Lena May - March 2010, 15 years, 11 months old

Lena, what can be said about the years we spent together? From the very first day we brought you home our hearts were forever yours. From an energetic little puppy on to the adult years and finally as a senior you were a great friend. We know the last year wasn't easy but you kept going. Sometimes it seemed like you were only able to rest when Cindi would hold you tight until you fell asleep. The day came when it was just to much for your frail little body to stand and you had to go. We are so glad that your pain is no more and that your now with Amie but we still love you and will think of you every day.

Bella Elizabeth Hancock - our 'Belle Belle' - March 2010, 4 years, 10 months old

Our sweet precious Belle Belle, how we love you so! You were our first baby and the best friend anyone could ask for. We hoped to grow old together but there were other plans. Bella injured her back on 8 March 2010 and we had to allow her to go on to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. It was the hardest decision we have ever had to make. I still think I can hear her sweet little barks sometimes and hear her pitter patter around the house. Thank you, Bella, for all of the joy and happiness you brought to me and daddy. Please be a guardian angel for baby Enoch. I promised him that you would be and that you would comfort him as he dreams at night. We love you always and will see you again, Mommy and Daddy.

Doxie Marie Rogers - March 2010, 3 years, 4 months old

We say goodbye to our sister, Doxie Marie Rogers. We will always remember the fun we had at our parties. We got to run and play together. We will always be glad you were there with us. We will keep you in our hearts forever, and will pray for your Mom and Dad. Life will be hard without you for them. And we have lost a piece of our hearts along with your passing.

Our love goes with you,
Mandi Jane and Sammi Vaughn

Frankie - a.k.a. The Red Menace - March2010, 20 years old

Loved you buddy. Hope you're playing with your sisters.

Ginger Hilton Brown - March 2010, 14 years old

1996 to 2010

During 14 years here on earth, Ginger touched the life of many with her unconditional love for all of us. On Saturday 20 March at 2:15 PM, Ginger died from a stroke. She passed away without pain, cradled in the arms of the one who loved her most.

The last words she heard as we looked into each othersā eyes were: 'I love you - hang on!'

She died in my arms as I ran through the door of the Timonium (MD) Animal Hospital. Those who know me the best know how devoted I was to that little bundle of unlimited, unconditional love. May God bless and rest Ginger's great heart and soul.


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