Sassy Jazz - November 2003, 11 months old

My Sassy, who I called my puppy, was my second dachshund. She was so adorable that I planned to breed her with my male. She was so perfect, did nothing wrong and always was happy-go-lucky, so different from my male. Sassy was going to have puppies and things were going as planned but a little slower with her due date. After an emergency Sunday vet visit her two very large puppies were deceased, her uterus was torn, and she needed to be spayed. I was told that from the puppy decomposing she was full of toxic poisoning. Her age had nothing to do with it. (it wasn't planned this early). I took her home and was told the next couple days were critical. She died three hours later.

Sassy, I am so sorry. I sat with you on the floor for two days not knowing you needed a vet sooner - everyone and everything said it was normal. If only I had taken you to a vet sooner you'd probably still be here. I just didn't know. All I do is see your picture and say I'm sorry it's my fault. I will never forgive myself and I have to live with this. I will never forget the sad eyes you had for the last couple days of your life. The kids miss you so much. I miss your jumping around in the morning and fighting over the food and treats. It is to quiet without you. I probably will never get another dog because it will never be you. You are my baby, my puppy.

Spaky - November 2003, 11 months old

I loved my dog very much.

Mary (Missy Fritch) Moon - November 2003, 12 years, 4 months old

My sweet Mary Moon,
You fought so hard against such a dreadful disease. Even our wonderful Doctor Trachtman who loved you so very much couldn't stand to see you suffer anymore. You didn't deserve to hurt. We all love you Miss Mary. Your brothers are looking for you...Davy is so confused. Your Mother, our Anj, is grieving so hard, baby girl, she wanted to be with you when you left us. But you went easy into the light, Mary, and you were surrounded by Daddy and me and Auntie Shirl, and Dr Jen, and Dr Weitsma and Theresa. And you were ready. Now you are with our Connor, and we will see you when we get there, and you will wait for Davey and Taylor to be with you too, and while you are there, please find Tout-tout, and Flash and Penny, Heidi, Jason puppy, Chrissi and Rags, ok? Oh and Moosy. We will see you then baby. Until then, sleep well and easy, enjoy the rainbows and the play time, and the goodies you can eat until we see you on the Bridge.
We love you so much. Connor too. Give him big kisses Mary, ok? Love, Mommy, Daddy, Davey, Taylie, Anj (your mother), Jay and Leish, Auntie Shirl and Auntie Lin. Bye Baby Girl.

Richtor - November 2003, 16 years, 3 months old

RIchtor was part of our family for 16 years. He was the dog responsible for my husband and me learning how to parent...he was and always will be our first 'baby'.

He was the best dog. We will miss him every day for the rest of our lives.

Joy - November 2003, 11 years old

I'll miss my Joy forever. I miss her scratching at the bedroom door wanting in to lie with me, her constantly following me around the house watching my every move, her being my instant foot warmer on cold days, her racing happily around the dinning room table as I chased her, just everything... I miss everything.

Maggie Hartz - November 2003, age not known

Our Maggie was the farthest thing from the picture-perfect dog. An elder doxie with Cushing's disease, she was quite unusual looking. She had protruding eyes, loose skin, enlarged abdomen and incontinence requiring diapers. Though she looked different, she was no less loving and kind-hearted. Actually, the more imperfect she was on the outside, the more special she was to us. We met Maggie late in her life and were fortunate enough to have the honour of caring for her during her final weeks, and sharing with her her final moments. Though our time with her here on earth was short, she will hold a special place in our hearts forever.

'PG' - Pretty Girl Wiener - November 2003, 15 years old

Oh PG, you have been so much of my life for 15 years. I watched the day you were born and we have been together since. On 28 November someone above called for you - Maybe it was Muffin or Shannie or did God need another angel? I don't know but God knows I MISS YOU...YOU PG are and will always be my heart and my soul. When you left, part of my heart went with you...WE MISS you, PG, but I know YOU are waiting for me and someday we WILL be back together. I love you PG. I love you so very MUCH!

Now you can play with all the hoses you want, chase all the horses you want, and dig for those pesky gophers....I love you my sweet baby... fifteen years is NOT enough time........Watch over me and know I LOVE you so very very much!

