Vodka Lucien, Lord of London - May 2015, 16 years old

The void is palpable. I wish I could travel back so that I may have the chance to meet you all over again and embark on the many great adventures we took together. Yesterday was the cruelest day but together we faced your final voyage. Now I walk with the memory of you. I love you Veeks, my doggy dog dog.

Sammy Sosa Spade - May 2015, 13 years, 4 months old

I have many great computer friends, but the best friend I have ever had or ever will have didn't use a computer. Probably because he had four legs and a tail, a pointy nose and floppy ears. Sammy, my mini dachshund, died 20 May 2015 at the age of 13. I got him as a pup, only 47 days old, probably too young to leave his doggie mom, but he licked my face the first time I picked him up, and he thrived. When he was less than a year old, he joined Ruthanne and me on the move to Oregon. He could be feisty - some thought I should have him neutered - but that was not going to happen. A few years later he and Selene had a litter of six pups. One of them, Samantha, is still with us. I was a bit concerned about how he'd treat the pups, but he was a kind and gentle daddy dog, and I gained a respect for him that equaled the love I had always felt.

We had many trips and adventures over the years, but mostly I will remember him curled up next to me in my favuorite chair when I was reading or watching TV. The end came quickly. He was fine as recently as Friday, but he lost his appetite and was lethargic, so off to the vet, who did his best to find the problem and make it better, but that wasn't to be. I visited him on Tuesday, he seemed ready to leave, but he perked up, greeted me with some more licks and even ate a few bites of food for me. He came home and spent one last night with us.

Sam was a present for my 49th birthday, and no gift could ever have been better. I will be humming the little tunes I made up for him as long as I live. Sam's the D-O-G, he's the dog for me.

Ember Kurth - May 2015, 16 years, 10 months old

Ember was our first silver dappled dachshund. She was special to many other people and she enjoyed celebrity status with them. She lived in the same house, with us, all of her life. She is our first dog to have done so. The farthest she had ever travelled was about 300 miles.

Dear Ember, we were so blessed to have been your 'fur parents'! You gave us almost 17 years of unconditional love and devotion. We laughed and we cried. Now we have many special memories and we hope to see you in our dreams and at the Rainbow Bridge!!! Rosie also misses you!!! We love you forever.

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