India Stacia Asia Scalesse - March 2015, 11 years old

India was a minature long-haired doxie that came into my life when she was three months old. She was pure love - never have I seen a dog so loving and sweet. India loved to give love to others. Nothing pleased her more than snuggling up on your lap and giving you tons of puppy kisses.

India loved to play fetch with her ball and go digging in the backyard. The holes that remain there from years of her digging are a comforting remainder that she was just here not too long ago.

Everyone who met India fell in love with her - she was just so special. I am so so fortunate I was lucky enough to be the one who got to own, love, and take care of her. She has taught me so much about what love is and I will carry those lessons with me for the rest of my life.

I love you India and I know we will be together again someday.

Willie Binks Donicht - March 2015, 15 years old

We love you forever, Little Man. Thank you for all you gave us in the still too short 15 years you were with us. You helped us through some difficult times and taught us to be better people. We miss you every minute of every day. You are forever in our hearts. We love you Binksy. . .

Trudy Brinkman - March 2015, 9 years, 11 months old

Trudy was my Baby. She became part of my family a month after my husband passed away. She helped me through some pretty rough times and she truly became part of the family. Everyone in our neighbourhood loved her and misses her. She left a paw print on the heart of everyone she met. My Mother, who did not care for dogs, always called Trudy her dog. She is now at the Rainbow Bridge with Grandma. Love you, Trudy girl.

Brindle Duncan-Rutherford - March 2015, 8 years old

My love and life. You will be missed every day and every minute. Im not gonna sleep the same without you. Nor will life be the same without you. Your blankie will forever remain in your spot in my bed. And you will always remain in a special spot in my heart forever. I love you and miss you so much. I pray I see you again when my life on earth ends. Forever in my heart and mind. Brindle Lee Duncan.

Gracie May Thomas - March 2015, 7 years old

Gracie May Thomas was (as my boyfriend says) 'special'. She was obsessed with her orange ball and would play and play and play. She loved her toys and would even thank you for the toy when you brought home a new one. Hyper as a puppy, she mellowed slightly as she got older but still played like a puppy. She loved trips to Lake Erie where she got to fetch her ball from the lake and sniff the bass that my boyfriend and his brother caught. I remember purchasing Gracie a pink life jacket when I knew I'd be out of town and Jamie was taking her to the lake. He joked that his brother would make fun of him putting a pink life jacket on my dachshund. She loved playing bouncy ball with Jamie in the summer time and diving into snow drifts in the winter to fetch her ball. She loved to snuggle and keep us warm when we were sick. Her favourite place was going to grandma's to play in the garden and dig holes in the dirt. She also got extra treats from grandma. She can never be replaced and will always be remembered in our hearts. We love you Gracie!

Lily Mariano - March 2015, 10 years, 5 months old

I'm so thankful to God for putting you in our lives when you were five years old. Though we only had five years together, your impact in our lives was so much more than words can express We had become very close the last three months of your life and you taught me to be more patient, loving and compassionate. You are more than a pet to us, you are FAMILY. When we decided to adopt you, I made the commitment to take care of you and to love you. If heaven is everything I have ever wanted, I know that I will see you again. So long for now, Dean, Myrrha and Mia and Gabby, Wilma.

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