Hawgie Dawg - November 2003, 10 years old

I am a 32 year old man. I ride a Harley. Most people that meet me wouldn't think I owned a small dog, but let me tell you... My little Hawgie Dawg was the light of my life! She passed away just a few days ago and the grief is almost unbearable. I own two companies and therefore could bring my little baby to work with me every day, being with her every moment of the day and night we soon built a bond that could never be broken. I used to kiss her on the nose about a hundred times a day and tell her how much I love her. I could see the love in her eyes for me every time she looked at me and it always made me feel so good to know I was loved back as much as I loved her. She went into kidney failure last week and was gone in four days. My heart is completely broken. I can't believe she is gone and don't want to accept it. I buried her beside my garage in a spot where she used to go often, I can see her grave from my living room so I can always remember her. The day after I buried her the grief was unbearable so I did something that made me feel a little better. I wrote her a two-page letter explaining how much I love her and how thankful I am for all the wonderful times she gave me. I reminded her of a lot of things I loved about her and so many other things. Then I buried the letter a few inches under the sod on her grave to give it to her. It helped me cope even if it sounds crazy. Sorry for the long letter, I just don't have to many people that would understand how much I truley adored my little baby. I love you and miss you little Hawgie Dawg..... Your Daddy.

Annie's Little Tripp - November 2003, 2 years, 6 months old

Tripp was must my best friend. He was always there to lick the tears from my face. He always cuddled at my side. Whenever I asked him if he was ready to go, he sat at the door with a smile on his face and a tail wagging. He was the most protective dog. If he ever thought I was in harm's way, he was sure to cover me. He slept while I slept and let me sleep in, even if he knew it was time to get up for a walk. He was nobdy's dog but my own. I would give anything for him. I loved him with all of my heart!

Mattie Pea-Pea - November 2003, 11 years old

Your unique self, made up of sweetness and love. You would look at us with your loving eyes and turn any bad day into nothing. You would tilt your head just so and smile or gives us that loving look. When you were really excited you'd run down the hall and stick your nose into the cat's fur just to tease her. That always made us laugh. Well miss you but we know you are much better off now.
Love forever Rocio and DeAnn

Corry Tomlinson - November 2003, 8 years, 9 months old

Corry was far too young. I hoped to have him for another four or five years. He had a tumor that had involved major arteries and veins in his neck. Our vet tried to save him and was as devastated as I was. Corry left a loving 'mom' and 'granny' who miss him very much.

Sadie-Sad Norton - November 2003, 10 years old

To my sweet Sadie - I only had you for one year. I got you from a rescue centre and the first nine years of your life were the worst. I hope that the one year that I had you made up for the bad ones. I love you with all my heart and you well never be forgotton. You became very sick with cancer but you still wagged your little tail and came to the door when I came home from work everyday, even if you were in pain.The day I had to put you to rest I remember you looked up at me and wagged your little tail. It was your way of telling me it was ok. I love you Sadie. No human could ever give me the joy you did. Please don't ever forget me. I think of you everyday and miss you so much. Love, Rachel, Connor and Biscuit OXOX

Frank - November 2003, 12 years, 10 months old

I lost my dachshund, Frank, to an unrestrained pit bull that got into our fenced back yard. I'm so angry and so sad at the same time. Frank came into my life at a very chaotic time and I credited him with helping me keep my sanity. Frank, wherever you are, Thank you for being my companion and friend. I'll never forget you.

Judy - November 2003, 7 years, 5 months old

Judy, Judy. You were taken from me the same day as your father, Frank, by the same despicable pit bull. You were a yippy yappy puppy that would always jump up in a lap for a good petting. I know you tried to help your dad but it was just too much for you. You will be sorely missed, especially by Odessa, who considered you 'her' dog. Goodbye Judy, take care of your daddy.

Frieda Watson - November 2003, 13 years, 11 months old

It is difficult to write just a few words that say enough of what Frieda was and what she meant to us and many Internet friends. She caused me to get involved in the early dachshund email lists in late1994 as she was coming down with symptoms of disc disease. Many list members learned from her pain and recoveries. Of course, Frieda was the inspiration for the Dachshund Back Digest web site. Thus she 'told her story' to tens of thousands of dachshund owners who needed information and comfort at a critical time in their dogs' lives. But to us, she was our beloved pet of 13 years and 11 months, who perished on 17 November 2003, after being attacked by a coyote in her own yard early in the morning. We shall treasure the times we had, always ... Sam, Mary Beth, and Jay Watson Dachs sisters Claire and Kinky Lucas, Texas January 2004

Von Beilhartz Hot Koko - November 2003, 15 years old

Koko, my sweet chocolate love. Koko was the best dog ever. He truly loved me. As I loved him. Koko was the first to hop around when you were happy and the first to climb into your lap to be close when you cried. He was always close by to be sure his human was ok. He enjoyed bringing joy to all who knew him. He struggled with cancer the last two years of his life but even to the end he would look at me with those trusting brown eyes and sigh. Telling me it's ok, I am here for you. He always knew I needed him close. He was truly a gentle man and a gentleman. I am still blessed by his son, Billy, who is very much like his gentle father.

