Daphne Esmeralda Dachshund Heard - May 2002, 15 years old

Dear Daphne,
I will miss you greatly. As a single woman, you provided all the companionship and love that I could have wanted. It was a priviledge to be your 'Mom'. You now join the other two dachshunds that I have loved, Winkie [1953-1962] and Ginger [1964-1975], at the Rainbow Bridge and they will show you the layout of the land. I will always LOVE you, Punkin' Pie!
Love, Mom [Debbie H.]

Mindy Boo von Borries - Mindy - May 2002, 10 years old

Mindy Boo, my precious girl, came to live with us February 1990. From the moment I saw her I knew we would be pals. Mindy was a very gentle and laid back doxie. She never met a stranger. Our twin sons looked on her as a little sister. Doodle, our cat, even liked to hang around with her.

In 2000 we adopted our second doxie, Molly Pop, because I knew I never wanted to be without a pupper. I didn't think then that it would be so soon.

Molly and I, along with my husband and sons, are greiving. It is just like they say, losing a pet is like losing a child. I go to her grave every day and all I can do is cry. Molly tries to comfort me. She is a good puppy that way. I love her so much.

Doofus - May 2002, 5 years, 2 months old

When we first got our Doofus, we never thought he would EVER grow into his ears! Being the runt of the litter, our little longhaired miniature Doofus was so very, very small. Once full-grown, he was still small...only about 10 pounds or so - just the perfect size for us to cradle, hug, and hold. The more we hugged, the more he snuggled. It seemed as though we could communicate with him without language...just a look was enough to know what he was trying to tell us. Life without him will be a struggle, as he always knew how to make us smile, laugh, or just plain feel better with his goofy charm. He was the closest to being a human that a puppy could ever get. Our little Doofus dog, our babe. There will always be a place in our hearts for you, just as a tear will always be shed in your memory of what a wonderful member of the family you were. One day, in another time, another place, we will see you again. Until then, have fun chasing bunnies with Jessie! We love and miss you, babe...
With Love Forever,
Michelle, Jay, Rosie, Ryan, and Ron xoxoxoxoxo

Coquette - May 2002, 16 years old

My precious Coquette, you taught us love and patience and our home feels so empty without you. Our hearts are breaking from missing you. We know you are free from suffering and hopefully running in the fields with Joe at the Rainbow Bridge. Please be at peace, my blessed, sweet baby and I will cherish and love you always!

Fritz Gallucci - May 2002, 15 years, 5 months old

Dear Frtiz,
You were the best dog I ever had! You truly were MY Dog. I miss you sooooo much and still have your bed with all your belongings. I miss your innocent face and little wiggle as you walked. I'm very sorry that I had to put you down but I couldn't let you suffer any more. I know you had a good life with us and it would have been selfish of ME to keep you going on. It was the hardest thing I've ever done and know I did it because I love you so much. You looked so cute and peaceful in the end - I know you're in a better place. 'Till we're together again, know we all love you and miss you.

Horace - May 2002, About 8 years old

Goodbye little chap. We will miss you and love you forever.

Keoki (KokoBear) - May 2002, 11 years old

Eleven years ago, while at a pet store, my wife saw a shy little brown miniature dachshund huddled in the corner of a cage reluctant to come out and play as the the other dogs were doing. Melisa took one look at this little puppy and knew, 'This is the one'. Their eyes met and it was love at first sight. Neither my wife nor I could not afford what the pet store wanted so Melisa took out a small loan and purchased this puppy to secure its freedom from its caged existence.

For 11 years, this small dog whom we named Keoki has continually brought to us comfort, companionship, understanding, loyalty and love.

Keoki was always 'there' for us through thick and thin. Keoki always greeted us when we would come home and bark in anger when we would leave. Keoki always had a kiss waiting for us anytime we needed one. Keoki always had a ear ready to listen to us when we wanted to talk to someone. Keoki never judged us nor demanded of us however would continually amaze us with his ability to make us happy. Keoki, would die before allowing someone to harm us. Keoki would give us a tongue bath whenever we let our guard down.

