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Eddy Bowman - May 2006, 3 to 4 years old

This is for my baby boy, Eddy. I had only rescued him a couple of months back from a long lifetime of shelters. Sadly he had distemper. He was very brave and fought it but finally went into seizures and I had to have him put to sleep. I held him in my arms when it was done...

He was such a good dog. Even though he had spent a lifetime in shelters he went to the door to use the bathroom and learned to play ball. Even though the time I had with him was short I love him very much and will never forget him and look forward to seeing him again at the Bridge...

For my poor baby boy. Your time was short but I hope you felt all the love you deserved.

Hannah von Hestia - May 2006, 9 years old

My baby, I miss you so much. I loved you with all my heart and still do. Thank you for being in my life. I'll never ever forget you. Loving you until I die, Mommy

Strudel McDermott - May 2006, 11 years, 7 months old

You were the greatest gift I ever gave myself. Thank you for picking me.

Punky Sue - May 2006, 9 years, 11 months old

Punky was our baby. We got her when she was just a puppy and have loved her from day one. Punky was such a good little dog, never tearing anything up or misbehaving. At her birthday, which was 27 June 1996, we always bought her a present or two. She loved to open her presents herself and we got a better reaction out of her than we did our daughter, Stacy; except when Stacy was a baby. Punky was the same at Christmas time - she had her own presents to open and we had so much fun watching her open them. We miss Punky so much, my heart just won't stop hurting. She was so loved. We will love her and miss her always. I've prayed to God that he protect her and not let her forget us till we meet again in heaven. I know that she is well taken care of with God and I'm sure she's made some friends. I told her that even though we'd have another dog, no dog would ever replace her. There was only one Punky and they'll never be another Punky. She will live on in our hearts forever. We will never forget her. She will always be with us, as we had her cremated to be sure that she could always be with us. Punky, from up in Heaven, I know you're looking down and watching me, your daddy and your sissy, please be our little doggy guardian angel. Protect us and watch over us until the day comes when we'll see you again and hold you and love you.We can hardly wait for that day. We miss you and we'll never forget you, our little Punky Sue.

Always In Our Hearts,
Moma, Daddy and Stacy

An addition, made one year after Punky Sue went the the Bridge

I just want my little Punky Sue to know that last year this time, it was almost time for her to go to her heavenly home. I want her to know that her momma, daddy and sissy haven't forgotten her. We think of her every day, but tomorrow she will be especially on our minds; as tomorrow is the day she left us and went to be with our Lord. We still have holes in our hearts where she once had places saved just for her. Our hearts still ache for her and we wish so much that we could hold her and love her one more time, but that isn't to be right now. One day Punky Sue, the Lord is going to come for us and he will reunite us with you in heaven at the Rainbow Bridge. You be watching and waiting Punky Sue because the Lord is faithful and we will come for you as soon as we get there. Once we see our Lord face to face, he then will lead us to you, our little baby that we so long to see. You have a little sister now, her name is Molly Ann. You two will meet on the same day that we see you again. Oh, how we can hardly wait for that day to come. You were precious to us then and you are still to this day. All of our love Punky and all of our hugs and kisses too till we see you again.

Mr William Beasley Barker - May 2006, 3 years, 9 months old

We lost our beloved little boy just 13 days ago. It seems so lonely without him. He loved life, hid food for later, stole oatmeal creme pies, cleaned our noses, and toeses. Spent playdays with the neighbors dogs. Loved to go, as a matter of fact we had to spell leave instead of say 'go' or 'bye bye'. His toys and bandanas are everywhere in the house. His special spot in our bed is empty now and hard to look at. Our arms are bare and our hearts are broken for Pa's little Buddy Ro.

We know you knew you were loved and the center of attention. You were spoiled beyond belief and will forever leave a spot in our hearts.

Love forever baby boy Moma and Pa

Bob O. Myers - May 2006, 3 years old

Thank you, Bob, for all of your love and companionship in your too-short life. You were such a Daddy's boy and he will miss you always. Although Jack will never fill your shoes, we know you would want us to have another weiner. We love you and miss you.

Amie Lynn - May 2006, 11 years old

Erin was just a child when you came into our lives. The two of you grew up together. The day you left all of the kids from the daycare came to say goodby. Amie, you touched more lives than you know. You fought your illness well but one day after playing outside you went to sleep and just slipped away. You died just like you lived, relaxed and always happy.

We miss you yipping for your morning eggs, watching you chase your chipmunk friend, and always trying to snuggle. You are loved and will not be forgotten.

Penny - May 2006, 10 years old

Penny came into my life when she was just 9 months old. She was a Valentine's Day gift from my husband, and I loved her. She was just like my child, as she went everywhere with me, even on trips. She was faithful and loyal, only asking for attention and love from me, and she had both. She loved me unconditionally, always there to comfort me in sad times. She will be in my heart forever. She died suddenly this month, and it is devastating. All I can do is share this post in her memory to tell you what a wonderful friend and companion she truly was.

Cagney - May 2006, 14 years old

Our Cagney was the best and sweetest girl we could have ever wished for. She tried her best to fight the cancer so that she could live with us as long as she could; what a trooper she was. She fought the good fight to the end for us. Now she can run through the fields of heaven pain free and eat till her heart's content. We love you Cagney and will terribly miss you our sweet girl!

Until we meet again my sweet girl...

