Roxy the Hunter - March 2016, 9 years old

My dearest Roxy,

Only four months ago I adopted you from the Western Cape Dachshund Rescue. Who would have thought that you would crawl into my heart in this short period?

I remember your black coat and your brown eyebrows. The way you stretched out your left hind leg when you slept. How you hunted for squirrels in the garden and being so exhausted at the end of the day.

Then, out of nowhere, the cancer came and took you from me. So unexpected. Just as unexpected as the hole you left after such a short time in my life.

I miss you, my dearest Roxy!

Zoe Noel Biletsky - March 2016, 12 years, 9 months old

Zoe, you had such a kind and gentle soul. We were lucky to have you in our lives. You fought courageous battles and for that we enjoyed you for so long. The last battle was just too much and you let us know it was time we helped you on your way. We will always love you and will see you, Rudy and Sadie when we cross as well. Loves and nuzzles Mom, Dad, Jacob and your BFF Daisy Mae.

Beechnut Szymanski - March 2016, 15 years, 10 months old

Oscar Alexander Eastwell - March 2016, 12 years, 10 months old

My dear little man, it was so hard to let you go but it was the only kind thing to do. You have no pain anymore. Mum, Dad and Windsor miss you terribly. Windsor is just so lost, you were his soul mate, he is just so sad. RIP.

Dixie Marie Nash - March 2016, 17 years, 2 months, 3 weeks old

Dixie M. Nash, you adopted us in February 1999 and for the next 17-plus years, you trained us to be your parents as we couldn't have asked for a more loyal and loving family member. You gave love to us so much. You wouldn't think such a little body could hold so much love. We will love and miss you. Forever love for you. Watch over us until we are together again. XOXOXO

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