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Countessa Cricket - March 2002, 17 years old

Our beloved little Cricket went to the Rainbow Bridge on 4 March. She would have been 17 years old in just a few short days from that date. Our little girl was rescued by us just two years ago...but she became so entwined into our hearts in that amount of time that we will never, ever, forget her.

Rest easy, our little darling...Mama and Dada love you. We will call your name at Rainbow Bridge one day...

Copper 'Coco' Huppe - March 2002, 5 years old

How can I say goodbye?

In the short time that you were in our lives, we came to love you so fiercely that it hurt. You were my baby, and I tried to take all the hurt from those previous abused years away, but it was just to much for you to forget.

I know that you are now at peace, you are free from the fear and the anger.

Remember that you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten!

Love, mommy, daddy and Uncle Jonathan

Joey Onorad - March 2002, 14 years old

Joey was a truly special miniature, short haired dachshund.

I found him through Dachshund Rescue and rescued him from an abusive home. He was underweight and untrusting of new people - especially men. Over time he grew to be my best buddy and was always with us, no matter what we were doing.

Joey craved our affection and companionship and always gave a thousand times more than he received. He was always happy and fiesty and a constant joy for 14 years.

About three years ago Joey began to lose his eye sight. The specialist and vet. cautioned us that this may make him depressed. True to form, Joey didn't miss a beat and kept enjoying life. I remember leaving him downstairs to eat while I quickly ran upstairs to get laundry one day. I turned around and - just as if he had had with full vision - there was Joey. He had manoeuvered the stairs (yes, I know, bad for a dachshund, but he was unstoppable) and found me.

Now, as we must face that constant emptiness without him physically being there, we are comforted by the many wonderful memories and grateful for the blessing from God that was Joey.

Play in eternal peace and happiness at the Rainbow Bridge, my friend. We will see you one day and cross over together.

Cathy and Tony Onorad

Dinky - March 2002, 11 years old

Whenever I walked through the door he welcomed me home with excitement, whether I was gone for five hours or five minutes. Whenever I went for a jog, he would run right beside me. Whenever I was cold at night he would keep my feet warm. His favourite things in the world were chasing ball and riding in the car. My best friend Dinky. I miss him so much.

Red Rudi's Dandi Andi - March 2002, 15 years, 11 months, 21 days old

Andi, please know you will always be in my heart. It was so hard to hold you in my arms as Dr Deb eased your way to the Bridge but you were so sick and in pain so it was out of love that I let you go. You always took care of me when I was ill and I wanted to do the same for you. You were the best buddy in the whole world and will never be forgotten. I'm glad you can be with Muffin and Dandi at the Rainbow Bridge where you are all strong, young, and healthy again. I'm sure they have lots of balls and wind-up trucks there for you to play with! You were with me such a long time but to me it was not long enough. Kidney disease was such a terrible thief and I could not stand to see you suffer. Play hard at the Bridge and know that you are loved. I will see you again one day!

Huntz McMillan - March 2002, 9 years old

Huntz will be missed by his family in Oklahoma who adopted him from Central Texas Dachshund Rescue only a short year ago. During his time with them, he showered them with love and brought joy and laughter to their home. Only God knows about Huntz's early life, or how he ended up being rescued from a pound where he was facing euthanasia. He was eight years young and deserved a home of his own, which he got when the McMillan family adopted him and offered him love, happiness, a nice yard, and his very own little boy to play with. Sadly, he was taken away too soon, to cross the Bridge where he will be home forever, and waiting for the one family that would never give him up or hurt him. Goodbye, Huntz. I hope there are squeeky toys in heaven!

Lovingly, Christine McEntyre, Central Texas Dachshund Rescue

Fritz Raden - March 2002, 14 years old

We had to say farwell to a dear, dear friend today. After a long battle with congestive heart failure, Fritz finally succumbed.

