Princess Tyson - May 2004, 5 years, 11 months, 8 days old

Mommy and Daddy miss you...

Coney - May 2004, 14 years old

How sad I am to tell you that my Coney dog has gone to wait for me atthe Rainbow Bridge. My heart is broken. Dogs are, of course, God's own little angels. They are love in its purest form.

I remember the first time that I saw Coney. He was standing on his hind legs in the back of a pick up truck with his litter mates. A sign was taped to the truck's tail gate. 'Dachshunds for sale'. I had always wanted a dachshund and jokingly said to the pups' owner that I would take all of them.

There was something special in one of the pup's eyes. It was a cosmic dachshund connection. At that moment, a red, short haired doxie, who later became known as Coney, came into my life.

Coney was an amazing dog. Truly. Over the years, in the Dachshund Annuals, you may have perhaps read of his numerous adventures; some of which were slightly enhanced for literary purposes.

He went on to have his own website, 'Coney's Corner'. Coney was also the muse to several dachshund poems which were widely published. He had his portrait painted by the renown artist, Barbara Pugsley.

When Coney was five years old his back legs became paralysed. I was devastated. Miraculously, with the help of several very high tech veteranians and the after care of Doctor Debbie Russet; Coney regained the use of his legs up until the time he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Coney loved living at the lake, the sailboat, the pontoon boat and walks through the woods. He loved hunting, eating, rawhide, pigs' ears, car rides and me. And I loved him.Coney taught me a lot about love, hope, faith and possiblities. To send him on was the hardest decision I've ever made. The world is a sad, gray place without him.

Coney died at home in my studio, in my arms. I wrapped him in his favourite woollen blanket from Grandma Dot. He is buried in my heart. Think of me, sweet Coney. I shall always think of you.

Johan Hanning - May 2004, 12 years old

Johan - I will miss your bouncy way of making me happy and helping me throughout the day. You loved everyone and licked them to show it!! You had so much energy it is hard to believe that you are gone from this earth. You will never be gone from my heart.

Simon (Fabio) Smyth - May 2004, 5 years old

Dear Simon,

You loved me with all your body, mind and soul and I feel that I didn't do the same for you. You were special, a happy-go-lucky dog with no worries on your mind. In fact you were so happy to the point of oblivion, that's why we joked and said 'maybe he was a blond in another life'. You looked so handsome in your little tux. (He was a black and tan with a very large white blaze on his chest.) That's why I nicknamed him Fabio. I wish I just had one day with you. Just to show you how much I did love you even though at time I said you weren't as good as our last dog. I'm sorry Simon, I really am. You were special and unique and you taught me that I shouldn't take things so seriously, that I shouldn't worry about it. I am so sorry Simon. If I had been there this would have never happened. Please forgive me. I wasn't there in your greatest hour of need. Please Si, take care of Emma, Lester, Tootsie, Gunner, and Grammy. I will love you always, please keep loving me, I will never forget you.

Larry - May 2004, about 10 years old

Larry was a rescue dog. He had been a breeder on a puppy farm was in very bad shape. We adopted him two years ago, and he made himself at home right away. He was diagnosed with liver cancer and they told us there was nothing they could do. We buried him in his favourite spot

Pebbles - May 2004, 10 years old


You will be missed so much!! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. You will be in my heart forever!

Love, Mommy

Duke - Rambo Sambo - May 2004, 13 years old

Goodbye old friend - thank you for spending your life with us. We will remember you for ever. See you one day mate!

Mum and the 'old man'

Toto - May 2004, 19 years old

Toto, I miss you so much. I wish you were here with me. Your love and devotion to me can not be matched by any other. I hope you are relieved of your pain. I just wish I could hold you just once more. I love you.

Prince - May 2004, 5 yearsold

I really loved you, Prince. I hope you miss your whole family. We miss you so much. We hope you are happy where you are now. God bless you, my best friend.

Duncan - May 2004, 5 weeks old

Rest now little Duncan - you fought so hard. A small gift, to remind us how precious life is. I miss you still. For a tiny pup, you left a big hole in my heart.

Mortimer - May 2004, 7 years old

Mortimer was lost and never found. I believe that she is at the Brige now, waiting for me. She was my first doxie and will never be forgotten.

Bubba Joe - March 2004, 6 years, 6 months old

Bubba Joe was with us from the time he was 4 months old. Most of his tail was missing which added to his charm! He loved visiting in nursing homes and the residents loved him! Although he was always sickly, he lived life with a lot of joy and loved each day. He recovered from being paralysed and never lost his zeal for life until that last month when his liver becan to fail him. Our hearts were broken when we sent him to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us there. And although another doxie, Merrie Jo, has entered our lives and another is on his way to live with us, we miss our Bubba so much! I still shed tears for him and so does his dad. We miss you, sweet boy, and your funny little way of talking. Your sense of humour and joy meant so much to us. We will see you again, our furchild!

Boomer Boo - May 2004, 4 years, 4 months old

Our dearest Boomer, your trip to the Bridge came much too soon. It has been over a year and we still miss you dearly. You are always in our hearts. You were the very first doxie to love us and we're continuing to share your love with your sister, and a couple of rescues that we know you would just adore! Until we meet again my Boo...hugs and snuggles, Momma

Jimmy Frank - May 2004, 15 years old

Jimmy Frank, my baby,

Letting you go to the Bridge was and still is the most painful thing I've endured in this life. your wonderful doctor told me that God would let me know when it was time. Mama took your pain and told you you'll never have to hurt again. As I told you countless times every day 'nobody loves you more than me' - our lives together were the best days of my life. Mama loves you baby. I know you'll be waiting for me when my time comes.

I cried so much, but you're not here to lick the tears . There's plenty more when we see each other again, of eternal joy. I know you're probably eating your favourite - chicken and Grandma's cornbread - while reading this. See you at the Bridge,

love, mama

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