Oscar Casselman - March 2003, 7 months old

We love you SO much. You were a member of our family and brought so much joy into our lives. Everything in our home reminds us of you. Words cannot describe how much we miss you. My heart is broken without you in our life. You were the most special dog to us. We will never forget you. All of our love forever - The Casselman Family

Fritz Ludwig Von Greene - March 2003, 12 years old

We had to set you free from your pain today Fritzie. We will always remember how you were always kind to people and tolerated our kid's pokes and pulls without ever harming them. How you sassed me for a snack every morning and how you waited for me to come home every day. Run free in Dachshund Heaven forever where you'll always have a full dish and the fastest squirrel chases. We love you little buddy.

Gretel Ruhland - March 2003, 9 years, 6 months old

Our beloved 'Gretel' passed away peacefully in her sleep on 12 March. She was much loved and we are heartbroken.

Goodbye my Lady.

Margo and Peter Ruhland

Blaze of Glory (My Little Pumpkin Angel) - March 2003, 13 years old

Blaze, my little angel. I miss you with my whole heart and soul. I cannot believe how empty my life is without you. I know you are at peace now and hope you will be waiting for me, when I can join you in at the Rainbow Bridge. As Michael Joseph wrote

" ...I shall see beauty but none to match your grace.
I shall hear music but none as sweet as the droning song with which you loved me.
I shall fill my days but I shall not, cannot forget.
Sleep soft, dear friend..."

Be happy, my little love bug, until we are able to be together again. Mommy loves you with her whole being and know that you may be gone from my life on earth, but you will never leave my heart. Thank you for all the wonderful years of unconditional love you have given me. I hope you realised how much I loved you, and hopefully, by letting you go, for I couldn't let you suffer any longer in your final days, I have given you the final gift of love. I love and miss you!

Mommy (Dora Brace)
Amherst, Massachusetts

Terusons' Baby Girl - March 2003, one day old

This little girl came into the world on 10 March 2003, fighting with all her might. So sadly she was taken away from us. We know you are safe now and will wait until the time you are joined by your family. We love you, Baby Girl.

Fraiser Dorgan - March 2003, 13 years old

Mommy's and Daddy's hearts are broken...you left too soon...you comforted me whenever I needed you...I hope we ended your pain with the love and kindness that you deserved...may flights of angels take you to the Bridge... May God let us meet you there one day,our baby Frasier...Forever in our hearts
Daddy and Mommy

Hope Reed - March 2003, 9 days old

Brave little Hope fought so hard for her life, but in the end the odds were stacked too far against her. She gave us all hope.

Rusty Johnson - March 2003, 16 years old

Rusty -
Your family will be lost without you. We enjoyed each and every one of the wonderful stories they shared with us! Roxie is sorry she never had the chance to meet and play with you!! You will never be forgotten.
Love, Brad, Tina and Roxie Hedstrom

Sparky - March 2003, 13 years old

Sparky was my baby. He greeted me everyday when I came home. Even though he was getting older, he loved to play. I had to put him to sleep today and I can't stop crying...I miss him so much. I adopted him when he was only seven weeks old, but the time together wasn't enough. He use to tug at my pant leg when my husband and I were hugging or kissing. He wanted the attention. He loved to run in the back yard, would prance around after his baths, open his own Christmas gifts and showed lots of love to my husband and me. He was a great companion also to my father who passed away this past June. Now he is with him. Sparky you are loved and missed so much by momma and daddy.

Tiffany - a.k.a. Franquin Furstin - March 2003, 15 years, 2 months old

I remember the day I brought you home.
A beautiful little puppy to call my own.

I remember they said, 'A showdog you wouldn't be.'
But your beauty came from within, for all to see.

I remember the fun we had, you and I.
You were the best, the apple of my eye.

I remember how we played and played.
My love for you could not be swayed.

I remember hide and seek behind the door.
Then you grew old and played no more.

We've been through so much, you and me.
I couldn't let you suffer, so I set you free.