After losing his owner of 13 years, Fritz came into Dachshund Rescue. We never intended to adopt Fritz, and certainly never intended to fall so in love with him. Our home was already full, and we were getting over the recent loss of our Brandy. But, his foster mom needed surgery, so we decided we could foster him for 4 weeks. I remember the first time we saw him - skinny, with bones protruding all over, a curved spine that protruded, and the saddest, droopiest look I had ever seen. He was still suffering from the loss of his home and security. He looked as though there was nothing to love. After the first few days, we said 'he's not going back, is he...' And, he didn't. After a few weeks, we got him a name tag, and adopted him into our family.

Fritz taught us so much about the value of life and love, and the joy of waking up every day. He got pretty good at ordering me around - like 'it's time for a treat', 'it's time for my meds', 'pet me'... He loved his morning walks, short and slow though they were. He loved to sing - he'd bark at me, I'd bark back at him, and we'd continue this until he got in the last word. But the thing he was best at was loving us. He never let me out of his sight. No matter how comfortable he was, if I left the room, I'd hear the slow clinking of his tags following me; he'd sit on the cold tile, on his bony butt, just to be near me. He taught us that the depth of a relationship is measured in love, not length of time. I feel now as if I were outside on a sunny day and had no shadow.

Friends have asked us why we would adopt such an old, sick dog... and put ourselves through the pain of losing him so soon. If we had to do it over again, we wouldn't hesitate. Yes, he was a lot of work; yes, it is painful losing him. But he gave us so much more in return.

We know he will stop by the Rainbow Bridge to say 'hi' when we go there to pick up Brandy.

Buddy Fonseca - March 2002, 11 years old

We first met while he was behind bars. His previous owner not willing to take time for his disability. Once we were home, he was a take charge dog with two good legs. He used to run with his little chair like he had use of all four legs. He loved to chase tennis balls and break them into two. As time went by, he no longer wanted his chair, so he just hopped around like a bunny. He loved the smell of fresh cookies and the wind flying by his face on car rides. Slowly his sight and smell were fading and he just would stay in one spot, just looking to see if there was anything in front of him.The day finally came , it was sunny and had a nice breeze, and slowly he passed onto the other side. How I wish things so beautiful and loving wouldn't leave so early.

Molly Greene - March 2002, 11 years old

Molly, I'm so sorry that I hung on too long but I knew I would have a broken heart when left so soon after Princess. Now I'm all alone. When I feel up to it I will adopt a dachsie or two for my two special girls and best friends. I will love you and Princess forever and a day. Mommy

Alfy - March 2002, 3 years old

Dear Alfy,

I am so sorry. I love you so much. I adore you. You are my hero. You are bigger than life itself. Please stay warm and happy. If any way possible I will be with you again and kiss you and hug you and take you for a walk and sleep with you and put you out for a 'pee pee poo poo! YAY! YAY! YAY! pee pee poo' GOOD BOY!

Butchie - March 2002, 13 years old

Butch was actually my parent's dog, but he frequently was at my house, playing with MY dachsie. Butch was a great dog. My parents got him from some people who had to get rid of him because he was pooping under their newborn baby's crib.

I remember when my parents first brought him home, he was very scared and snapped at everyone. But he soon settled into his new home and became VERY spoiled.

Butchie - Hannah and I will miss you very much. Please tell Heidi Mae Hooty Wooty that I love her and think of her daily when you see her at the Bridge.

Tilly Squizzle - March 2002, 13 years, 2 months old

Our hearts broke when you left us, and our time together was too short.

I close my eyes and see you by my side.

Your love was boundless and you have taken a part of us with you. Farewell, little friend, until we can play with you again on the other side.

