Bella Pedone - November 2012, 3 years, 10 months old

The joy of my life. No greater love than the love to and from my Bella. My baby girl, always in our hearts.

Phoebe Green - November 2012, 14 years, 1 month old

I first met you in a shopping mall. I had gone there to buy clothes, but then I saw you sitting inside a glass cage. You were four months old and had already been there for two months. While the other puppies barked and scratched the glass, you slept quietly curled up. I was a student and in no position to have a dog, but I couldn't let you stay there. After I held you for two hours while you shook in my arms, you finally wagged your tail and I knew it was time to go home together. The rest is history! You were my constant companion, my shadow, my study buddy, my tear wiper. You waited faithfully for me everyday and greeted me with your dachshund dance! You welcomed your two human sisters into your home and soon learned that kids are wonderful treat givers. Everyone always raved about how beautiful you were! Then we got the diagnosis of kidney failure. Despite giving you every medication and fluids, you slipped away from me quickly. I couldn't help you anymore; I couldn't comfort you when you were weak or bumped into things as though you lost your sight. Luckily, we found someone to help you to the Rainbow Bridge; I held you in my arms while sitting on our sofa at home. It reminded me of when we first met. You looked peaceful at last. I'm very sad now, but I tell myself that you are better and that's all I want. Please wait for me until we meet again.

Mama (Dada, Sophia, and Daphne want to add their love and tell you they miss you very much too!)

Quicksilver - November 2012, 11 years old

The other day I lost a friend that I greatly miss. What makes it worst is how things happened so suddenly and out of nowhere, but I now know he is at peace with no pain. His name was Quicksilver, a longhaired silver dapple from the pound that nobody wanted. He was a timid and scared little thing at first, but he came around to be my best friend. I will always remember the little things he did forever in my memories. It is not fair that a dog's life is too short in our lives, but I know God has his reasons.The house is so quiet now without you Quick, I miss you boy.

Mickey Grooms - November 2012, 12 years, 5 months old

I miss my little Mickey so much. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. I miss him so very much. He was a unique little boy who will forever be in his Mama's heart.

Honey Rose Kicklighter - November 2012, 7 years, old

As I approach the one-year anniversary of your passing, your son will soon have the IVDD back surgery. Guide Shadow through this rough time. You were a wonderful momma and playmate for Shadow, and he needs your love now.

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