Gone from our lives, but never from our hearts.
Lois, Katie, Sybill, Basil and Ava.

Oscar Myer Whitehouse - March 2003, 4 years old

Though the tears will go away, the love and memories we shared will last forever. Always and forever in our hearts and our minds.

Snuggle Fritz Hershey - March 2003, 6 years, 3 months old

Hershey 'The quickest tongue in the west' Kruempel - we are sorry that we had to let you go, but you were so miserable and we didn't want to put you through the trauma of another back surgery. We know that you are in a better place - one without pain where you can chase the rabbits and other animals. Snickers, your older sister, has been lost and lonely since your departure. Your human brother, Jake, continues to call all dogs 'Hershey', one of the few words he knows how to say. You are missed very much and will forever be in our hearts and dreams. Watch for us at the Bridge.
Love, Derek, Tracie, Jake and Snickers

Baron - March 2003, 5 years old

Baron, you brightened our days with your crazy antics and your constant need for attention and love. We'll always remember you carrying your teddy bear to bed or your little growl whenever you were displeased. No one who met you didn't love you. You were always there sitting up with your head cocked sideways waiting for a response. Sugar misses your constant proding to play. You will always be mommy's little baby, asleep in her arms. We pray that we see at the Rainbow Bridge, when we finally come home to god. We love you and miss you.
Mommy and Daddy

Jupiter (Jubby) - March 2003, 1 years, 8 months old

Oh Jubby, the love we had for you had no end. Did you know how much we loved you? How could I have been so stupid and not put you on a leash that day. I let you down. I took your dedication for granted and just wanted you to have fun outside but I knew you wanted to go back home to instead of walking in the snow. My heart is so heavy and mommy misses you. You gave us so much in our marriage and your death is the lowest point we have to live through. We will go on and you will always be with us in our hearts.
The Sinn-Pich Family

Buster Keener - March 2003, 3 years old

Buster was a great friend, actually, my best friend. He will forever be in my heart.

Half Pint Reed - March 2003, 11 days old

Brave little brother to Hope. We all miss you. Play warm in the sun with Hope at the Bridge. Billy-jo will find you - she loved puppies. Never forgotten by all of us here, or by your Mum.

Peter Smith - March 2003, 14 years, 2 days old

Through tears I tell you about my baby boy, Peter, who left me behind and went to the Rainbow Bridge less than a month ago. I was only 20 years old and had just moved out on my own, when I went into debt to buy this smooth haired, red mini dachshund puppy who melted my heart in the pet store window.

After much suffering through the puppy years, we made it to adulthood....although tiny Peter would always be my baby. A true dachshund, he was a lap dog who loved the sunshine and sleeping under the covers with Mommy, but most of all loved to jump in the warm just-out-of-the-dryer clothes.

A sucker for attention, he loved to beg for food as if his very life depended on you sharing your cookie. But if you showed him the claw clippers he would run and hide from this imminent torture. Peter was very healthy for much of his 14 years. Although he was deaf for the last four or five years. Finally I had peace and quiet because he couldn't hear to bark at every noise or knock at the door. Nor would he run at the sound of the can opener, knocking down every obstacle in his way.

The last six months or so he started to go down hill. He would get up every single night, sometimes three or four times. He would go and get a drink or check to see if he had any food. On the way back to bed he would pee on the floor. So I had to get up with him everytime. I just got so tired.....I hadn't slept through the night in months.....but I would give up sleep forever to have my baby with me again.

One day he got very sick and chewed his own front and back paw so he was actually unable to walk or stand. I took him to the vet and told her of all his illnesses, including his diarrhea almost everyday. She told me she thought it was time, that my boy had just grown too old. I made the hardest decision of my life. One that I can never be sure was right....maybe if I spent the money...if I let them do the tests...I just don't know.

I held your face, so you looked directly at me and I was the last thing you saw as passed away. Your eyes stayed open and your tummy stopped moving up and down....it was over.

