Ginger 'GiGi' Mullikin - October 2015, 17 years old

My Ginger was 17. She had not been herself for the last several months. I finally realised I was being selfish by keeping her here. She was not enjoying her life due to her age and illness. That spark was gone from her eyes, the spring absent from her step. She was not the same dog we adopted eight years ago. I knew it was time to let go, to end her suffering. The vet told me she was a lucky girl. I told him, no, I was the lucky one. We will forever be appreciative of the joy this little girl brought to our lives. Now we have two doxies under our roof. I am grateful for that everyday.

'Sweet' Molly - October 2015, 15 years old

Will miss my 'Sweet' Molly - very loyal, loving friend. Hurts so much to let them go.

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