Sienna (Fifi) O'Hara - October 2010, 14 years old

Fifi, my very best friend, I cannot write more than just I love you, because I cannot type through all the tears. You left paw prints on all of our hearts. I know, positively and absolutely, that we will meet again.

Bailey Jameson Miller - October 2010, 5 years, 7 months old

This is for my little boy who never got the chance to reach old age. I love him with every fibre of my being and I am still in a lot of pain over not being able to hold him again. He was the light of my life and I will never forget the kisses, the snuggles, the smiles, the hugs, those dark almond eyes, his bark, his unique colouring, the way he would feel guilty after peeing on my harp, or even the way he would come out of hiding from under the bed only for me. He and I shared moving, weight gain and loss, career changes, school, car trips, and everything else a 20-something-year-old goes through. Instead of partying while living in a college town, I always came back to my apartment after work/school to spend my time with my baby. Nothing made me feel better than coming home to his barking and spinning in circles, his jumps and his kisses. I will miss everything about my special little boy and hope the I will see him again one day. I find comfort that he is probably with his best dog friend, Stanley, and Stanley is probably with Bear. I'm sure the best three boys are all together now and Bailey and Bear finally get to meet. I will meet them all some day. Until then, I will always miss my little Bailey. He gave me the best five years of his and my life. He will always live in my heart.

Roxy - October 2010, 6 years, 6 months old

My beautiful little girl left me today. It was exactly four weeks to the day that she got sick, but I know now she will be at the Rainbow Bridge chasing those lizards that she loved to do. Roxy, you were my princess and I will never have another that will be as special as you. Even though I'm shedding tears, I know that you are no longer sick and are happy running around and lying in the sun.

Until we meet again my beautiful girl there will not be a day that goes by I will not think of you.
Love Mama

B - October 2010, 12 years old

My Ole Friend

Upon first sight, and right from the start,
You immediately entered my heart.
One of five brothers,
You stood out from the others.
On your first night, you cried more than a little,
Until you were wrapped in a towel and put in the middle.
You were warm and happy and decided to stay,
So it soon became your place to lay.
You chewed pencils, blocks and soldiers,
But how could we fuss when your love could break boulders.

Then one New Year's night
You tackled your biggest fright.
You grabbed a rocket that was near
and ran thru the crowd like a startled deer.
You burnt your mouth, tongue and whiskers-
You couldn't eat for two days because of the blisters.

Over the years you began to slow.
You began to tire and lost some of your glow.
We bought you home a new friend,
And all of a sudden you were young again.
You showed the new puppy just what to do -
His name was Rocky but we called him Pooh.
The puppy was fast and sneaky like a mouse,
But you let him know you were King of the House.

A sad day it was when you lost your sight,
But I would tell you if it was day or night.
Even though you were blind,
You trained us all and you were fine.
Then one day you got a pain in your neck and back.
We went to the vet to get you back on track.
The news was grim and we cried like rain,
But we never would let our 'B' be in pain.

You pain now is gone and you can see -
Run my friend - you are young and free.

If you get lonely on any given night,
Look down onto earth and you'll see our light.
The light will shine on as long as I live,
Because our hearts are so full of love to give.

Sleep long, rest peaceful, my ole' friend,
Because I know one day we will be together again.

Brittney (Stinky Butt) - October 2010, 14 years old

Brittney, I only had one year with you, but I thank you for sharing it with me. I miss you terribly. I will see you again someday and I expect you to lick me to death, as always. See ya, sweetie.

Reuban our Funny Valentine - October 2010, 9 years old

It's been nearly six months now since you went to those sunny green fields of the Rainbow Bridge, and yet I still can't think of you without a lump in my stomach and an ache in my heart. You came to our family on Valentine's Day and brought your entire comedy act with you. That's why we always call you our funny little valentine. And even though I knew that you had medical issues, I had to adopt you and I have no regrets.

I am grateful that you are out of pain now. Still, I miss your click, click, click on the hallway floor running around like Forest Gump when his braces flew off his legs. You were treated so unspeakably by the other humans before you came to me which made me love you all the more.

I am also grateful for the two wonderful loving years you gave me filled with thousands of kisses. I miss the way you always curled up on my lap. I miss that high pitched bark as you followed your brother, and fellow dachsie, Oscar, around the yard. I think Oscar sometimes still looks for you when we say your name.

Your papa and Oscar and I miss 'the pooches on parade' every night before supper. We miss the way you rolled over on the floor and asked to have your belly rubbed. But most of all I miss your sweet little face and the way you looked up at me and blinked those little eyes and gave me that cute little grin. But you are at peace now, and as I said before, for that I am truly grateful. I don't know if I can ever really say goodbye to you sweet Rueban because I still carry your love with me everywhere. Thank you for all the love and laughs! We love you and miss you, Mama, Papa, and Oscar.

Sabby Fix - October 2010, 16 years old

'Mr Bandana Man' like Kia, and Alex you travelled the country at my side. You taught the beagles that rabbit hunting was hard work - and none worked harder than you. I miss our trips to Saturday market where 'Uncle Dennis' would have some sort of fruit waiting for you. How you loved fruit. . . I'm still planting berry plants for you. Such a proud little man and loved by all. I hope you are making friends and chasing rabbits up by the Bridge. You will always be my little Bandana Man. I hope you've found everyone you loved. See ya' down the road pal. I'll always miss you and love you.

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