Buckwheat Cudney - November 2010, 17 years old

Buckwheat entered into our family on a cold night with desperation. This poor puppy had to leave his current home due to problems with his father and fighting. It was either us or the pound. We took him in, not quite sure if we wanted him. Over the 17 years of his life he grew to be a part of our family. I won't lie - he was a crotchety old dog at times - but he was a member of our family and had a special place in all our hearts! He will truly be missed!

Buckwheat passed away this morning (6 November 2010) at 4a.m. in my parent's arms after what the vet said was probably a heart attack. We knew this day was approaching quickly, but we have all found that nothing can prepare you for the hole that is left in your heart!

Buckwheat loved to be near the Mississippi River. He loved to bark at the fish we caught and snip at the deer that were shot during hunting season. Buckwheat passed away just miles from the river at my parent's cabin. I think that he waited until he was near the river before he let go. And for that - I'm glad that he had one more day of pure enjoyment before he passed.

We'll all miss you Buckwheat!!

Oscar Meyer Tolbert - November 2010, 3 years, 11 months old

Oscar, we will always miss you - you were such a special dog - always cheerful and always making our visitors smile. We love you lots and your paw-prints will truly always be on our hearts. We love you. Mommy and Daddy

Spree Wooliver - November 2010, 13 years old

To my little Spree - Your life was a rough one. Even though I don't know how much you suffered before you came to me, I hope I was able to give you the love and comfort you so much deserved. I will miss you for always.

Chance - November 2010, age not known

Almost three years ago we picked up a doxie that had been rescued from a puppy mill. He had no name and smelled terrible. He was a pitiful nine pounds. He had been through more than any doggie should have to go through and was not very trusting of people for a time. We named him Chance and while we didn't plan on it to begin with, we adopted him as we had a feeling if we let him go on to another home, it would break his heart. As the days, weeks, and months passed, Chance came out of his shell. He gained weight, bonded with his 'brother' and learned the joy of sleeping in the big bed. Earlier this week, he had a ruptured disk in his back. We took him to the vet and were prepared to build him a wheelchair and take care of him exactly as he was. Then, when we woke up this morning, he wasn't moving his front paws either. We knew what this meant and what was coming. He passed away this afternoon with both Mom and Dad there showering him with kisses and praises. We will miss you always, Chance, and hope you are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hummer 'One Stud Muffin' Gillette - November 2010, 11 years old

Hummer was born on 2 December 1998. He was a fun-loving, good, playful little guy. He got his name because of who he was - anywhere he wanted to go he would get there, ALWAYS! On 21 March 2002, he jumped off the bed and hurt himself, had surgery on that same day, but unfortunately he was one of the little critters that surgery did not help. But it never changed his personality - he was always determined to get wherever he wanted, and be the wonderful little guy that I grew to love so very much. He left us on 13 November 2010. Since then there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him and miss him, and realise how lucky I was to have him as long as I did! RIP Hummer, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Oscar 'Sausage' - November 2010, 17 years old

Every day you're in my heart. Some days I think I hear you toe-tapping on the kitchen floor, I hear your bark, and feel your presence. I love you, my little Sausage. You will always be in our hearts and were and still are a huge part in our lives. Time may pass but the pain of losing you, and the sadness that it brings doesn't seem to fade.

There are so many things that I regret in the end my little one. I am sorry that you suffered - I tried so hard and wanted to believe that you would get better. On day five you started to get sick again, and I hoped it was just a bad day - that you might have on and off like everyone else. I can still picture your face and the look in your eyes that day before I put you to bed, and I can still feel the coldness of you when I picked you up in my arms for the last time and carried you to the car. I love you, my angel baby, and hope that for the short time you were in our home that you felt the great love that we had for you in our hearts.

Orton Rector - August 2010, 12 years old

Orton came to live with us in 2004. He was five. He got into our hearts right away with his macho attitude and good looks. He was an awesome boy who became like a shadow to my husband. Orty would practically hug us by pushing the side of his face into the side of ours. He was taken way too soon by cancer that spread fast. He didn't have many bad days, but his last was one of our worst. He was our boy. . . and it was so hard to see him go. Miss him so much - Love you Orty . . . forever!

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