Bach - March 2006, 12 years, 11 months old

Bach was my best friend and my puppy. I was with him when he went and I am glad of that. I miss him so much although I know that he is with me always.

Mr Max Perkins - March 2006, 14 years old

We loved you so much Mr Max. You had plenty of doxie moxie and thought you were king of the world!!! You were king of our hearts and we miss you so much. To the world you were a grouchy old man but to us you were as sweet as sweet could be. How we will miss your happy bouncing at the thought of a treat and your booming bark. My heart is broken my 33 pounds of 14 year old standard doxie. Until we meet again, mom and dad.

Jagger Jazz Smith - March 2006, 11 years, 6 months old

You were a special dachsie, my friend. We miss your yap requesting dinner and your pleasant little face. You will be missed by your four brothers, Adam, Quincy, Duke and Arnie, and by Mom, Dad, Uncle Dougie, Aunt Alice, Aunt Donna, Lori and Jackie. Forever in our hearts.

Ginger - March 2006, 1 year, 6 months old

You brightened our lives with your beautiful personality and warm kisses. It has only been a short time since you left us and we have missed you terribly. Your boy and girl get off the school bus everyday and they look for you. You loved to go and meet them and greet them everyday. You were so protective if another dog tried to greet them because they were your special boy and girl.

Mama and Daddy have been getting by but Daddy still feels alot of guilt. He didn't mean to hurt you and we did our best to save you. If I had known what was going to happen that day I would have never allowed you to go on your rabbit hunt. It was a freak accident and I hope that Daddy will learn to forgive himself for what happened.

There isn't a day or night that goes by that we don't miss you. I open the door every night to let you in but you are not there. I wake up in the mornings waiting for your kisses but they never come. Daddy goes to his shop and sits in his chair drinking his coffee but you are not out there to hang out with him.

Just this morning I walked by your little bed. I still haven't even been able to sweep the dirt off on the floor from beside your bed because it would almost be like getting rid of your essence in the room. You were always dirty because you loved chasing those rabbits. We will always miss and love you little girl. I'm thankful that Daddy took me by that old dirty flea market that day because if he had not then we would have never gotten to know and love you.

May you rest in peace now sweet one. I hope that one day we will all meet again.

Love you...

Abby Moe Gembarowski - March 2006, 12 years, 5 months old

My sweet precious angel left for the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. She took a big piece of my heart with her. She was such a strong loving little girl with more heart and character than you ever saw and she was beautiful also. She had pneumonia and couldn't breathe so we had to let her go so she wouldn't suffer. I think this last year she hung on for me. More than anything she loved us so much always wanted to be by us and us her. May she rest in peace, my little angel. Thank you for blessing me with 12 years of happiness and for being my best friend. Deeply missed by your parents see you at the Bridge someday. Love you.

Hermione - March 2006, 4 months old

You came into this life fighting. You lived your short life with grace. You died with bravery. You will always be loved my sweet girl.

Flash - March 2006, 3 years, 3 months old

Dear Flash,

You were The Super(visor), The Flash, Secret Agent Dog, were╔.
╔Stubborn, fantastic, protective, huge sucker-upper, always up for a hug, tail always going, always jealous of Fiji (the wire-haired), always caring for Fiji, always there for us, one look at you and all your sorrows would disappear, coolest, fat puppy paws, manage to get the blanket over your own body with your snout, carpet pee'er, alpha male (no bigger dog ever got to put you in your place)╔ dog ever found. Your life was shortened suddenly when those rear legs could not move anymore, due to the slipped disk in your back. Flashyboy thank you for choosing us as your family during your short stay here on earth, it was an honour to have been with you.

WeŇll miss you dearly ..see you on the other side buddy╔

Dixie, the Queen of the House - March 2006, 16 years, 6 months old

To our Dixie. You led a happy life with us, from the first time we met you as a pup, dancing for our attention and into our lives. You have always brought happiness to us. A month before we parted, we could tell the time was near, but never wanted to admit it. You still played with your other three dach friends, only for short times. You left us peacefully in your sleep early that morning. Fritz, Gretchen, and Otto are missing you. We have you resting in the back yard, where you always played, and listened to the birds singing. Our hearts hurt very much now, but know we will meet again at the Bridge, when all of our hurt will be gone. Love, Mom and Dad.

Oscar (Ozzie) - March 2006, 13 years old

My little Oscar was brought into my home when I was winning a battle with cancer. He was the most important thing in my life! As the pain I was dealing with was so severe, he would sit on my lap and kiss my tears away! We were inseperable, and as day, months, and years went by, this bond got even stronger. Eight years later, a second diagnosis came, and, once again, this best friend stuck to me like glue, and we went through another very, very tough time! We went everywhere together - rides in the car were the norm! Of course, by now we had other 'family members' for Ozzie! The day he passed was the most horrible day of my life! I will never forget this precious love of my life. He will live in my heart forever!! I know he awaits my passing, and at such time, our ashes can be put together to be united forever!! I love you, Ozzie!! Momma

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