Lee Riggs - October 2014, 14 years, 10 months old

Lee and his brother, Wrinkles, were the last two puppies left from a litter. I went to get a dog and left with both of them. Those two were inseparable until death. At the young age of six Lee hurt his back and became paralysed. We made the decision to put him to sleep and he miraculously started walking again before we could go through with it. He lived an additional eight wonderful years. His brother, Wrinkles, left this world in November of 2013 and I think Lee missed him for the remainder of his life. Lee was full of spirit and would carry on a conversation with his daddy. Lee, you will be missed but we are happy that you have been reunited with Wrinkles. RIP little buddy!

Pluto Gerard - October2014, 16 years, 6 months old

Pluto was the last of three dachsies that began in 1986.You were always a momma's boy . . .even to the other pets who were all girls. Elfie, Abigail, and then later on Fiona came along. You were everybody's little boy. Run to the Bridge now, momma's sweet boy. And tell Elfie and Abby we remember them. The three musketeers together again. Fiona misses you too. 'Till we meet again, sweet boy. Dale, Susie, and Kathy Gerard

Oscar Dynes - October 2014, 15 years old

Oscar, you have been a part of this family a long time. You gave me so much happiness and joy. How will I know when it's bedtime or time to eat without you? You always let me know. I miss you and your daughters, Gertie, Heidie and Cinnamon, look for you. Ritzy, your girl, is okay. We are taking care of her. You have arrived at the Bridge to be with your daughter, Angel. Precious, your adopted daughter misses you too.Thanks for all the love and joy, my faithful friend. We will meet again. Love, Barbara

Tasha Parsons - October 2014, 14 years old

Tasha was with me from the time she was eight weeks old. She was a true Velcro dog. She was feisty, sweet and funny. She was by my side through many difficult times. She loved me more than I deserved and I loved her more than I can say. I miss her everyday.

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