Jade Ferreira (RSA) - June 2008, 2 years, 5 months old

Hereby we as family say goodbye to a good and valued friend and companion. May you find all happiness where you have gone and be able to be spontaneous again.

Chucky Klaiber - June 2008, 11 years, 2 months old

My darling little man, words can't express how sad I am deep down inside. I prayed so hard that you would have more time with me. I knew our time was getting shorter and your little heart was getting weaker, but I could not part with you. I finally made the hardest decision of my life, I gave you back to God. What better hands could you be in? I will never forget how your whole body wagged - you were the happiest, and most friendly little dog - everyone loved you. Your brothers, Gabe and Vinny, miss you so, they look for you every day. I tell them you are at Rainbow Bridge and some day we will all be together again. I love you little man, please don't ever forget me - you are forever in my heart. Love Mom oxoxox

Shelby Cass - June 2008, 16 years, 3 months old

Shelby Cass traveled to the Rainbow Bridge on 21 June 2008. There she will run and play with Max and Katee who went before her. She came into our lives at one-and-a-half pounds of pure joy. She will always be remembered as our first mini. She loved babies even though she never had any of her own. Rest in peace, dear little one, until we can hold you in our arms again.

Ziggy Cleboski - June 2008, 15 years old

Ziggy was a rescue doxie, who loved being loved. He sat on my lap, and gave me more love that anyone could know. I miss Mr Ziggy.

Scarlett O'Hara Brothers - June 2008, 9 years old

Scarlett, my most precious, loving little girl. Your death came to soon and was such a tragic one. My heart is so broken I just can't stop the tears and the pain. I miss you and love you so very, very much. We will miss you and will carry you with us forever...

Jagger McGhee - June 2008, 13 years old

Our beloved Jagger McGhee went to the Rainbow Bridge in June of 2008. Jagger was a rescue who had been neglected. Even with the hair loss on his back and the dirt and twigs in his coat, we saw a beautiful doxie with a heart as big as all outdoors. Even though we had several other doxies, Jagger was always by our side, day and night. He would love to steal my shoes and take them to his bed just to lie next to - never chewed them, just wanted them beside him. He would walk into the room where I was sitting very slowly and then steal a shoe and take off. Would make us laugh. We miss our Jagger so very much and he will always be in our hearts. My husband still gets a tear in his eye and he would say, Jagger just came to visit me. We love you Jagger and know we will be together again.

Roscoe Felix Lanier - June 2008, 1 years, 6 months old

We miss you Roscoe. We miss you snuggling with us in bed. We miss you in our laps. We miss the way you would pick up your ball and watch us as you waited for someone to chase you around the sofa. Your life was short, but you found a place in our hearts, where you will live forever. Thank you for the happiness you brought our family. We look forward to seeing you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, remember that we love you. Robbie, Sherri, and Jerry

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