Tallulah - June 2007, 11 years, 9 months old

Our beloved Tallulah, born on 7 September 1995, passed away on 2 June 2007. She was more human than any canine we have ever known, and she had the sweetest nature. Tallulah incessantly followed Henry around the house; in fact, they were inseparable. She will stay very close to our hearts. She will never be forgotten. She is irreplaceable. She was unique.

Always in our hearts darling Tallulah,

Henry & Marilyn Holloway

Freddy Boy - June 2007, 3 to 4 years old

In memory of the little black dachshund who was picked up along a road as a stray, and taken to a shelter to be euthanised. Before that could happen he was rescued by a dachshund lover and her friend and taken to a vet. Freddy Boy was a terrified dog and there were signs he had been abused. He died undergoing heartworm treatment and never got to go to the loving home that was waiting for him. He had five days of love before he went to the Rainbow Bridge - love you Freddy.

Fritz Hannah - June 2007, 14 years, 8 days old

Fritz went to join his friend and companion, Bonnie, at the Bridge, on 30 June 2007. Bonnie, who departed for the Bridge on 26 February 2007, spent every day of her life with Fritz. He was born on 22 June 1993 and was my best friend and companion far almost fourteen years. I loved him. He was a gentle little dog who loved to ride in the car and lie in the sun. I was devastated when he died. I had hoped that he would live for several more years, but it was not to be. I think he may have been grieving for Bonnie, as they did everything together, and he must have missed her terribly, as, indeed, I do.

God bless you Fritz, and thank you for all the happiness you brought me in our time together.

Hannah Bear - June 2007, 4 years, 6 months, 29 days old

Hannah was born in our house. She had two brothers, Heathen and Ivol, but Ivol died soon after birth. We kept both Heathen and Hannah. These two were the best of friends. They romped and played 24/7. Hannah had five daughters and five sons. She was the best mom in he world and she loved being a mom. Hannah was a clown. Her favourite thing in the world, besides eating and raising babies, was fringe. One of my friends had a suede coat with fringe and Hannah would put her head under the coat fringe and flick her tongue in and out about 50 times per minute. From the fringe she graduated to hanging plants, plastic bags and anything else she could stick her head under.

Heathen misses Hannah more than anyone. He has had a hard time, as we all have. Hannah was such a sweet, beautiful dachshund. It was such a shock to lose her. My heart will forever miss her. Dogs love us so intensely and most dog owners love their dogs just as much. But I think dogs may love other dogs even more than us. I know that Heathen will never be the same without his Hannah Bear. I am so grateful for all she taught me, the unconditional love she gave me and her wonderful sense of humor. Our pack will never be the same with the loss of Hannah. I am also grateful for having this wonderful dog in my life and the wonderful memories.

Memories are moments in time. I wish that I could somehow take the memories from my brain and put them in a scrapbook. I lost my mom on Christmas eve and then, almost six months later, I lost Hannah. Somehow I think my mom was lonely and wanted Hannah to come and be with her. If that's the case, I hope momma takes good care of her. I hope that she enjoys Hannah as much as we always did. God bless you Hannah and take care of yourself. Don't be sad when you see our tears. It's just so hard to be without you, I miss you so much and I don't think that I will ever stop missing you. I love you Hannah.

Scooby Doo Fox - June 2007, 3 years, 11 months, 27 days old

My beloved little boy, Scooby Doo Fox, I was there when you were born. I hand-fed you because your mother, Noel, couldn't. Who knew that three days before your fourth birthday you would chase a rabbit into the street? My heart is broken and I miss you so, but there are no cars in heaven, my love, but plenty of rabbit.

My beautiful little boy, you have our last name because you are a son to us - not just a pet. Every time we got into the van, there you were. You loved to ride with mom and dad. You slept with us and ate with us - you were our little boy and we miss you so. We have a another dachsie, Eli, and he doesn't take your place, but he fills the void. We love him in memory of you. I hope you had a great birthday at the Rainbow Bridge, and mommy and daddy will see you there see you soon, baby boy.

Love, Mom, Dad and Eli

Audrey - June 2007, 18 years old

Ode to Audrey

She came into my life sick, cold, starved, abandoned and scared, but mostly, she was OLD. She had nothing to offer me. She couldnŐt heel, couldnŐt sit on command, couldnŐt jump over hurtles, couldnŐt run through tunnels, or weave through weave poles. These were the things that were important to me.

She was useless. No one wants an old and sick dog. No one knew where she had come from, what she had endured, how she had survived. At 13 years old, she had nothing left to give - or did she?

This old dog taught me to take life one day at a time and to enjoy just that day, for you never know what tomorrow might bring. She showed me how to love unconditionally and not expect or demand anything in return. She taught me patience and showed me how to deliver kindness. Most of all, she made me understand what true grace is.

For her, a kind word and a soft touch was all she needed in return. She gave me everything she possessed: grace, kindness, love and dignity. It was all she had, but it was what I needed. This one old and abandoned dog will not be forgotten.

In loving memory of Audrey - 18 plus years

Died 23 June 2007

Hannah Jenkins - June 2007, 4 years, 7 months old

Hannah was born on 20 November 2002. There were two males in her litter, one of whom died within moments of his birth. The other male was Heathen. Heathen and Hannah were raised together and lived with each other until Hannah's death. Hannah and Heathen would sometimes escape from our yard and go travelling off together until we would bring them both back home. They were close companions and loved one another immensely. Hannah adopted her mother Jade's second and last litter of puppies of three females - Curly, Midge and Hoggs. When Jade left her three little girls, Hannah would get in with the puppies. She produced milk for the puppies.

Hannah would later give birth to ten of her own puppies, five girls and five boys. She was the best mother I've ever known. Hannah used to love to do fringe. She would stand under a hanging plant with the tassels of the rope resting upon her head. Her tongue would begin flicking in and out of her mouth and she'd toss her head. She loved fringe from a leather coat, a hanging plant or even a plastic bag would do. Hannah was a beautiful dog, a wonderful mother, Heathen's best friend and a terrific and loving pet. I miss her everyday. My heart is broken, but I am so grateful for the short time she was a part of my life.

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