Auggie Krull - June 2012, 14 years old

Auggie came to me as a foster dog when he was nine years old. His previous owner passed away and the children didn't want him. I took him in and he became my very best friend for five years. He was a good boy. He lost his fight with kidney disease last night. I miss him so much, but I know he is happy now. I am sure he is happy to see his previous owner. I will see you again my love. Play and have fun till then. Love Mom, and the gang on the farm.

Bean aka Beanos Wienos or Beanie Wienie Mostyn - June 2012, 11 years old

Beanie may not have been the best behaved dachshie or the best looking dachshund, but he was mine. His favourites in life were giant balls, squeaky toys, cheese, barking and anything 'mom', from sleeping, to snuggling, or to just watching me walk around the house.

Over his 11 years, due to IVDD, I watched Beanie have to give up chasing giant balls, tearing through the house like his tail was on fire, and chasing anything and everything he thought might have moved in a ten-mile radius while barking his little head off. When a particularly bad bout with IVDD took away his interest in squeaky toys, barking, eating, snuggling, and finally watching me, I knew it was time to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge.

Today was that day, and I know in my heart that I did the right thing.

Beanie boy, please run to that Bridge with your ears flopping and your tail wagging and bark at everything you see knowing that your mom loved you as much as her child. Also, know that you will be forever in my heart. Until we meet again . . .

Love from SRM, your human

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