Schatzie Mazur - May 2011, 13 years old

Schatzie has been a dear part of our family for over 13 years. Treeing raccoons or chasing squirrels or barking at boats that got too close to her home, Schatzie was one of a kind.

Nugget Colson - May 2011, 8 months old

We got you to maybe help Shorty stay with us a little longer but he left us a week later. You were totally different than he was, but we loved you just the same and you also gave us unconditional LOVE. You just couldn't stop chasing cars and one got you. I'm so sorry I wasn't there to try to prevent it. Please forgive me, as I can't forgive myself. We will miss you always!

Lucy Goose - May 2011, 5 years, 11 months old

I watched you come into this world and watched you play and grow. You made me laugh with your little barks while playing with your siblings. You took to me as much as I did to you. When I'd come home from work you would greet me at the door wagging your tail with love and wet yourself from excitement. You never judged me. I loved how you would go get your favourite stuffed toy and bring it over to the gate in your mouth and stare at me with those sad brown eyes. How could I ignore that look - and you knew it. We always had an understanding that you owned me, not I owned you. I will forever miss you my dear beloved, faithful friend. RIP Sweet Lucy Goose.
Love mom, Brianna, Cuda, Julie and Buddy.

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