Wilma Lou Morak - May 2009, 7 years old

Wilma Lou Morak passed away 5 May 2009. She was the sweetest dog. I miss her so much! You could not ask for a more loving, adorable dog. Mommy, Daddy, and little Sis will forever miss you and so will everyone else who loved you. You were a wonderful puppy and we will never forget you. Thanks for all the great memories shared with you. Love you always, sweetie.

Nicki Brainard Swift a.k.a. Rufus - May 2009, 10 years, 5 months old

Nicki was my pride and joy. We had been through so much the last ten years. He had cancer and there was not anything we could do for it by the time we found it.

He was in too much pain and had to make one of the hardest decisions ever.

He will be missed very much.

His Mom

Quincy Don Smith - May 2009, 14 years, 11 months old

Sorry you didn't make it to 15 which was our goal but you didn't need to suffer anymore. You were the best hunter and Dad's favourite dog ever!! We already miss you. Never forgotten.

Love, Mom, Dad, Adam, Duke, Arnie, the Campbell's and Western Kin, Aunt Deb, Jen and Aunt Donna

Lexi Popatop Treetop Rawlinson - May 2009, 10 years old

She was our precious little girl. She lighted our days and warmed our nights. Then one day she lost all her motor skills and could not walk, eat much or nothing. After taking her to the vet and watching her suffer for four days we took the most difficult decision of putting her to sleep. My husband and I felt that our lives had no meaning. We still talk to her as If she is still with us. We know that someday she will meet us at the Rainbow Bridge, wag her tail and lick us till there is no tomorrow. She had many nicknames but our favourite was Treetop because she always wanted to be on top. Lexi baby, We miss you so much, we will never forget you.
Love mommy and daddy

Abbie (Abber Scabber Dabber) - May 2009, 18 years old

Abbie, my energiser bunny,

Gracie and I will miss you so!! I love you sweetheart. Say 'hi' to Gretel and Victor, too. Please greet me when I come to The Kingdom. Don't forget how much I loved you and I'm so sorry you went through what you did this morning. I hope you felt me hold you as you slipped from your earthly home. Angie, Toni, Debbie and the kids said to say goodbye. I love you Abber Scabber Dabber.

Love, Mommy

Victor Newman - May 2009, 11 years old

Dear Victor,

I am writing this for your Mommy. What a blessing you were to your her and Daddy. I'm sure you're there with your Daddy now and that he was waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge with the greatest of joy to see you again. You were quite the character and Mommy and Sophie miss you so much as do I. I'll never forget your big brown eyes. Give your Daddy a big kiss from me.

Aunt Chrissie, Mommy and Sophie

Skippy Edwards - May 2009, 14 years old

Where do I start? Skippy was my best friend, my companion and I miss him more than words can say. It has been a difficult time going through everyday without his presence in my life - he always loved it when I came home from work and loved it when I got out a blanket. So many wonderful memories and good times, but I knew his health was coming to an end. I hope and pray Skippy is looking down on us and seeing how much he is missed. Nim-Nim, if you are, mommy loves you and misses you so much! I love you and I wish you were here with us, Love Mom

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