Dusty - November 2004, 15 years old

Dusty, thank you for all the great and joyous years. You truly brought life and love to our family and we pray that you have now found eternal rest, free from pain and suffering, free as a puppy once again to run, jump and lie all day in the sun!
We'll never forget you and will always hold you close to our hearts.

Oscar Meyer Ripper (a.k.a. Posher) - November 2004, 9 years, 1 month, 16 days old

Oscar, Os, my Posher...I will always love you. Your great big chest couldn't hold your great big heart. Congestive heart failure took you - I know you're in a better place where you can play ball and run. I never imagined I would be strong enough to do what I had to...but for my Posher I did it. No more pain!! I miss you so much. I love you so much. I wish you could dig up my rug one more time. I do feel you around me and watching over your family. We will always be one. Run Oscar Run!!!

Lucy - November 2004, 15 years, 6 months old

It's hard to believe I bought you when I was five yrs old and you were still around for my 20th birthday! You were my best friend for 15 1/2 years. I was sad when I heard the news about my wieniestenizal. I will miss you forever and keep you in my heart!

I love you! Christi

Teddy - November 2004, 6 months old

Sleep in peace, dear Teddy Bear, with all your other dachsie friends. Until we meet at Rainbow Bridge.

Shandi - November 2004, 13 years old

Shandi, I think of you constantly. You came to me through rescue over three years ago.The day I picked you up I did not think you would last three months. You looked so tired and scared and for 36 hours you just stood and shook. I worked with you daily and never returned you to the crate that you had spent ten long years in except for your two potty breaks a day. You had never played and didn't even know how. But you got to where you would a little. You took a while but you got to where you like to be held and cuddle with me under a blanket. You slept every nigth above my pillow. We kissed each 'night and you would sniff my face and only towards the end did you start kissing me back. I loved you, little Shandi girl, and miss you dearly. You were a fighter until the end. I had to make the hardest decision that Sunday night but you were so tired and sick. Always remember I did it because I loved you so much. You be free now my diggie girl. I hope to see you at the Bridge. Brittany was there waiting for you and I will see you both soon. Love, mommy

Midge Jenkins - November 2004, 8 months old

Midge was born on 27 March2004. My two dachshunds and her parents, Jade and Weezer, became parents for the second time. They had three females. Midge was the last one to be born. I was always going to get her shots, but I did not. Midge came down with parvo and did not survive. Midge gave us all so very much. Everyone she knew will miss her dearly. Midge was the happiest dog that I have ever known. Please do not delay get their shots. I miss and love you so much Midge. God bless!

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