Schubert von Zimbelstern - November 2006, 10 years, 6 months old

Adorable, funny, loving, limping little Schubert...founding member of our Doxiepon web page and member of 'The Vienna Sausage Choir', you are greatly missed by all of us...especially your special buddy, Hummel von Zimbelstern, who came along with you to our home over ten years ago. We tried very hard to save you but we are thankful that you could spend one more week with us and celebrate your 10th Halloween Anniversary Party together with your family. You are now at peace and will suffer no more. I knew this as the sun came out on the dreary day I received the news that you left this world. I know that you are happy at the Rainbow Bridge chasing squirrels (that you may not catch) and playing with your pals: Percy the Lab, Peter Sausage and Scadoo. Rest in peace our dear little friend, we love you forever....Moms: Vicky, Cathy, Diana, Auntie Chris and doggie brothers, Hummel, Otto, Pierre and Franz Squeaky.

Jodie Marie Metzner - November 2006, 12 years, 7 months old

For our angel Jodie, we love so very much. We will hold you in our hearts forever. Your larger-than-life personality will warm our hearts for the rest of our lives. Your angel heart, your angel kiss white dot, your ear flapping, your wobbly walk, your pink pig playing, your snuggling, your amazing zest for life, your loving spirit. These are but a few of the many things we will miss about you. We are so very thankful to have had you in our life. 'Till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge we will hold on to your precious memory. We love you with all our hearts. Momma and Daddy (aka) Jeanette and Don

Yadi - November 2006, 1 year, 2 months, 22 days old

Son of Mike and Gena (human mommy and daddy), and brother of Mandy (older sissy doxie) and Halee (older sissy cat).

Our perfect pup was taken from us unexpectedly. He will be missed greatly and remembered always.

Yadi, we know you are with us each day we remember you.

Daisymae Carroll - November 2006, 5 years old

In memory of our darling Daisy, who went to the Bridge on 11 November, 2006. You were such a special girl, so smart and funny and just so lovable. We all miss you so much and will never forget you. Our hearts are broken. Much love from Mommy, Dad, brothers Willie and Sam and sister Jazzy, and Chris and Rachelle too. We love you Daisy and always will.

Snickers - November 2006, 9 months old

Snickers was the greatest . He is still very missed - he was such a joy. He was so happy. He was one heck of a jumper - he would jump in my arms. He was a! He was funny - he would talk to us - say 'Please' For his Snicker snacks, tell us how his day went when we got home. My son and I planted a white rose bush for him. He will always be remembered, always loved. We still cry for him.

Miniland Evinrude - November 2006, 8 months old

Beloved doodle bug, Rudy Bear, baby Buttons and dearly loved by us all. You have joined Maggie Sausage at the Rainbow Bridge! You were a special little guy and our hearts are empty without you. Look after Maggie and we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. Our very grateful thanks to Liz and Trevor for loving our little man so very much.

Loved and missed by Ashleigh, Charmaine and John.

Circus Susie - November 2006, 9 years old

My best friend, along with you went my heart and soul.

Kane - November 2006, 17 years, 3 months old

Kane, my sweet boy, you were old and tired we understand why you wanted to go, but now here you have no more pain you can run and play just as when you were a puppy. So, run my love! Play! Have a ball. Know we love and miss you see you soon at the Rainbow Bridge. Save a ball for me

Binky Marie - November 2006, 9 years old

Binky Marie was my little heart! We went everywhere together. She loved going to yard sales, travelling to Florida, and just staying at home with her mommie!

I miss her so much, but I always have her with me in my heart! I know that she will be waiting for me!

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