Max von Mayerling - March 2007, 13 years old

Max was the best friend anyone could have ever had. He was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I will miss him forever. He will live in my heart forever.

Daisey Day-Day McIlvain - March 2007, 6 years, 11 months old

Where do I begin describing our Daisey May? Daisey won the lottery when we adopted her from a no-kill shelter in June 2001. She was brought to the shelter after she and her littermates were abandoned in an apartment. From the moment we saw her picture with her nose stuck right up to the camera we fell in love. Daisey loved and was very protective of her people, Dad, Mom, Sadie, Brandi and Andrew. Daisey was our own personal ADT system. Day-Day Do-Do Bird as we called her, brought smiles to our faces every day and never failed to greet each and every one of us when we came home amd showered us with paws, love and kisses. Daisey liked sleeping with Dad and Mom and was the best cuddler and nap partner you could ask for. Even though Daisey is in heaven not one day will pass that we don't think of how happy she made our family. Daisey lived every day of her life to its fullest and will be missed by all that knew her, except the cat that she always chased out of our yard! Your people love you Day-Day Do-Do Bird and will never forget the joy and love you brought to our home. Rest in peace sweet baby, you will always be missed and loved. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Sadie, Brandi and Andrew.

Nikki Saunders Williams - March 2007, 15 years old

Nikki was brought into our family in July 1993, while we were living in Tallahassee, Florida. She was an AKC registered, long-haired, red, miniature dachshund. Although we felt she was show quality, her biggest feat was smiling on cue! The simple command, 'Smile Nikki' brought her face-to-face with you, lips turned up, grinning by showing her teeth with her head cocked slightly to the side and tail wagging a mile a minute. Nikki was extremely dear to the family in many ways; she was THE pet therapy for my Mother during her last years of life and provided the transitional consistency necessary for my brother before his demise. Yes, Nikki meant a lot to all of us and her life truly made our lives better. So as she joins her family in heaven, I hope she knows how much she was loved while here and that she will be deeply missed here on earth.

Nikki met an untimely death on Thursday 15 March when she was killed by a car when she wandered into the street. Nikki had lost her eye sight and hearing but remained loving and always ready to rest on a lap. During her morning front yard outing, she went on a journey that rendered her 'lost' within minutes of recognising that she was nowhere to be seen. Kenny and I searched and searched as much as you can at 5 a.m., in the dark, with a flashlight, and not to arouse the suspicions of neighbors, but to no avail. Upon beginning to launch our 'Lost Dog' campaign, just short of hiring a pet detective, we received the devastating news that Nikki had been killed, that they were able to identify her by her hot pink collar bearing her name, ID tags and telephone number. The officer that responded to the call said most likely she lost her bearings, could not hear or see, and stepped in to the street. This was about five blocks from where we live, so she had traveled quite a distance, particularly since she had short legs.

Lesson #1: Don't take your eyes off your pets, even for a minute.

Lesson #2: Love them hard while they are here and they will love you more.

Lesson #3: Love a dog and you'll find permanent love returned.

Please visit Nikki at her memorial website by clicking on her name, above. Love, Cheryl and Kenny

Ivan Browning - March 2007, 17 years, 5 months old

Ivan was my shadow for more than 17 years. He was the sweetest and 'easiest' dog, bringing me so much joy. So when he became frail and faltering the past few years, I did everything I could to repay him. Finally, though, I had to let him go. I hope I did enough. I think he'll tell me so when we meet again.

Prissy Pie Garrett, (mommy's bed dog) - March 1007, about 14 years old

Prissy came to me as a foster that decided she was home. What made my baby so special was she was almost a twin of our first doxie failed foster that had passed away three months earlier. Prissy was first and always a mommy's girl. She would wait for me to come home in the morning after work, (I work nights) then feel it was her sworn duty and right to sleep with me all day. She would insist she sit beside me where ever I was. She gave me the best kisses EVER! I miss my baby so much and know I will see her again someday.

Bandit - Our Beautiful Baby - March 2007, 6 months, 4 days old

Dear Little Bandit,

When we took you in four months ago we knew you had problems but didn't know how many. When the vet said you had untreatable hydrocephalus we were devastated. We hated so to give you up but you suffered so much.

We loved you so much and know you loved us too. We had the most wonderful four months that we could ask for. We thank God for lending us such a beautiful, wonderful, loving little guy - we just wish it could have been longer, but we will remember all the happy times all our lives.

