Baron Espy - March 2013, 16 years, 3 months old

My beautiful Red Baron went to the Bridge this morning,23 March, 2013. He was a beautiful red sable short hair standard male. When he was just six weeks old he came into my life. He was my baby, my protector and above all my companion. As much as I love him and miss him he is no longer in pain. He has joined his sister, Missy, and her babies, and his sister, Tigger. I am sure they are all running and playing happily together while my heart breaks. The only thing that comforts me and helps me to get through is that I know someday I will see them all again. I love you, Baby Boy. Run and play and feel no more pain until we meet again. I will take care of your little sister, she misses you and keeps looking for you.

Lady Mandy Barile - March 2013, 13 years, 6 months old

I lost you only a day ago, and my heart aches. You were the perfect princess, my sweet pooch in a pouch. Your little boy, Murphy, looks for you, whines, and finally settles on my lap. I will miss you 'till the day I die. I'm glad you had one last chance to see everyone on Sunday. Pop said you were the best little floor mop with that long beautiful red hair. My sweet angel, sleep…and dream the most wonderful puppy dreams. I love you, Mommy

Oscar Petersen - March 2013, 11 years old

Oscar, you were my buddy. You followed me everywhere, even into the bathroom. I couldn't even take a shower with out you lying by the tub, making sure I got nice and clean. But when it was your turn for a bath you were nowhere to be found. You slept at my feet under the covers. Every morning you were their to greet me with a wet kiss. I love you and miss you and your brother, Felix, misses you too!

Rudi Good Dog - March 2013, 17 years old

I just had one to live 17 years who survived a lot of trauma. I was determined not to put him down, but he was a fighter. Finally, he couldn't walk, he couldn't hold water and decided to tell me in no uncertain terms that it was time to go. I lost an old friend a few days ago.

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