Everyone says I did the right thing...I hope he knows I did it for him. I just couldn't watch him suffer or be in pain. I loved him so much - more then anyone or anything in the world. For so long it was him and me...until Jody(cat) came along. They loved each other and I took great joy in watching Jody torment Peter until he would run to me and hide behind my legs only jumping out to stage an attack and quickly heading back for cover.

Peter, I wish you could have told me what to do. Did I do the right thing? I have your ashes but its not enough.....I have contacted a breeder and will soon have another dachshund but you will always be my baby boy..... I won't ever forget you I will see you again someday and I will never let you go again.

I love you Petey x0x0x0 Your broken hearted Mommy

Prince (Princie) - March 2003, 14 years, 6 months old

It was the hardest decision I ever made, but I knew you were in pain. I had to let you go. Though you never wept or whined I knew you were weak and tired. I loved you ever so much and will remember how much spunk you had when you were not sick. You enjoyed people and always left a warm spot in someone's heart. You had many toys and loved your stuffed dog and orange football. You loved me unconditionally, even though I feel guilt. I will always remember you as my very best friend and companion. When you came into my life you were only three months old and lived to be fourteen-and-a-half. Wow, what a life. You were always there with me through the hard times and good times. I will always love you and miss you very much. I feel you with me and I will never let you go. I will keep your memory alive and hold onto your pictures forever. Prince, you can now rest in peace and no longer feel the pain you once felt.

Roxie - March 2003, 6 years old

Roxie was one week from giving birth to four darling puppies but, she was out to use the restroom and a car was driving by and she ran into the street and was hit we tried to save her but it was too late.

Schultz E. Fant - March 2003, 5 years, 4 months old

Schultz E. we miss you so much! We never dreamed that we would leave you with Granny and Granddad and you would not be here when we returned. We're so glad they were there for you when you left us. You never complained, so we did not know that you were in pain. Five short years was not enough. You were the sweetest boy we've ever known and you will forever be in our hearts. We love you so much.

Mom, Dad, Michael and Rebecca

Swifty Lazar - March 2003, 4 years, 6 months old

Dear Swifty-baby,
I miss you more with each passing day. Specially specially, you have left me with so many wonderful memories,I will never forget your silly self. It is so quiet without your loudy louderton bark. Sparky and Rex send their love and we all have realised how much you monopolised your Momma ! What a little stinker! I love you now and forever.

Gracie Elizabeth Rowland - March 2003, 6 years old

Gracie, Daddy, Georgie and Mommy are missing you so very much. You gave us so much happiness and love and we hope to see you some day! Love you always, darling Gracie.

Milo 'Baby Dog, Mr Mossito' - March 2003, 10 years old

My dearest Milo, words can't describe how much we miss you. You came into our lives and blessed us with ten wonderful years. The love we shared is and will forever be inexplicable and the memories we've created are irreplaceable. We watched you grow as we grew with you. You were our friend, love, and family and there won't be one day spent where you are not in our hearts or in our tears. We only wish that one day we will be fortunate enough to meet again in another place, another lifetime, but until then, we love you baby and miss you with all our hearts and souls. xoxoxo

Wilbur Ten Dogs - March 2003, 5 years, 5 months old

I had never had a small dog but 'Wilbur beast' was a rescue. He lived with two rottweilers and was the 13 lb king of the house. His brave spirit was amazing. He was Will the flying dog, jumping in the creek, flying over the hills of eastern Oregon. He totally stole our hearts.

One day he laid down and could not get up, the neuroseurgon did an MRI and the prognosis was terrible, there was no option for us. I cried for a week, I built him a memorial by the creek he loved. Each day I pray God made a special place for my Will, where we can meet again. Good bye for now my little beast. Run with the deer and chase the racoons, I will come soon to get you.


Doc - The Baby - March 2003, 9 months old

Doc. Oh how I miss you. You lived such a short but well-lived life. I wish you were still here but some careless driver had to take my baby away. I miss the barking that you always did...'Mr Bob Barker'. You were always the biggest dog around no matter how small you were. I miss your braveness and your love. You will always be in my heart. Will lots of lovin'.

