Miss Soo Willoughby Tussing -October 2005, 16 years old

Miss Soosy! My amazing eternal companion, Royal Dachshund (half Pembroke Welsh corgi, half standard tan dox) of the Tussing-Yates tribe. Mom's baby gurl...and 'God's perfect idea of a perfect dog'.

Soo Willoughby had a strong will to live and was at her mom's side for 13 years. Throughout her too-short life she survived living in an animal shelter for four long months, total liver failure, a CBT seizure and finally advanced stage lung cancer by six months to our vet's amazement. In between all that she lived a life full of hugs, cuddles, and endless tasty hooman and pet meals with her pack. Miss Soo lived the last year of her life on Vashon Island, the most enchanted little island on the planet where her mom began seriously cartooning her likeness. Prior to her stint in the Seattle area she lived in the great state of Texas. Soo Willoughby has touched many hooman lives and her siblings, Johnnie Hollywood and Sibble Ellerbee and our bird, Magellan will miss her. Be at rest, baby girl.

Mom (Cindi Tussing)

Red Dog - October 2005, 8 years old

Bye Bye Red Dog. We miss you already.

Arbie Perron - October 2005, 13 years old

Arbie, We miss our 'Big Red' so much. You know how much we love you. We have your collar and tags on top of your urn on the TV, with your photo attached. Jr is a lonely hound with you away. I always thanked you every day for babysitting him, but now you are his personal angel watching over him. You are Grandma and Grandpa's angel, too. We look up to the sky to say good night to you each night. You are in our hearts forever! Say hi to C.H. and Peaches for us. We love you all.

Pixel (Princess Pixel Von Shroeder) - October 2005, 13 years, 2 months old

Pixel have been our beloved child for the last 13 years. Through adversities and ailments we have nursed her back to health and devoted our lives to her wellbeing. In return she brought us immense joy and delighted our lives every single day. She is gone now, our brave little girl and our hearts are full of sorrow and grief. And even though time will heal our bleeding hearts it will never erase her beautiful image from them. Rest in peace, our sweet, little girl.

Leisl - October 2005, 4 years, 1 month old

My darling Leisl, I am so sorry I had to let you go, but you were in so much pain and your little legs just gave out on you. It broke my heart to make the decision and I hope it was the right one. You were my best friend and never left my side. We did everything together and you never let me down, even when people did. You kept me warm in bed in winter and loved going for drives with me. Thank you for giving me four years of happiness and I hope you are not in pain any longer. I will love you forever and never forget you ...

Heidi Taylor - October 2005, 12 years, 6 months old

Dear Heidi,

We love you and miss you so very much. You are the best little girl ever and we were blessed to have had you in our lives. Hannah has heard so much about you and will always look up to you. We promise to love her and you always and forever. Everybody who ever met you loved you. You have touched so many hearts and hope you know how very deeply we love you. I think we know you know. You are the most loveable sweetie in the world. Some day we'll all get to do the 'Friday Dance' together again and there will be Pupperonies all around.

Love and kisses always and forever,

Love Mom, Dad, and Hannah Schnitzel

Savannah Georgia Nelson Schoenecker - October 2005, 3 years, 10 months old

Savannah, I can't believe that you are truly gone. I still expect my little 'puppitus of love' to jump up on the couch to snuggle with her Momma. After your brother goes to bed and the house is quiet I miss you the most. That was our alone time and I looked forward to it every night- I know that you did too. I'm so glad that we had the whole summer together to sit outside in the sun to relax. You loved lying in the sun and I remember many cold days during winter when the sun was shining and you insisted on having the door open so you could soak up the rays. Your Dad and I would freeze, but you were happy! This Christmas will be so hard without you - you would have been four years old two days after Santa Paws arrives. My heart breaks when I think that you won't be here to stick your nose in your stocking looking for your Greenies or scratching at the wrapping paper to open your new blankie. Please know that I will never forget the most wonderful dog in the whole world and neither will your Daddy or brother. I can't wait to see you again - we will play ball for hours on end. I love you pup! Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge...

Your Momma Kara

Ruby Wade - October 2005, 14 years, 6 months old

Mommy's dearest little Ruby, you don't know how much I miss you. You have been gone seven weeks now and there is not a day I don't think about you. You were always by my side. My little bed buddy that always keep me warm. My buddy in my office sitting on the sofa just waiting for me to hold you as I did often. You were such a good girl. We will always remember how you loved to ride in Daddy's hot rod. Your long ears would blow in the wind. I'm so sorry I had to put you down. It was the hardest thing I could of down. But your little body just gave up and I know you hung in there for me. Love and kisses from your Mommy and Daddy. Mommy's little boss dog.

Jean Valjean - October 2005, 16 years, 4 months old

Valjean, AKA 'Baby', you gave us 16 of the best years of our lives, and the sorrow of your parting has not diminished, the pain of waking up and finding your cold, hard body lying where I had set you down the night before, is eased only by the look of contentment on your face as you left this world for a better place, free of pain. Farewell my friend, and God speed.
Dad and Mom

Bill - October 2005, 13 years, 4 months old

Good bye my friend. I did not want you to go and I miss you. You were unique and a great friend. I think of you and miss you but I am glad your pain is gone and you have peace.

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