Gunner Smyth - November 2003, 10 years old

Gunner was the best dog I have ever owned and will probably ever own. Many people might say this about their dogs but they had never met Gunner. We had a saying in my family 'Who doesn't like Gun-gun?' Everybody loved him because he loved everyone. He loved everthing...people, food, walks, life in general. He was my baby and I was (I hate to confess) the most attached to him than any other dog we have ever owned. One reason I loved him so is he was smart. He wasn't just manipulative as most dogs can be he was creative and street smart. My mother got him for $50 by answering an ad in the paper. Before him we had always had AKC registered dachsies and here my mom walks in with the very obese yellowish-tan tweenie. My dad hated him right away and wanted her to take him back but she didn't. That $50 was the best investment she probably ever made. He was three when we got him and had probably been beaten in the past because everytime we went to pick him up or pet him (especially my dad) he'd cower a bit, roll over and squirt at us. We assume that's how he got his name, Gunner. But after just a few weeks he knew he had fallen into the lap of luxury with us. Even my dad started to like him. After a couple of years, my dad would brag to people that it was his idea to get Gunner. We reduced Gunner's weight from an absurd 22 lbs to a more healthy 14 lbs and within a year he had stopped 'gunning' us altogether. I taught him a variety of tricks which disprove the theory that you can't teach an old dog new tricks (of course it helps if the dog is smart I guess). He loved us, we loved him and we all loved loving each other. Gunner was always there for me. When we moved, when my other dachsies died, when my grandmother died. He helped me through a lot of transitions because he gave real, unconditional love. I knew, as he got older, his day, too, would come but I never expected it to be so soon. When it came, it came on my mother's birthday. It was hard for all of us but especially hard for my mom - and the fact that it was so unexpected. He had been so healthy and then all of a sudden...baam... like a brick we were staring at the masses in his lungs on the x-rays. Up until his last moments he was my Gun-gun. I wish I could have taken him home over the weekend to say my final goodbyes but my parents wouldn't let me. He was probably too sick anyway but still... I am so sorry Gunner. Why did this happen to you, you of all dogs? If I would have just been more intuitive, I knew about a year before there was something different about you but never said anything. Of course I couldn't pin point it but still... Gunner, I miss you and not a day goes by that I don't think of you and wish, really wish that could walk in this door and find you lying on the couch and that when you hear me say 'Gun-gun' that you would come running to me and love me just as you use to.

Gretchen Christina Simpson (Teen-Teen) - November 2003, 16 years, 2 months old

Teen-Teen....I sure miss you.

After 16 wonderful years, it was sadly your time to go to the Bridge. I can not wait to see you again some day and I'll be sure to have a tennis ball in hand ready to throw for just for you!!!

Sasha Copeland (sasha-boo) - November 2003, 10 years, 2 months old

Oh Sasha, It has been 39 weeks today since I last held you in my arms. Each day that has gone by my heart still aches for you. I miss your sweet kisses and the way you would nip my nose. I know you have visited me in my dreams. I cherish each one and all our memories. I know the cancer can't hurt you anymore and I will see you again. It's just so hard not holding you and having you sleep next to me. I miss you soo much, I need you soo much. I Love you and can't wait to hold you again.

Your adopted son, Buster, bless his heart, misses you too. I love you my Sasha, my little boo-boo.

I was blessed to have Sasha in my life. She was a miniature shorthair smooth red doxie, as is her adopted son, Buster. She was diagnosed with cancer on 11 November 2003. It rapidly spread through her and within twosweeks she breathed her last breath on earth and her first breath at the Rainbow Bridge.

Mommy misses you,
Deb Copeland

Baby Lancaster - November 2003, 15 years, 3 months old

Your life of 15 years and three months was over in a flash.The love I had for you will forever be in my heart. I knew you were slipping away but I put off sending you on your way for just one more day. Alas you died in my arms. I am so sorry I was selfish and let you suffer, even for a minute. If I had it all to do over again, I would have it changed. The love you brought to us has no words to describe it. Please forgive me and I will meet you at The Bridge and we will cross over together. We still love and miss you so. Love Always, Mom and Dad

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