Flint Rutherford - October 2009, 10 years old

We lost our dear Flint on 8 October 8 2009 at 7:32 p.m. He was 10 years old. We got him when he was about eight months old, and he became disabled five-and-a-half years ago.

We had a great life with him. He was so affectionate and cuddly, and very sociable. He barked at almost every dog he ever saw. People had all kinds of reactions to seeing a dog in a wheelchair, but I think lots were surprised to see how it did not stop the guy from being happy, having fun and loving so much. He was very spirited, such a trooper. He loved to chase birds and rabbits, and dig for groundhogs, but I think his favourite thing was simply being cuddled on Mom's or Dad's lap.

Rest in peace dear, dear Flint. Thanks for the journey, with its ups and downs. We love you.

Your sister, Cheyenne has now joined you at the Rainbow Bridge. Make sure she introduces you to her grandfather, Marty so you can all play together.

Mary and Kevin

Cuddles Reitter - October 2009, 12 years old

My neighbour lost a big piece of her heart on 5 October 2009 when her baby, Cuddles Reitter, went to Rainbow Bridge. Cuddles was the apple of her mom's eye and the mother of my baby boy. Your boy still looks for you, Cuddles, when he comes to visit Grandma and when we go home, he will find his stuffed lizard and carry it through the house crying and looking so lost.

She left behind a lot of broken-hearted people, including the vet and her staff that took care of Cuddles in her last days. We all knew the day was coming but never expected it to come so soon. Please know that you were deeply loved and now deeply missed, my furry little friend, by all that knew you and came to love you. Rest in peace until we all meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

Hildegard von Bingo - October 2009, 13 to 15 years old

Rest in peace, little Hildegard von Bingo. We were happy you spent your last three years with us and your doggy brothers and sister of the Doxiepon. May you sing your barking 'clops' on a pink cloud over the Rainbow Bridge. We will Love you forever, little Hilda. Your Mommies, Vicky, Diana, and Cathy, Auntie Chris, and the Doxiepon dogs.

Pepper 'Peppie' - October 2009, 9 years, 6 months old

I miss my baby so much!!! I have never seen a dog, or even a human being, that loved me so unconditionally and was so loyal. She was so, so loving and cuddly. We would have ice cream every night together and watch CSI on TV. I miss our walks and I have such a void in my heart. I cried just as hard when I lost her as I did when my Mom died exactly one month after my beloved Pepper passed. I thought for sure Peppie would be with me for many more years. It was such a shock to me and I can still see her looking up at me before she passed with such sad eyes. Someone poisoned my dear baby and this person also broke my spirit and took a piece of my heart. I still cry so much and miss her badly. I love you baby!!!! XXXXs OOOOs. Don't forget to have the mint choc chip ice cream waiting for me when I make my journey to see you.

Momma loves you!!

Maxi - My Little Maxi - October 2009, about 16 years old

We who choose
To surround ourselves with lives
Even more temporary than our own,
Live within a fragile circle,
Easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps,
We still would live no other way.
We cherish memory
As the only certain Immortality,
Never fully understanding
The Necessary Plan.

Maxi was old when I got him. His daddy was very sick when I met Maxi and the month his dad died, Maxi was by his side the whole time, barely wanted to go for walks, very dedicated. His dad did not make provisions for Maxi and as I looked at the people around him I felt I should be the one to take him (no one else deserved him). It was one of the best decisions I had ever made! Maxi stepped right into my life never looking back. He was able to go to my work with me, and to all family events. Everyone loved Maxi. I remember when I walked up the steps of the mobile home my thoughts were 'yappy arse dachshund' - little did I know I would fall in love! A friend of mine wrote me some words that helped me with his passing, and which appear above, under Maxi's picture.

Jester Summer Daylight, DD, CGC, TDI - October 2009, 7 years old


"Like the welcome of spring,
Like the light that you bring
To the skies that were empty and grey -
Just your breath in the night
Can make it all right
When you sigh as you're drifting away;
And you are all I can think of
Whenever there is love
If you are lost I will find you
No matter where you go
If you fall I'm here behind you
All that is simple and good
Lives in the places you stood.
The things that are pure and true
Paint a picture of you Whenever there is love."

by Donna Summer

Rest in peace precious angel.

I love you, my merry Jester, forever.

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