Pepe - the Marccelu's dog - May 2010, 18 years old

He was my friend, my buddy and left me with huge emptyness in my heart. Goodbye, Pepe, I hope you'll be happy in this next journey, and that you find in the Fields of Good the same joy and happiness that you provided here on the earth.

I always will remember you - one of the better creatures with whom I shared my feelings. I know that the Nature receives you and treats as a loved son, a pretty puppy that returns joyful and playful to the Divine Nature. One day, I will find you and we will have fun together again.

Missing you from my heart, my baby Pepe (Pepinho, Pepevaldo, Pepelegal. . .)

You Human Father, who never will forget you. You are part of my heart.

Scooter Ayers - May 2010, 4 years, 3 months old

Scooter, you came into my life as a foster in Jacksonville, FL. Why your first mommy and daddy didn't want to spend the small $300 dollars it would have taken to make you good again is beyond me. It amazes me even more that they were just willing to have you 'killed'.

I remember the first time I saw you in the vet's office after you were whole again. You were waddling between the techs, giving kisses. Even though you would have done well in any home you went to it became obvious after only two months with me that you had decided that you were already in your forever home. We moved to Shreveport, LA, when the Navy had me go there. I still remember you snoring the entire way across Interstate-10, into Houston, TX, for check-in, and then on into LA.

Each day I left for work you would walk me to the door and I could hear your whimper as I left. Trust me buddy, it killed me to do this. Then each day I would open the door and there you were to greet me with as many 'Scooter Kisses' as you could give. Work out time was funny trying to do sit-ups with you jumping on my chest.

For each trip to Houston, TX, you stayed in the hotel with me. Then is was off to TN for us as another move came from the military. The same routine played out in the home in Oakland, TN, as in Jacksonville, FL, and Shreveport, LA. I then started taking you to visit my wife and little girl since the military had kept us apart for a couple of years. You gave both of them acceptance and love as if you had always known them. You were even loving towards the other two doxies, basset hound, and two mixes that lived there as well. You were always a true gentleman with them.

Then the morning came that I let you out to go play in our fenced in yard. That is when those murderous pit bulls somehow dragged you out of our yard and ended your earthly time with me. Please know that if I could just have kept the door shut and made you wait, I would have. I truly didn't know what was going to happen that morning of 16 May 2010.

Scooter, you will always be my best friend and I will never let your memory die. The short two years that I had you were two of the most precious and joyful years that I have ever had in my time on this planet. I only hope that you know that I never wanted you to have to pass from this earth in that way. I actually was expecting us to spend the next 14 to 16 years together. Please rest easy, little buddy.

I know that someday the tears will stop, but right now, since it has only been ten days since you passed, they flow freely. I saw your first little food dish, water bowl, and rubber ball that I bought you and the emotions flowed unchecked for over an hour. I still find myself talking to you at our place in Oakland and I almost think I still feel your wet 'good morning' kisses first thing in the morning.

I promise that I will be running to you at the Bridge when my time comes. There are a few other friends of mine that are already there (just look for Chopper, Jake, Jody, Jiggs, Dinky, Gozy, Sam2, AJ, and Chole). Some were friends from when I was much younger and a few were buddies that you never got to meet. I promise they will be happy to play with you until we can all cross together.

I love you, little buddy, and I only ask that you forgive me for allowing what happened to happen. If I thought for one minute that would have been your last morning I would have made the belly rub last longer.

Till we meet again Scooter, you will always be in my heart and thoughts. Daddy loves you.

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