Blackjack - 'Phat' - October 2006, 3 years, 10 months old

Phat, I'll always miss you, but never forget you. You were the best dog anyone could ask for, even though you weren't with me long. I hope that I can one day see you again, and that you won't forget me.

Blackjack, a.k.a. Phat, was put to sleep on 4 October 2006. On the 2nd I came home and he couldn't walk. My vet thought he had a bladder infection, and that the infection was pinching the nerves in his legs. A day later, we find that this isn't the case, and my dad rushed him to an emergency hospital in Ohio. The surgery for his ruptured disk left him with a small chance of getting rid of the pain and being able to get dog wheels. However, his entire body behind his front legs was paralyzed, therefore he couldn't go to the bathroom, eat, or drink. We made the hard decision to put him down. You will always be in my mind, and my heart.

Love, Justin

Baxter - October 2006, 12 years old

I am so sorry. I hope you know how much I love you. Please forgive me. When Alfy passed we recued you from Orange County, but it was you who rescued us. Look how cute he is! What a great dog! You are part of me forever.

Rufus - October 2006, 7 years old

On Saturday 7 October our beloved dachshund was bitten by a snake. We will miss him dearly.

Max Cohen - October 2006, 17 years, 7 months old

Max went quietly and peacefully to the Bridge (with a little help) on the 2nd of October. He lived a long, healthy, happy and wonderful life. There are no regrets here.

His final act was one of love. Max continued to give kisses until the tranquilizer fully kicked in. With his last conscious thought, he made one more attempt for one last kiss.

He joins his dachshund brother Rudy Cohen who passed 15 months ago in June 2005, and Rusty Cohen, a mongrel who passed in December 2001. Our trio is reunited until we can all meet again.

Wilma - October 2006, 15 years old

Junior Perron - October 2006, 17 years, 3 months, 7 days old

Junior, You gave us over 17 years of love. You will be in our hearts forever. You survived a year after Arbie (Big Red) went to the Rainbow Bridge. You two are now together again, running and playing. Dad and I now have two angels watching over us. When we get your urn back from the vet, you will be placed beside Arbie's on the TV to remind us of all the good times we shared. We love and miss you so much.


Occi (Sir Carmelot) - October 2006, 6 years old

Occi, my little sniffer dog, who left me far to early, was loved by everone. He was always in a good mood and made me always feel loved.

You have accompanied me for nearly five years no matter were I have lived - Netherlands, Germany or UK - you were always there by my side. We had so many great hours cuddling, walking and playing and suddenly your heart decided to stop beating - my world broke apart and nearly three month later I still cannot believe that you are gone - I miss you and I will never forget you. There is always a place in my heart.

One day I hope we are all reunited again.

With all our Love Mummie, Ray, Lucy and Charly

Kodi - October 2006, 10 years old

My first dachshund, Kodi, passed away in October of 2006. We had her for 10 very short years. She was dianosed with heart failure and died within a few days. We took her home and she passed away in bed between my husband and me as we held her and told her she was a good dog and that it was okay for her to go because we know we will see her again someday. She is in our hearts always and we think of her more each day with laughter rather than with tears. She was a smart and funny dachshund and we miss her dearly. She left behind two doxie brothers, Riley and Quintin, who miss her as well. We have adopted another doxie that we named Haylie and we know Kodi would have loved her too.

Oscar - October 2006, 2 years old

When I was two, we had a German shepard who would knock me down repeatedly, so dad decided to get a lower-slung version of dog. I honestly still remember Judge, running from his owner to greet me when we went to pick him up. We had him nine years, and after that got another dachshund, but he got hit by a car very quickly. I did without a dog for ages. Some 33 years later, my niece calls me and asks if I can take care of her dog, Oscar, while she does an internship in Birmingham, Alabama. I was happy to, but I had NO CLUE of what was about to come back into my life. After a few days, it felt like a member of the family had returned. I spent more and more time with Oscar, even in the wee morning hours.

