everyone up and headed North. We had the best Christmas ever with our friends and family. Oscar was a hit as usual. Well, the day we were supposed to leave, my husband was out packing the car and Oscar was horsing around in the yard, playing in the snow. My parents have a very large yard and Oscar had never wandered off before. But one second he was under my husbands feet and the next, he had wandered to the road and someone hit him. They never stopped. My husband ran to get him and we rushed him to the vet. He lived about 4 hours and died. They said he was just too cold and they couldn't get his temperature up. He didn't have many injuries, and had he not been so cold, he would have been ok.

hat was the saddest day of my life. We had to drive 8 hours home the next day without Oscar. It was so hard. My dad let us bury him in the yard, next to a beautiful creek. Luckily we found somewhere that was thawed enough to dig a hole. My dad also told me that he put a nice stone marker where he is buried. We came home to all of his toys and his bed, but no Oscar. I prayed it was some bad dream and I would wake up and everything would be ok. I felt like we let him down. He loved us so much and we let him get hit by a car. I feel like it was all my fault. If only I had kept him inside with me, he'd still be here today. I pray that he is happy and playingat the Rainbow Bridge and that we'll see him again someday.

e did get another dachshund that we named Weenie, in memory of Oscar, since we always called him Weenie Dog. We love you Oscar!