Love, Mommy Lyssa

Lena Hansen - March 2003, 14 years old

Dear Lena was moved to sunny Solana Beach from cold and barren Omaha when our family experienced a divorce in the mid 1990s. She was greiving for her old family but was accepted into the loving arms of her new family who knew how tender her heart was and how much she'd been through. They treated her with queenly respect and love, and gave her a life full of joy again. She in turn gave them a very special, warm love that always said, 'Thank-You' in her soft brown eyes.

Snicker Sheehan - March 2003, 18 years, 7 months old

Farewell to the little dog with the great big heart. You were a big part of our life for 18.5 years. We hope you are somewhere chasing that big malamute. You always knew you were bigger than he was. You are so missed! Love, Gary and Beverly Sheehan, Mammoth Lakes, Calif. (The people you owned)

Sir Dexter Naron - March 2003, 1 yea

We miss you and love you, Dextie. I can still hear you running in the hall. Taylor doesn't understand why you won't come back from the sky and heaven. Sleep tight and watch over us all. We love you lots!

Ms Abbie( Abigail Morris Bodine) - March 2003, 6 years, 10 months, 4 days old

Ms Abbie( Abigail Morris Bodine) was a devoted dachshund, born 18 May 1996 at Valliant, Oklahoma. She was adored and honoured for her sweet kindness toward people. She loved her family, and was blessed to be a mother to Boog in 1998. Sadly the Lord took her at the age of seven years. She passed away 3 years. after Matt, her mate, died. She lived great, and died great, and shall come again with the Lord, in the last days.

Rest in Peace Ms Abbie. May the Lord bless your son, Boog, that her line, can continue.

Mitzi Rose - March 2003, 4 years, 5 months old

Mitzi, we miss you so much sweetie. You were taken from us at such a young age. We love you for all of eternity and we know you will greet us at the Rainbow Bridge. For now, run free and wild just as you did here in your big fenced in back yard. We know you are running and playing with Meesha, our sweet dachshund baby girl who went before you and who greeted you on that March day that was so terrible for us. Thank you for allowing us to have for the all too short time you graced us with your precious self.

Mindy Rice - March 2003, 10 years, 11 months old

Mindy came to live with us when she was 10 weeks old. She survived parvo when only 14 weeks old and after that was spoiled rotten by everyone. She liked to go for rides and had to have a roast beef sandwich and Dr Pepper when we went out to eat. She kept Dad company while Mom worked nights and was our constant companion and watchdog. No one (a stranger that is) would dare come into our home as she thought it was her job and hers alone to protect us. She was especially fond of our oldest granddaughter when she was born. When Mindy's Dad got sick, she didn't understand what was happening because he always sat in the floor with her and they ate snacks together while watching tv. Finally, Dad got too ill to play with her or put her onto our bed and she was really confused about that. Nothing I could do would console her. Her Dad passed away on Halloween night of 2002 and she mourned from then on - coming out only to greet me when I came home or to eat or to go outside to potty. She lost weight and looked so sad all the time. She knew something or someone was amiss in her life. Mindy mourned herself to death after he Dad went to his eternal rest. I am so grateful to know that they are together once again. I still miss you Mindy and always will but I know you and Daddy are taking good care of one another in Heaven. I still cry tears of sadness for both of you. Know that I will love you always, Mindy girl. And give Daddy kisses from both of us.

Love from Mommy

Sigi - Sir Siegfried - March 2003, 12 years old


On the other side in Heaven
There's a land of warm spring weather,
Where all the little dachsies who've gone to sleep forever,
Live another life in perfect happiness together.
They're never cold, they're never tired,
They never feel pain.
The elderly and poorly ones are young and strong again,
And in our hearts the memory of your love will still remain

Sigi, we hope you approve of the two little rescues we now care for - Evie and Jake. Hooligans when we got them, now little lovebuds without any hang-ups.

Love Mommy and Daddy.

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