Oscar was all business when it came to chasing a tennis ball. Everytime I walked outside, he'd go hunting for it, and chase after it for hours - even in the pitch darkness in our front yard. I even taught him to swim out after it at the river. Memories of that summer are of riding around in my car; him hanging over my arm with his head out the window. Sometimes he'd turn around and put his paws on my shoulders and lick me on the face - obstructing my view of driving. He'd sleep with me at our lake house, crawling under the covers to rest. Oh how he hated baths, but everytime after drying off, he was as happy as he could be. I remember late in the fall, pulling up the dead hosta leaves in my garden, and Oscar would jump in and start pulling them up - green and brown alike - with his teeth, as if to help me.

At home, he never got out in the street - which is traversed by only a few cars in out neighbourhood, so I didn't worry greatly about an accident. But if we'd leave, he would chase after us. We'd go to the end of the street to turn, and look back to see Oscar running his little legs off to catch up. It made you want to stop the car and say, ‘I don't care, the dog goes with us!’ And that was our mistake right there.

! Dad and I took Oscar to the lake house one day, and after we left he was hanging his head out the window and dropped his ball. ‘There ya' go you'll have to do without for a while.’ I looked back and saw the ball roll down the pavement where he'd dropped it. The next afternoon I was going to the doctor, and Oscar came running up before I left and oddly rolled over for a belly rub; I leaned down to comply and said, ‘I'll be back soon, buddy’, and he reached up to lick my nose. Dad had come by and held him as I left, and then a few minutes later he got ready to go. Oscar was playing with some other dogs in the front yard, and as dad drove away, he noticed the dogs dart across the neighbors yard - but no Oscar. He slowed and looked in the mirror to make sure Oscar wasn't chasing the truck, and not seeing him, he gently pushed the gas...which pushed Oscar out of our lives.

When I got home, I noticed something wasn't right, and as I walked in, dad gave me the news - he was filled with remorse as well. I didn't feel any emotion until we went out and looked at his body, then the pain flooded my heart. He wasn't broken up; I feel his neck had quickly snapped under the wheel. That night I drove back to the lake, and searched until I found his favourite tennis ball he'd dropped the day before...I was not going to bury him without it. We picked a spot in the front garden, which he loved dashing into to chase that ball. Before we put him in the ground, I held him tightly once more, and dad swears Oscar's tail wiggled slightly, as if to respond to my love. It hurt for days - it still does here three months later. At Christmas, I gave my niece an angel doxie ornament to put on her tree from now on, and we both hugged and cried like children when she opened it. I once had a talk with her right after Oscar died, and after some thought, I rationalised that God had sent Oscar to me through her, seeing that I needed another dog. And maybe - just maybe - some little boy or girl who'd had a dachshund had died and gone to heaven, leaving their pet behind. And missing their dog, maybe God in his infinite love, had called Oscar home to be with His new child. That's the way I like to think of it anyhow, and I'm gonna trust that that's why he left us.

I guess Judge was that all-time dog on my list - I fully expect if heaven is as grand as advertised, that he'll be there at my calling. But Oscar did something for me that no other pet ever could. He re-opened a chamber in my heart that had been empty since Judge had died so long ago, and it felt blissful to experience that feeling again.

I'm not waiting 33 years to get another fact, I have another pup coming next week from Virginia, who I'm gonna name Xen(pronounced Zen). His registered name will be Xenoscar G; and I intend for this to be my next bundle of joy for several years, God willing. I know one thing, I am NEVER going to be without a dog again, as long as I live, and my dog will always be a dachshund. If anyone reading this has never had one, I promise you there's a reason we owners swear by them...they are the most loving creatures I believe God put on the face of his creation. Man's best best friend. Get one and see!

Peanut - October 2006, 9 years old

Peanut was my baby girl who meant the world to me. She filled my heart with love and made my life richer. She never complained when her health started to fail her. She would find the strength to do her dance for a special meal cooked by my boyfriend even though she had become weak and ill. Though she is gone, she is not forgotten, and there will always be a space in my heart for her and her memory. Gone too soon, but the time we shared will last forever. To my dear little Peanut, God bless.

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