Billy Bob 'Larry' Wilson - March 2011, 14 years old

Billy was born in April of 1997, the first of five. He was always a gentle giant and had a big heart. He was diagnosed with heart failure in 2007 and the vet said we might want to put him to sleep, but we're so glad we got some extra years with him. His heart failure and blindness was too much for him. Until we meet again enjoy playing with your daddy, Ebony Luke, Momma Lindsey, and Cat cousin, Snowball. When will this pain go away???

We love you and always will. . .

Love, Daddy, Mommy, dachshund sister, Leah, Carmelindo, and Denise

Gabrielle Suzanne 'Gabby Sue' Price - March 2011, 14 years old

The sweetest dachsie is in God's arms, and she is no longer in pain. He is receiving the sweetest little kisses and getting his arm nudged to rub her head. Our laps are empty and there are holes in our hearts. Our tears are washed away by tissue instead of your sweet tongue. We miss you, baby girl, but we know you'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge under the sunflowers for us when we, too, are called home.

Sammie (a.k.a. Bratwurst) - March 2011, 1 years, 7 months old

Sammie, you were only here for a short time but you were loved by so many and gave that love back a thousand fold. I knew you were special from the day you were born and that's why I hand picked you for your Dad, Mom and my godson. They loved you so much and will miss watching you play with your dog toy, you lying on your Mom's shoulder and sharing pizza with your Dad. You were Sammie to them but to me you'll always be my little Bratwurst! RIP my little granddog!

Sarah Shone - March 2011, 17 years, 5 months old

Precious Sarah, you gave so much love to everyone you knew, be happy at Rainbow Bridge till we meet again, Mum and daughter Tammy.

Sammie Beall - March 2011, between 14 and 16 years old

My sweet girl was so loving. She had come from a rescue situation where she had a Mom who loved her but got cancer and died. She was in a kennel while her Mom could not care for her. She was there for three to four months. I am sure she felt like everyone had forgotten her. Her Mom died and they were trying to find a home for her or they were going to put her down. My sweet daughter found her and asked me if I wanted to save her. She had several dachshunds and couldn't take another at that time.

My daughter flew from Phoenix to bring her to our home near Cincinnati. She flew into the Indianapolis airport and when she opened the carrying bag she brought her in, I fell so in love with her sweet face. She had the most beautiful eyes and they seemed so expressive. She would not leave my side as I think she was afraid that the new Mom would disappear too.

Wherever I was, she was there. If I laid on the couch, she was on me. I had purchased a crate, thinking she would sleep there, but apparently she must have slept with her first Mom, because when bedtime came, she bounded up into my bed and she slept there 'til she got old and so frail she could not jump that high. Then she started going into her crate.

She suffered with pancreatitis throughout her life with me so she was on a special diet of Hill's I.D. dog food and sometimes, when she had an episode, she would get cottage cheese and rice. We started giving her Missing Link, and her coat got so beautiful and soft.

I loved her so much and I am grieving so because I know it is my fault she is gone.

We had planned to put her to sleep a few days after the day she actually died. She was getting very feeble and frail and was mostly blind. She woke me up that morning having to go to out really badly. She couldn't make it to the door and pooped in the hallway. She then started to pee and I quickly shooed her outside. Her usual habit at her old age was to do her business and scurry back into the house.

She must have caught the sent of a squirrel this day because she started running (that was a chore for her at this stage) through the darkness and I lost sight of her. I went back in as I had to use the bathroom and get my shoes. When I came back out, maybe five minutes later, I couldn't find her anywhere. I listened for her and nothing. . .

I got a light and a coat and began to search for her. I walked for seven hours throughout the subdivision and around the lake looking for her. I notified all the neighbors to be on the lookout for her. After a couple hours, I knew wherever she was, she was dead because she was so frail. She would have needed water and rest. I now think that she wandered down the hill, and probably fell, and when she got up, she headed in the wrong direction and fell into the lake. My daughter said she would come out and help us look for her, but I felt that wouldn't have been productive because I had searched everywhere I could think of.

She posted that Sammie was missing on Facebook and my son-in-law and grandson saw the post, and came up and began to search for her. I guess with their younger eyes they spotted her in the lake. They got her out and we took her collar off and wiped her off as we cried for our baby. We wrapped her in her blankets as they dug a grave for her. We placed her in two plastic bags and buried her.

If I have any advice for anyone caring for an old dog who has been so faithful, BE SURE they are on a leash when they go out or just let them go in the house. Also, if they are nearly blind, as Sammie was, keep the door to the basement closed so they don't fall down the steps.

Sammie was a creature of habit, and when she got too old to jump up on the couch, we bought her a ramp to use, but she refused to use it. So start them out when they are young using a set of steps or some way of getting up there. When we put her bed on the floor to make her life easier, she refused to use her bed if it was on the floor. She was a mite stubborn, but so sweet.

I will be forever grateful to my daughter in Phoenix for getting her for me, to my daughter in Cincinnati for posting on Facebook that she was missing and to my son-in-law and grandson for searching and finding her and helping us bury her. She gave such unconditional love, which mimics the love that God gives us, I think.

Bless you Sammie Girl, I will forever miss you. Every place I look in this house I see things that remind me of her. I look at where her food and water used to be, to be sure there is water there. I see the chair she used to sit in while we were gone, watching for us to return. I love you Sammie.

Dudley Doolittle Morris - March 2011, 15 years, 11 months old

In memory of my loving and faithful companion for the past 16 years. I am so grateful that you are no longer suffering and have been freed from your earthly body that continued to fail you over the years.

I love you Dudley, with all my heart. You have been such a joy and I'm honoured to have been your mommy. Thank you for 16 wonderful years. May God bless you and welcome you into his kingdom where you only know peace and happiness. I pray that you are reunited with your sister and partner in crime, Abigail.

I hope that we will all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge and be able to cross over together, never again to be apart. You will always be in my heart. I love you my sweet boy.

Hemi Smiddy - March 2011, 7 years old

Hemi, you were like my child - always there with us through the ups and downs. You were always a happy loveable dog who would never hurt anyone. We miss you so much. Would never thought anyone would do this to you. Protect and look over us, until we meet again.

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