MacMac Venter - May 2008, 3 years old

MacMac...our precious, precious boy, you were given to us for a reason and you were our little man, we got you at four months weighing only 450gms... YOU are and always will be our 'little man' of the house. Squirt boy, mommy and daddy do not know how to go on without you, you were not part of our lives, you are our lives.

Hashem, please guide MacMac safely to the Rainbow Bridge where he will be met and joined by Gogga, and let his soul be free for all eternity in doggy heaven. Hashem, please hold him close to your heart and never let him forget how much mommy and daddy love him.

Layla Marie Gililland - May 2008, 3 years, 2 months, 19 days old

We knew Layla was special from the beginning. She came into our lives a scared and timid baby. She was so small and frail you couldn't help but pick her up and love on her. She was a rescue with a bad overbite and although her teeth were a mess, it just added to her personality. Through love and patience she came to trust in us and came out of her shell. Layla overcame so much in her short life. She had epilepsy and took medication daily but still had breakthrough seizures. In the end, when the seizures and health problems got the best of her she still had enough energy to lift her head and give me a final kiss goodbye. Baby Layla, you are truly loved and missed by the whole family. You are a brave baby and I know you'll be waiting with your little tail wagging to greet me when I cross over and we'll be together again.


Mom, Dad, Megan, Morgan, Makensy, Max, and Shelby

Liesl Mangione - May 2008, 5 years months old

My beautiful sweet Liesl passed on this month at only five years old. Her back gave out and no amount of surgery or care could fix it. We tried so hard to help her but had to let her go after three months of surgery, hospitalisation, surgery and therapy. The tears flow every day and I have a hole in my heart. She was a gentle doxie who loved everyone, especially her doxie brother, Joey, who misses her so much. I remember her 'smile', her soft ears and the belly rubs that she enjoyed so much. Five years were too short for such a special dog and no amount of years will erase the love we all had for her. Please pray for her and us. Right now our grief is overwhelming. I know that time heals all but time will never erase the loving memories of Liesl. Rest peacefully my Lisi.

Buddy - May 2008, 6 years old

Rosie Fox - May 2008, 12 years old

Rosie and her son Gus came to live with me and my motley menagerie in April 2007. Their elderly owner was moving house and couldn't take them with him. Nobody else wanted them because they were so old ... so they came to me. I could never turn any dachshund away! Rosie died very suddenly in May 2008. I only had her for 13 months but she held a special little place in my heart and I miss her. She follows Rocket and Reuben, who both died in the last year, to the Rainbow Bridge.

Sleep well Rosie.

Love Mum, Gus, Rio, Louie, Cobweb and Sparkle xxx

Penny Baker - May 2008, 13 years, 10 months old

Penny Dear, Mommy, Daddy and the four Siamese cats miss you so much. The two older Siamese kitties always crawled into your warm spot in the morning when we got up, but have not done so since you left us. Daddy is so sorry that he never got to tell you goodbye! We loved you So Much!

Roxy Sue - May 2008, 6 years old

On 18 May 2008, Roxy was put to sleep. Her back went out for the third time and she was also bleeding internally. Her body couldn't fight anymore so the best thing to do was to make her go to sleep. She had no use of her legs and she was just in pain. We will miss you so much and so will you're best friend, Sparky.

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