Fritz Courtney - 14 years old

Hey Buddy,

Mommy misses you so very much. I can't believe you are gone. You meant the world to me. I will never forget when I found you at the shelter and you jumped on my lap and started giving me doggie kisses. I fell in love with you at once. That was 11 years ago - every day I got to hold you in my arms was a joy. Fritz, life will not be the same with out you. I have lost my little protector.

Love you forever, Mommy (Christy Courtney)

Oatmeal Emmonds - November 2011, 10 years old

Wishing eternal happiness to our first doxie, Oatmeal Emmonds, who went to the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday 23 November 2011. She will forever be in our hearts and terribly missed by Mommy, Daddy, her brother Ralphie, and sister Hannah. She was taken from us far too soon, but her pain and suffering are forever gone. I am terribly sad, as I'm sure all who visit here are - my heart is breaking dealing with this terrible loss, and while I feel this way now, I WILL be a sucker and go back for more. I simply cannot think about living my life without a dachshund in it.

May God bless and comfort all the tormented souls who visit this site with the sole purpose of memorailising their special family members. We have and will ALWAYS love you, Oatmeal, but as you are now being consoled by the Light of God, know that we will keep your memory close to our hearts. I risk hysteria if I attempt to go on, so in closing, I ask God to remove the pain from our hearts and from all of yours as well.

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