After 11 years of working hard to give my wife and me as much love as any dog can give, it was our turn to show him how much we loved him.

One month before Keoki's 11th birthday, Keoki developed cancer. Keoki went through an operation which removed a softball size tumor from his speen, but after one month of recovery, more tumors were found. Keoki had grown weaker and weaker and was slowly losing the battle for his life. The doctor gave us three months more to enjoy our time with our Keoki.

Life is so cruel though. After a month, we could tell that Keoki was suffering. Melisa and I sat down and made a decision, the hardest and most gut wrentching decision we have ever made, to have Keoki put down.

On 23 May 2002 we went with our dog to the doctor's office. With Melisa and me holding onto our dog, and after Keoki giving Melisa a long last doggy kiss, Keoki closed his eyes for the last time.

I cried like a baby for hours afterwards, alone, not daring to allow others to see. I have never before felt this much pain in my heart nor did I realise that I would care so much for a dog. Just thinking of him sends tears to my eyes and no matter what I think of, I can't hold them back.

Keoki (KokoBear), our love for you will never end and we are looking forward to the day that we can join you in heaven and again be whole and happy.


Anita - May 2002, 5 years old

Anita was brought into our family in February of 1997, when she was just eight weeks old. Everyone who came in contact with her fell in love with her. She had a beautiful personality, one that would never hurt a fly....maybe a lizard or two, but not a fly! She slept in our bed from the time we brought her home, cuddled up to us and our children, and made everyone who came in contact with her fall in love. She had the biggest, brownest eyes you have every seen, and which meant that you could never get mad at, no matter what she did. Just a few days ago, Anita passed on. We lost her way too early. She jumped off of our furniture and ruptured a disk. She lost all use of her legs and bladdar, and was crying in pain. It was time for her to go, too early if you ask me, but God must have other plans for her. I thank Him for the time he gave us with her. We love you little baby, and you are forever in our hearts, and always in our minds. Rest now, there are plenty of lizards in heaven, and we will see you again someday. Thank you for passing on your legacy with your five puppies.

Stauche - May 2001, 9 years, 6 months old

I just lost my 17-year-old wirehair dachsie named Stauche. She was my best friend, and we shared many adventures. She has seen more of this country then a lot of people I know. Her spirit was incredible. She endured many medical crisis - she ate a straw purse as a puppy and has to have it removed. Next was a leg surgery and then two back surgeries. But she recovered well enough to hike up to seven miles a day for the next seven years. She was extremely loving and loyal. When I was around she wouldn't have anything to do with anyone but me. I miss her so so much. My heart is broken.

Bazie - May 2002, 15 years old, 5 months old

You were the first dachshund in our lives, you gave us much happiness and joy, you were a true doxie that controlled her masters in every way. Thank you for giving us over 15 years of happiness, we gave you the best life a dog could have. We will never forget you, you'll always be in our hearts.

Oliver Madin - May 2002, 15 years, 10 months old

Adolph von Zepplyn - May 2002, 13 years, 20 days old

Adolphie, Dolphie, Pooh-Bear, Momma's Sunshine boy....I miss your spirit greatly. I know you are at peace now, and I know your are healthy and whole...The last five years where hard on you, and each seizure took its toll on your body. But you lived life with a huge heart, and you were always so happy and full of joy. Dolphie. you are the kindest friend I have ever known, gentle with everyone you met. I thank you. Dolphie, for being a huge part of my life for the last 13 years, we got through some terrible times together, and for that I thank you for being my friend and soulmate. You will always live on in my heart, and our spirits will forever be entwined. I miss you, my friend....I thank you for sharing your home, dinner dish and your bed with all the homeless dachshunds that came to stay with us until they got homes of their own. Because of you I'll continue helping the homeless dachshunds find great love and care like you had here. Run along and play at the Bridge!...And Dolphie-Boy, continue welcoming the homeless at the Bridge, just like you did here. I'll see you at the Bridge someday, and I'll see you in the night, while I'm sleeping and dreaming of the good old days....Until Later, My Sweet Friend...Momma LOVES You!!! Lots of kisses, from Momma, Dad, Zeppie, Jack, Rommel, Oscar, Max, Schatz, Sam and Binx

Elsie Forsyth - a.k.a. Stoofer - May 2002, 7 years, 9 months old

My little girl was the best of all friends and the most generous of all companions. She died in my arms, after enduring so much. Words can't express the sorrow or the pain I feel. I will miss her forever.

