Bluebell - October 2007, 13 years old

I lost my best friend yesterday, after 13 years of ups and downs in life; she has always been there for me, was strong, tough like no other animal, a loving friend, the most honest and loyal companion I've ever had. The pain goes so deep that no one can put it in words. This note is to inform you, who loved Bluebell, too, to honour her life, her eternal spirit, to say thank you for everything she was and has contributed to our lives.

We miss her terribly and hope to find her save and happy in doggy heaven. Our hearts go out to you, Bluebell; you are on our minds everywhere we go.

We dearly love you.

- your mom Alexandra with all her love and thoughts
- your little brother, Milli, who you used to bite in the ear once a while to remind him that he's acting up too much,
- and your black timid brother, Dolittle, who you raised and took care of so perfectly, that you two grew to a perfect, wonderful team.

Schnitzel Sanders - October 2007, 2 years old

God sent us you two years ago
You filled our house and hearts with love
Now you're looking down on us
And wagging from above.

RIP sweet girl

Prince Rexford O'Kennedy (Rex) - October 2007, 14 years, 11 months old

Dear Rex,
BR> You've only been gone a few hours and it seems like forever. The house is so quiet without the jingle of your collar. Ginjer doesn't understand what's going on and wonders where her 'bubba' is. I haven't explained to her about the Rainbow Bridge yet. I've cried all day and the tears keep coming. I hope you understand that mama only did what she thought was best for you. You had a large tumor in your belly and that's why you couldn't eat much or stand up for very long and got out of breath so easily. Look for Uncle Oscar, Kelty and Phaedra at the Bridge - they'll teach you the ropes and show you where to wait for mommy, daddy & Ginjer. Be a good boy and remember that mama loves you so much...

Pebbles Lou Bowles - October 2007, 9 years, 6 months old

Little girl, you left us so quickly. Even though I was there with you at the end I felt we never really had a chance to say goodbye. We will miss you so much. We miss you flipping the water bowl, growling at us during dinner, lying under the computer desk (the cave), growling when I came to bed at night and just your loving presence. I keep looking for you and expecting you to be there. Lucy, Stimpy, and Odessa keep looking for you. They miss you so much. Pebbles, I hope your there in heaven lying out in the sun like you loved so much. You will always hold a piece of our hearts and we will be with you again one day. Thank you for giving us almost ten great years with you. We love you girl.

Hansel AKA Hans - October 2007, 15 years, 3 months old

Hansel was a miniature long-haired doxie. 'A half a dog high and a dog and a half long'. A good companion for many years and he is missed. He was a good boy. Our daughter, Jessica, was the first to hold him when we got him from the breeder. She was age six. She was the last to hold him when he died a few months after her 20th birthday. We still look for him when we come in the house.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull aka 'Johnnie Hollywood' - October 2007, 17 years, 10 months old

My beloved companion and last of the 'underfeet pack...two months shy of 18!

You have seen me right through to my calling into a new way of life. We are together always and in all ways.

In the house of long life
I will wander.
In the house of happiness
I will wander.
With beauty before me
I will wander.
With beauty above me
I will wander.
With beauty below me
I will wander.
In old age traveling on the trail of beauty
I will wander.
It shall be finished in beauty.

- Night Chant of The Navajo

Goodbye My Love, goodbye My Love, Goodbye...

Bruno AKA Bruno: Destroyer of Socks - October 2007, 1 year old

Our beloved Bruno - forever chasing seagulls on Carmel Beach. We will never forget him. Now run along boy and go chase some birds.

Boo Bear Maximus - October 2007, 2 years, 11 months old

Boo Bear was our crazy little dog -our child, fourth in command - until his baby sister came along and he became her protector - always checking her crib to make sure she was okay. He will be missed more than anyone could ever imagine. His passing has caused much grief in our other doxie, Eryn, but she is slowly getting better. His ashes sit on our mantel and he will always be remembered and missed . He lost his life to a car. ItÕs horrible that it happened so fast and so easily. I still regret that I wasnÕt there to protect him, but he is safe now and I will be with him again some day. We love you booey. Love, Dad, Mom, Keelie and Eryn

Snoopy Noodle - October 2007, 7 years old

Snoopy, my brave little angel boy: you are dearly loved and sorely missed.

Ch Landwell Kimo of Langeraat - October 2007, 12 years old

Kimo, you gave me the last wonderful years of your life. An officer, gentleman, and true dachshund - the grandfather of all dachshunds! Thank you, Babsie, for letting me have this gentle old man to look after! You lived a long happy life and sired so many beautiful puppies of which I have your great grand children. Now you must also look after Jellybean who has joined you at the Bridge.

I will always love you; I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Forever a grand old man!

Love Ashleigh

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