Waldo Gray - March 2002, 14 years, 6 months old

Our Waldo left for the Bridge on 26 March. He was our best friend and we loved him for all of the 14 years we had him. He was a special member of our family and we will miss him always. Wait for us at the Bridge, Waldo. Romp and play with the other dogs until we meet you there. We love you. - Mom and Dad

Beauty - March 2002, 7 years, 11 months old

I will always remember you, Beauty, how you loved to get your ears rubbed. You brought joy to your Mom's and Dad's hearts. I know you are chasing lizards.
Love, Mommy

Daisy B - March 2002, 15 years, 4 months old

I love you Daisy and miss you so very much! You were a big part of my life for over 15 years and the house is so empty without you here! The day you left us was one of the saddest days of my life, and you will never be forgotten! There are so many things that will never be the same since you are not here, but you will always live on in my heart forever! I love you sweetie, you will always be our precious Baby Doggy!!

Doc Holiday - March 2002, 10 months old

We miss you Doc! You were my little lap warmer. You were our baby puppy, we waited so long for you and got to hold you for such a short time. We'll love you forever. We cried so hard when we found you in the backyard. Ringgo misses you too! You were his little buddy. He's sorry for what that mean dog did to you. You didn't understand you weren't as big as other dogs when you played with that mean dog. I didn't know your collar could choke you. I'm sorry I bought you that collar. I'm sorry I didn't take you to school that day. You're in our hearts forever! Love, Mom, Dad, Becca, Caitie and Ringgo

Nina - March 2002, 13 years old

Nina's eyes twinkled , her heart beat, her cry sank through mine, then it all stopped. Right then and there. My heart sank I cried myself a river and sank way below my feet. Sometimes I think I could hear her talk to me fears, feelings. I just wish I could show her I really did care. I love my Nina.

Pluto - March 2002, 16 years old

You've been for me like a brother. I remember the day I saw you for the first time: I was outside the school and I was only a little child. You've been the best dog I have ever known. You'll be the best dog forever. With love, Luigi

Princeton von Maxwell Savage MD - March 2002, 7 years, 7 months old

Our Mr Velvet. Our 'itty-bitty'. Mr MD. You earned many nicknames. But truly the MD fits you best - Master Dog indeed! We miss you so much. I have shed so many tears over losing you. It is the first winter since you left us and I miss your warmth, curled around me under the covers at night. I miss your demanding little ways. You were very determined when you wanted your way. I miss the little 'fits' you'd throw when you didn't get what you wanted. Yes, you were very spoiled - but that's okay. I miss watching you run from tree to tree, you just wishing the squirrels would come down fully to play. Instead they teased you and you loved it.

I'm sorry for all the times I was impatient or angry with you. I take it all back. I hope you know that. I pray you know how very much you are loved; how much space you will always occupy in our hearts. You're still with us in so many ways.

I hope you have met Prince and Mom and you are all loving each other. Maybe the squirrels are finally playing fair. Maybe you can now eat all you want and never gain too much weight. I know the cancer is gone from you and you feel good again. I pray I made the right decisions for you. I tried my best.

Princeton, we love you - you are so special. You need to know that I now have another doxie - a minature long hair. His name is Niles. He is not to replace you (none could) but he helps me get through this life without you here. He reminds me that love goes on and you can love many babies in a lifetime - and he lickes my cheeks when I shed tears for you. Please say its okay for me to love Niles and that your happy I am still spoiling and pampering a doxie. He is starting to curl around me at night. Sometimes I think a piece of you may have come to visit us through him. I know you're saying yes about Niles and that you know I must have a baby to care for and love. And probably your little spirit is caressing mine right now. Thank you for again being so loving. See you again Mr Velvet. Until then, you live in my heart. Thank you for your gift of so many wonderful memories of such a special little boy with a great personality. Of a very best friend...Princeton von Maxwell, MD.

PS: Look at your garden. I've fixed it up for you so you can visist anytime you want to.

Mom and Dad Taylor Lake Village, Texas

Mr Ozzy Daples (The Oz Man) - March 2002, 3 years old

Ozzy, what can we say? We still miss you and not a day goes by without Ozman thoughts. As with all dachsies he slept with us, went every where and was the best. Ozzy was a different guy for each of us in the family. Mom was the ultimate, dad the boss and playmate, Hannah the one who he kissed the most and Jake just the bum, but Ozzy's bum.

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