Max Bernel 'maxamillian' - June 2004, 9 years, 2 months, 9 days old

Max was truly a lovely, loyal and faithful little looonnnnng longhaired red dachsie. He went on a catamaran sailboat in Maine, went canoeing and camping, and survived being in a motorhome that caught fire while being drive home to Maine. He wanted to go back into the RV because he thought I was in there, but I was in another car ahead of them, so my sister held him back.

He loved squirrels, rabbits - anything moving on the golf course and in forests. Max went sledding down our huge hill, then went fast as a jack rabbit up the hill. He used to protect our yard so that we did not need a security system. He would chase this big big black dog and the black dog was scared of Max and backed off.

Max was always a verrrrry good dog when he went to kennels or vets - he would never never complain and always obeyed.

He loved french fries, sushi, lobster, and Wendy's chicken nuggets. He knew every time we went to a drive-thru and he would always be up perched on my lap peeking oveer the window for some food. He would always wait very patiently for leftovers when you finished with your meal, gazing at you with his gorgeuos brown eyes.

He would follow me every time I went to another room - Max always had to be with me aand if people were being mean to each other he would stick up for the weaker one.

Our cat, Kitty, mmmmmisses Max and Kitty would actually give Max a massage with his little cat paws. He moved his paws in circles on Max's fur and give him little love bites, and would jump over him playfully trying to get Max to play. But Max didn't play - it just wasn't his thing.

Max loved car rides. He was always called HANDSOME by everyone. In Boston a biker passed by and Max was walking by and biker said, 'hi, cutie'. Max would get hot chicks for my brother in Newport and other places too. He always got tons of attention, with everyone always was saying, 'ohhh how cute!' 'a puppy!' 'I've never seen a longhair'.

I would like to honour Max for being the best, kindest, most powerful dog with the greatest soul there ever was...

Max's owner, Nicole Kudlicka

W.A.G.S (Wolfgang Amedeus Gummere Sweetums) - June 2004, 13 years, 8 months old

He was short of stature; but in stamina, bravery and love he was larger that life itself. He was a born ball player who was never too tired to play ball and could definitely tell if one of his balls were missing. He was a loving friend and family member who will be sorely missed! I know he will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, ball at his feet, eager to join his forever companions!

Brandy - June 2004, 5 years, 5 months old

We lost our baby Brandy to cancer. She had the love of her family around her when she went to sleep and we stayed with her and never left her side. She is so loved and missed. We are all in God's hands and he was calling her home. She completed her job here only to set up house and wait for her other dachsy sisters and brothers and me to arrive some day to all be together at the Bridge. I miss my beloved Brandy.Thank you to her from Mom, Marcia.

Courage Harding - June 2004, 11 years, 1 month old

I saw her at my school. I took her in. I loved her. When I as at opera camp my Mom had to put her to sleep at the vet. That same night I saw a cloud that looked like her in an RX7. I said, 'Yep! That's her!!!!' I love you and I will FOREVER!!!!!

Jessie - June 2004, 14 years, 9 months old

My dog Jessie was the most beautiful lovable pup from day one. She came home with us when she was 6 weeks old and so tiny, she was a minature! She always loved a cuddle but was quite aloof when she wanted. Always faithful, lived a long papmpered life but as she got older she developed a liver problem. I had taken her to the vet and had to make that decision, which after much thought made about a week later, but as if she knew, she passed away a couple of hours before the vet appointment. She is much missed!

Sweet Southern Sadie Mae - June 2004, 7 weeks old

Although I only had you for a short time, you stole my heart the first time I held you and you licked my nose. You will be forever in my heart and never forgotten.

The Twins - Gretchen and Flash - June 2004, 16+ years old

Perfect dachshunds,
Perfect companions,
Perfect children.

We were blessed with your company for over 16 years. Life will never be quite the same without you. Rest in peace, my precious little ones. We will be together again at the Bridge.

Nolan - June 2004, 14 years old

Nolan was a great little dog and will be greatly missed by me and the rest of my family.

Gidget Ursu - June 2004, 14 years old

She wasn't too bright but was my best friend. At the end she became afraid of everything and I knew that it was time for her to leave me. I still think of her even after three years.

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