Kiss Kiss...Mommy and Daddy

Bandit - May 2006, 14 years, 3months old

My best friend went to heaven on 25 May 2006. He was everything to me and my wife Theresa, along with his girlfriend and his lifelong companion, Gabby, our Yorkie. My heart is breaking without you Bandit. I love you so much, and the 14 years we spent together were the best times of my life. You were the most gentle little guy ever, and we all miss you so much. The last week of your life you were in a lot of pain, and when I held you in my arms when you passed on, I hope the pain stopped. There will never be another friend like you, Bandit. I will always love you.

Bitsy - May 2006, 8 years,9 months old

My sweet Bitsy, how I miss you. You've only been gone for three days now but it seems like forever since I held you. You were the light of my life, little one. I have never known another dog like you. I know you loved me with all your heart and you took my heart with you when you left. Wait for me Bitsypooh, for my life will never be complete till I see you again.

Dixie Lou - May 2006, 13 years, 3 months old

I lost my beloved Dixie this past Memorial Day weekend. She was a beautiful black and tan smooth, and the aunt of my Hans that I lost in September of 2003. She suddenly became sick with a liver disorder wich caused her heart to also act up. The vet tried everything, Dixie fought like a champ. But by Saturday morning it was obvious she was in a losing battle and would only begin to suffer. It was time to let her go. I held her and looked her in the eye as she went to the Rainbow Bridge. I'm sure she's there with her nephew Hans romping around. I love and miss her, and she will always have a place in my heart. Daddy loves and misses you my Dixie Lou!

Sandy Mae - May 2006, 1 year, 11 months, 12 days old

Sandy was bought for my hubbie who is suffering from MS. He didn't want a dog. But because I was working outside of the home I wanted him to have a companion. Soon after we got Sandy he began to love her just like it was his idea to get her. She would follow him around and when he would go to the potty she would get in his power chair and wait for him to come out. Sandy left us with five of her babies. She passed on after a rough week at the end of her pregnancy. I finally talked the vet into taking the puppies. It must have been too much stress on her heart. She gave birth C-Section at approximately 4:00 and was gone from us by 5:00. I want her to know that Iam taking extra special care of her 'lil ones. She was loved a lot and will be missed for many years. Goodbye my sweet Sandy. Until we meet again, remember that lover never dies and neither will your memory. Thank you for one-and-a-half terrific years.

Love, Mom and Dad

Shelby Lynn - May 2006,16 years old

Shelby came to me 16 years ago just two months after I lost my mom in a car accident. I was only 19 years old then. I'm now 35 and I lost Shelby just two nights ago. I miss her so much sometimes it is even hard to breathe. She was such a sweetheart, and always lying right beside me. She was so sick the past couple of months with kidney failure. We did everything we could to help her hold on, but her little body couldn't fight any more.

I was blessed to be holding her when she finally passed, and she lifted her head and looked into my eyes before she let go, as if to tell me 'it's okay'. Of course it is not okay. I still cannot believe she is gone. I'm having to sleep with a stuffed animal because she slept with me for 16 years and I cannot get used to the fact she is gone. I pray that she is happy now, and in no more pain.

We love you Shelby and I can't wait until the day we see each other again.

Cucu - May 2006, 14 years old

In memory of Cucu, my beloved dachshund.

My dear baby, I know you are now in God's hands and you are OK - no more pain, no more insulin injections. I also know you miss me as much as I miss you, but we will be together and then it will be forever.I love you my sunshine.

Nestle (Nessie) - May 2006, 14 years, 10 months old

You were Mama's 'little chocolate drop'. Always so frail and nervous. You loved your family unconditionally - even when your mind was seldom with you any longer from the dementia. On that fateful day, the hardest decision I ever had to made as your Mama was also the kindest decision. You loved us unconditionally, and sadly the time came for us to love you unconditionally in return.

Mama's Prissy (Miss P) will find you. You will love her and have a companion until we meet again. Gretchen and Pepper still look for you and expect to see you in bed with them at night.

I love and miss you, Nessie.

Denver - May 2006, 5 years, 5 months old

Den Den,
I love you so much. I can't express how much love I feel for you. I knew you had to go. That's OK, baby, because I know we will see each other again. For now, you watch over me.

Joey Taylor - May 2006, 10 years, 6 months old

My little Joey entered my home at the age of five with his two-year-old sister, Gidget. He was a very abused little boy who wouldn't look you in the face. He had no life behind his beautiful brown eyes. After about three years Joey just changed overnight. He was constantly wanting to be held and was there every night sleeping next to me. He needed to feel my touch at all times. Joey's favourite place was on my lap when I was at the computer. He would sleep for hours like that while I learned to type one-handed. Joey had a dental this year and a heart murmur was detected. Within a very short time he went deaf and blind and his little heart just wouldn't work any more. I miss you little man. You just weren't with me long enough.

Mommy Jean Taylor

Rebecca ( Becky) Lynn Hatfield - May 2006, 11 years, 9 months old

Becky was a great doggie. She loved unconditionally and without hesitation. She always wanted to protect her mama from everyone even family. She was my pride and joy. I miss her sooo much. She would follow me everywhere I went even if it was only two feet away. This dog is greatly missed and I know I will see her at Rainbow Bridge one day. Becky Baby, mommy misses you and I can't wait 'till I see you again and you jump into my arms!!

Love you, Mommy

Lacey Steiner - May 2006, 7 years old

Our 'Little Lace' as we often called her was a very sweet doxie. She would sit up on her hind end in a begging fashion which probably led to her demise. But that was Lacey, we loved her with all our hearts and never really got over losing her. We know we will again see her at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you Lacey.

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