Peaches Marie - May 2002, 13 years, 9 months old

Peaches, my darling girl, left this world on 20 May, after losing a battle with cancer. She fought the disease as she did everything in life - stubbornly and without complaining. Peaches was my second dachshund and the one who solidified my love of the breed forever. She was a pure and true dachsie - a beautiful standard girl with boundless courage, endless stores of affection, and a unique yodely singing voice. She was sweet and patient with children, loving and playful with other dogs, and fearless with people who did not have our best interests at heart. I will miss her forever.

toffie - May 2002, 12 years, 10 months old

Toffie was a rescue dog and I got her when she was five. From that first day we were inseperable. I have had many dachshunds over the years and loved them all, but Toffie was special. She made me happy just by looking at her - with her sparkling eyes, wagging tail and lust for life. I remember fondly how her little bottom would waggle as she walked confidently in front of me and how she would lie on her back in the crook of my arm with a look of bliss on her face.

I had to have her put to sleep in the end, I couldn't bear to see her suffer, it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I still miss my little friend so much, but I have such special memories of her that nothing can ever take away.

Sue Fell

Magic Rainbow - May 2002, 14 years old

My beloved Magic Rainbow, she can not be replaced. She loved me for me. She will always be my special little girl.

Maxie Irons-Blakeman - May 2002, 1 year old

Although your life was short and filled with so many obstacles we will never forget the joy you brought into our hearts and home. We know you are free of pain now and we will meet with you again in that beautiful paradise you have found.
We Love You, Maxie,
Mommy, Jyl and Mike

Holly Bean Wells - May 2002, 8 years old

Holly, Always fun and happy. We all miss her and love her.Holly's tail was always wagging there wasn't a person who did not come over just to see her. She was my very first wiener dog, and such a joy. She had everyone trained in a short time. Now that she is no longer in pain, I sleep better knowing this. We will see you again someday.
Love Mom and Dad...

Timmi - May 2002, 8 years old

Our black coloured Timmi died in May 2002. His brother, Dennis, misses him a lot. He cries like a baby if we leave him for more than ten minutes now. They were never separated, and Dennis does not know how to handle being alone. Timmi was a loving, calm and caring dog that just wanted to be held and hugged and so we did till the end.

Regards Ann Karin from Norway

Rafiki - May 2002, 2 years, 9 months old

My little muscle man,
If I could only turn back time
You would be right here with me,
Romping and playing
The way it used to be.

Your energy was life
Your life was energy
In my heart it will always always be
My muscle man and me.

Across the Rainbow Bridge
I hope you found a home.
I hope to see you there someday
Remember not to roam!!!!

Miss you Fiki. Thanks for teaching me so much about character - you sure were one.

Love Mom and your doggie friends who miss you, too.

Casper Smith - May 2002, 14 years old

To my wonderful baby. God called and you answered, but not until I had all those years to love you. I miss you terribly, but I know you are in a better place. Momma loves and misses you, wiggle butt.

Nattie Vee - May 2002, 3 years old

We lost Nattie Vee on 31 May 2002 in a fire in our home. We lost most everything we own but the loss of Nattie is hardest to deal with.

Chloe - May 2002, 16 years old

Princesse Chloe, who taught me to love, died in May 2002. I can't believe it has been that long. We still miss her very much. I always wondered how anything that's just ten pounds can have so much personality?! She was sweet, brave, ornery, funny, smart, loving, loyal. I trust that she's with God and that we'll meet again.

Much love, Ronda and Scamp

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