Little Miss Pebbles - My Tonka - March 2009, 16 years, 10 months old

My sweet Pebbles, your Mommy - Brandy, Daddy - Pork Chop, brothers - BammBamm and Barney - are already there and have been waiting to see you again. My sweet little girl, I am going to miss you forever. I want you to run, play and rub in the grass like you love to do, only now with your family. Kiss everyone for me. I love you and will see all of my kids in heaven ...

Pebbles my little Princess - March 2009, 16 years, 9 months old

My Pebbles, you have been gone 16 months but I want you to know that I miss you every day. I take great comfort in the fact that you are with your mommy, Brandy, your daddy, Porkchop, and your brothers Bamm Bamm and Barney. Also, your extended family, Pluto and Paddyboy, are there with you. I wish you could have been with me forever, but your little heart could not make it any longer. You and all of my babies are with the Lord and not in pain anymore from heart disease. I will see all of my babies again one day at the Rainbow Bridge, which we will then cross together into heaven. I still talk to all of you daily. See you again one day soon, your human Mommie.

Biggie Small - March 2009, Almost a year years old

Biggie Small, I never did find you after some low life person broke into my place and stole you from me on St Patrick's Day. I was lured out and my date left me behind. I went to see Taken. I do hope your new owner took good care of you. This only way I can get my closure. You were one of the best puppies I ever had.

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