Charlie P. Puppers - October 2012, 5 years old

Charlie went to the Bridge on 5 October. He took my heart with him. Charlie was my doxie soul mate and their will never be another like him. He was such a brave little dog. Charlie came from dachshund rescue when he was just a year old and immediately took over the house. He loved my husband but Charlie and I were made for each other. Charlie never backed down from a fight and always stood up for his rights. He wasn't a perfect dog but he was to me. I hope the angels in heaven are ready for him because heaven just got a whole lot more interesting. My brave little man went through three back surgeries in six months and he fought so hard the first two times but the last time I feel like he knew it was time to go. He was tired and he knew if he died at home I could not stand it. He died at the vet's during the last surgery. I had him cremated and I plan on being buried with him. I loved that dog more than life itself and I cry everyday for him. Charlie, I know you won't wait for me at the Bridge - you will be to busy running around causing as much chaos as possible. All I ask is that you check back every once in a while because one day you and I will be together again and it will be pefect just like it was.

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