Big 'Brother', Neo, keeps looking for you, Honey.

Bandit Baby, please wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge when we can all be together again and play with your toys and you can lie on my feet.

We love and miss you so much,

Til we meet again,

Love,Mommy, Daddy & Neo

D-mak - March 2007, 15 years old

D-mak has always been a very good dog (like her name, D-mak in Thai means very good) to our family. You are the best thing that ever happened to our family. I never forget the first day you walked into our house. You peed on the coach and wagged your tail you were so excited hahahaaa.... You have been a very good sister to me. We played, slept, ate, laughed together. You always made our house full of joy, happiness and fun. We have been together for 15 years. Fifteen years of sisterhood!!! I will never forget every minute we shared together. Good bye my fat puppy dog.

Eddie (a.k.a, Edward Weiner-Hands) - March 2007, about 100 years old

Eddie was a very old red mini doxie. He came into rescue in September 2006. I became his foster mom. It was said that he was found 'running in the street'. One look at Eddie told me he hadn't 'run' anywhere for a long time. He was mostly deaf, had large cataracts, and walked with a limp due to bad arthritis. Eddie became my pride and joy. I work midnights and would come home to all the doxies happily greeting me. Eddie would bring up the rear, wagging his tail, barking, and doing the best geriatric 'happy dance' his poor little body could do. He was my constant companion and I knew he would only go to a new home if, and only if they were perfect. He deserved that because I knew he would not be with us much longer. As time past (November, January, February) Eddie seemed to slow down more (if you could believe slower was possible). He still stayed up late with me when I couldn't sleep. We spent lots of hours in the dark on the love seat, with the red blanket, cuddling and watching SVU, Nashville Star, and Top Chef/Top Design. He would sleep lying on me with his head on my chest, head under my chin. I really loved that little dog.

Eddie's kidneys gave out and I had him put to sleep on 26 March when the vet said he only had less than 25 per cent of his kidneys left. I held him and cried as he went to sleep for the last time, his head under my chin.

I miss him terribly, but I know he is happy now in his new, young body, exploring the areas in the yard that were too far for him before. He rests with my other doxies, Scrappy, and my other foster Lil' Bit, under the pine trees in my yard.

Bye Edward Weiner-Hands. I can't wait to watch TV with you again in heaven.

Love always, Mommy dog.

Scoot - March 2007, 14 years old

Our time on this earth has come to an end,
too soon to say goodbye, my best friend.
All the happy times, we shared just you and I.
Even though we are now physically apart,
we remain forever in each other's hearts.

I look forward to being reunited with you at the bridge. I love you, Scoot.

Patrocle - March 2007, 1 years, 8 months old

I rescued you once, Patrocle, I did not have the second chance to save you the second time...You came into my life like a star, you left me in a mist of despair...

I will always love you, my little friend.

In the memory of Patrocle

Augie Dog - March 2007, 15 years, 9 months, 9 days old

In memory of Augie Dog my ‘Little Princess’. I miss you so much! My heart aches. You were the best. When you left me, I thought I would be prepared. Truthfully, I was torn. I know you were a special gift. I remember, the day you came into my life. You were in a glass aquarium standing up yipping and begging to get out. I tried to walk by but you got louder. The moment you were placed in my arms I knew it was love at first lick. Augie, you grew on everyone you came in contact with. I do not have to tell you how much you were loved because you knew! Your time here on earth seemed so short. I know it was not, because it was your time to go, and it is not for me to question the length of your years. Most importantly is to be thankful for the time I had with you. You could make any day a sunny day. I miss you sleeping on my pillow at the head of my bed and the lick on the forehead to say goodnight. The meal table is quiet, no more yipping.

Augie, my Little Princess, I will never forget the love, joy and happiness you brought into my life as well as into that of Grandma’s.

I was touched by all the cards and calls regarding your passing this earth and going to Rainbow Bridge to be with your brother, Boochie, and sister, Brittany. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Bridge where we will be united. May God bless my Augie Dog.

Love Jackie - Augie's Mom


Simon (Grandpa Doodle) - March 2007, 16 years old

Simon was loyal and true. He loved his momma and his doodle family. His father, Sampson, left the world years before and his son Oscar left a few after him. He loved everyone and he was an excellent little dog. He was missed and still is missed. Love you, miss you Simey.

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