Rudy Cohen - June 2005, 12 years, 9 months old

My Rudy was the 'Rudiest of the Rudys'. A dachshund who's loyalty to us was borderline fanatical. I raised him from the time he was 12 weeks old. We had so many good times together. The pain of his loss hurts right now. However, I know that the pain will fade and only the happy memories will remain.

We have been blessed to have had Rudy as part of our lives. We're going to miss him sorely.
David, Margie, Jessica and his dacshie brother Max.

Lil' Lulu - June 2005, 1 years, 11 months old

Lil' Lu, you received more love in your two short years than most receive in a lifetime. Your toys are still lying about, the laundry is still chewed, and your leash still hangs on the peg by the door. You were full of life and spunk and we'll never forget you. Thank you for being the best dog we could ever hope for.

We'll miss your happy-butt dance when we come home, your leaps from the furniture, your un-ending curiosity, your crazy hair, your one paw scratches at the door, your sphynx pose, and your morning hugs. We miss you Lucy girl...and we'll always love you.

Dad, Mom, Sarah, Erin and Hannah

Lil Bit - June 2005, 2 years, 6 months old

Lil Bit was a beautiful black and tan tweenie. I went to pick him up at the animal control shelter after his owners 'couldn't keep him'. When I got their they said that he was 'nippy' and they would only give him to a rescue, (yah! that was me). So this 'nippy' dog sat on my lap and licked my face all the way home saying, 'thank you, thank you, I love you!!!'. He loved my daughter, Angela, and slept with her every night. He had loose stool from the day he came from the shelter, but after two days he was vomiting water, would not eat and the diarreha started to turn bloody. I did what I could but finally took him to the emergency vet. Lil Bit died four hours later from haemorragic gastro enteritis. I was devistated. I picked up is little body and buried him in the garden next to my beloved Scrappy.

I only had him for 4 days, but I loved him a lifetime. I am soo sorry I did not take you to the vet sooner Lil Bit. Please forgive me. You are not a rescue without a home. You have a home with me and my family, always in our hearts. You will always be remembered. Play with Scrappy and I will see you at the bridge. I love you!!!!

Michelle K. (FunDoxie Dachshund Rescue)

Fiona Noel, warrior princess - June 2005,15 years old

Fiona was found eight years ago with her puppy in a town dump. She was suffering from mammary cancer and came to my house to be comfortable until she died..well the warrior princess fooled everyone and lived eight long and healthy years. My little buddy was so full of life and joy and was infamous for her ability to escape any fence. The neighborhood kids dubbed her Houdindi. Though she escaped on a regular basis she was always on the front porch waiting for me to come home. She explored, she hunted and she was my friend. I wasn't her Mom, I was her friend sharing adventures. She nearly exploded with joy when we moved to the country and I am glad she had two years to patrol the countryside. I bet she will be the first dachsie to escape from the Rainbow Bridge but I know she will be waiting for me on the front porch when I get there. I miss you with all my heart, warrior princess.

Seamus, the noodle boy - June 2005, 1 year, 7 months old

Seamus, my little noodle boy. He was my cuddler and my baby boy. I guess they needed more playful baby boys at the Bridge because you had to leave too soon. I miss you with all my heart noodle boy. You behave until I get there to pick you up.

Coco - June 2005, 16 years old

Coco's original owner committed suicide and his family was looking for a good home. I took him in when he was nine. He was the kindest, gentlest dog I have ever met. When he got a younger sister, he was so patient with her and always the gentleman. When he got older, lost his vision and hearing, he was still able to find my feet and kiss them. I hope he's in heaven wagging his tail and bouncing around. There, he is young again and here he will be forever in my heart.

Elvis - June 2005, 10 years old

Elvis died from a tumor in his throat on 29 June. He lived a long and happy life. He was not just a dog - he was like a best friend to the whole family. He loved to play with his raggedy old sock and our two cats but he was terrified of thunderstorms. He will forever hold a spot in all of our hearts. Elvis we will always remember you!
Love always Mom, Dad, Jerred, Joe and Allison

Smokey Bear - June 2005, 5 years, 6 months old

Smokey Bear was a amazing doxie. He loved swimming, fishing, riding in the boat or riding in the car, playing with his toys or just chasing cats and rabbits. He was my baby, friend, companion, confidant. I loved him so much words cannot describe. He was taken from me in a hit-and-run - I held him as he died. I light a candle everyday and say a little prayer, and I know one day I will see him again at the Bridge. 'Till that day, take care Smokey, and Mommy and Daddy will see you again.
Love, Vicky and Bruce

Odie 'Baby Dog' - June 2005, 13 years old

My best buddy in the whole world, you are sadly missed by your loving Mom. I know you are not sick anymore where you are. I love you always...

Hans Lagos - June 2005, 15 years old

Hansie, for awhile after you left, I couldn't think of you without crying. Now, it's hard to believe that tomorrow will be a year... and I can't think of you without laughing. You brought so much love, joy and meaning into our lives. Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts. We say things like, 'remember when Hans stole that sandwich from the girl on the beach?' or 'if Hansie was here right now, he'd be begging us to play ball (how he loved that ball)'. There will never be another like you and we will never try to replace what you gave us. You died like you lived...on your terms. There will always be room for you on the bed, right between Mom's and Dad's pillows, and close to our hearts. We will see you again some day. Love, L and J

Cindy's Copper Boz RL - June 2005, 8 years old

My Babydog! I miss you so much. My best friend always. Mama

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