Betsy - June 2003, 16 years old

This is in remembrace of our departed dachshund, Betsy. She ate a bag of red licorice, abandoned me in dog obdience school, loved her baby sister Sally, and was the best dachsie we could have had. She was and will always be our child. We are grief-stricken and it is not going away. Betsy had a heart problem and we knew our days were numbered, but not this soon. So, dear Betsy, we love you, miss you, and you were unconditionally loved. You were a beautiful pup who became a beautiful lady. I wish you were still with us as a healthy lady full of life. We want you back but cannot have you. So, dear Bets, Sally, dad and I are grieving bad. We know you are not in pain and we are selfish, but you gave us so much love and snuggles. Hope you are out of pain and running with my dachshund from childhood, Susie. You will be best friends in God's eyes.

We miss you Betsy,
Your family

Krysta-Mini Red Gem - June 2003, 7 years old

To my little fighter, Krysta, who gave it her ALL but, lost her fight to cancer. I miss you terribly and I know one day we WILL be together again paw in hand. I miss your greetings at the door when I come home. The thing I miss the most is your little wet nose under my blankets when I come to bed. Rest In Peace My Precious Little Girl.
Love, Mommy

Nouschka - June 2003, 10 years old

There are many dogs in this world, but none are like you. You were always there for us but now there is nothing more we can do, except to say, Nouschka, we will always love you.

Taz - June 2003, 10 months old

Cooper - June 2003, 8 years old

To feel love for any creature, is to understand life itself. Today we laid to rest our dog, Cooper. Too young to go, too good to go. His departure leaves us with empty feelings in our hearts and souls. He will always be remembered, and he will always be loved.

Rusty Hinge - June 2003, 12 years, 6 months old

Dear Rusty,
We miss you so much and our hearts are so heavy without you by our sides. We miss the clicking of your feet on the floor - your bark at just about anything, your kisses and wags, the love that you showed every moment of your life. We miss giving you hugs, and kisses and bellyrubs. There is a void that is so large words can't describe. You came through everything - your were a fighter and overcame walking when they said even after two surgeries you couldn't but you did. You did everything to make us happy and never left our side during good times and bad. You are the most special angel and we think of you every single moment. The only thing that gives us any consolation is that you lived long and you lived well and you lived every day of your life loved and you gave back to us ten-fold - just wish you could be lying with your little feet up and your back curved on the couch next to us - wish you were barking for pizza crust. We know that somewhere at the Rainbow Bridge you are gathering some pups up for Friday night pizza: we saved you some crust tonight. Beauie misses you terribly and sends you wet licks and puppy dog wags. We love you rusty - we miss you and we will see you again - so keep your tail wagging and get ready for the biggest belly rub ever when we get up there.
Mommy, Daddy, Heather, Peter and Beau

Bubba (Curious Bratwurst) - June 2003, 5 years, 9 months old

Dearest Bubba,
You are missed by many! Kathy, at the vet clinic, was right when she said, 'You are a keeper!' Although you had been passed from one breeder to another, ending up in four different 'homes' by the time you were three-and-a-half years old, you never lost your ability to love. I was so lucky to get to know you! I can't wait to see your sweet face again some day and to give you a big hug! Please watch over Brenda and Paige as they miss you terribly and loved you so very much.
Millie and your pals, Buster and Sofie

Samantha 'Sammy' - June 2003, 11 years old

Dearest Sammy,
My sweet baby, I miss so much. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You are my best friend and Mommy's Little Girl. I miss your claws clicking on the floor, always two steps behind me, and your big pleading eyes. Our snuggle time was the best. I pray that you are happy and healthy and know how much I love you. All my love until we meet again.

Mercedes Melino - June 2003, 10 years old

Our beloved Mercedes was a wonderful, loving part of our family for ten years. She was our first baby until our 'human' one came into the world three years later. We loved her so much! Now that she has passed away, I just never knew it would be so difficult to be without her! I still see her in 'her' overstuffed chair. She will be missed so much by our family. But I know that she is in a better place, as she suffered so in her last days.

Buddy Johnson - June 2003, 10 years old

Buddy was a good dog. He had a back problem. He was not supposed to live past the age of two. He was a smooth black-and-tan.

The Shady Lady - June 2003, 13 years old

Razzberry - June 2003, 1 year old

We miss you so much, baby...the house is so empty without you. Saturday morning cartoons and pancakes just aren't the same without you. Every morning daddy wakes up hoping to see you. We would do anything to hold you again.
We will never forget you,baby.
Lots of hugs and kisses.... and all our love, Dad and Mom

Frankie - June 2003, 12 years old

My little Frankie died this morning. I held him so close last night because his eyes told me that it would be his last night. He had been ill, but I thought he had more time. He brought me years of love, comfort and joy and through the years to come I will carry him in my heart. I love him dearly and I was very very blessed to have him in my life.

Puppy a.k.a. Puppyman or The Baby - June 2003, 2 years, 7 months old

Mommy misses you so much. I am so sorry that I didn't hold you in your final minutes. When you got hit it was like someone hitting me - I could only scream. You were my life, my price and joy. You were so handsome. I hope you forigve me. I don't understand why you went in the road - you never did that before! Why did you leave me? I love you and miss you so much. Daddy's and my wedding will not be the same without you. I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will love you tomorrow. I love my handsome little guy. Goodbye for now.
Always and forever, Mommy.
Daddy says 'hi', but you never liked him any way. Hahaha.

Tasha Marie Schoettley - June 2003, 13 years8 months old

Thank you for coming into our lives on 17 January 1990. From that day on, you became our little girl that we loved, cherished,and spoiled. You were our pride and joy. You brought us your unconditional love and showed us what it was like to be happy. You always brought love and happiness to our hearts everyday. And for that, we honour you. We always gave you our love, and in return you gave us your love with hugs, kisses, and your wagging tail. We love you very deeply, miss you always, and want you to know that you are forever in our hearts. During your life, you touched the hearts of many who adored you. We are grateful for the best 13 years and eight months of our lives. To give you our love added meaning to our lives. To have you give your unconditional love back to us was the meaning of our lives.
We love you Tasha Marie.
Mom and Dad

April 'Taco' Oxendine - June 2003, 5 years, 4 months old

April was my first granddogger and I loved her so much that words could never tell you. She went to a 24-hour vet hospital and the vet did not come in 'till eight hours later. April, I love you and your love will always be in my heart.
Your Grandmother, Ann Lawson

Woofie Farfel Boothe - June 2003, 5 years, 7 months old

Woofie Farfel Boothe passed from her earthly life on 9 June 2003, after a brief respiratory illness. Woofie was a sweet, lovable, fun, little black-and-tan mini wiener dog. She was a good girl, very patient and loving. Woof was adopted into our family on 26 January 2001, through a rescue organisation. She came to us, a skinny little three-year-old bundle of energy, jumping up and down on the furniture, going from room to room, running around, barking at squirrels, birds, and anything that moved. In due time, Woofie bonded closely with her Daddy, Mama, and brothers. She burrowed her way deep into our hearts where she will always hold a special place.

Woofie enjoyed life. She liked walks, belly rubs, tipping trash cans, eating carrots, and howling with her family. She enjoyed visits to her Abuelita in New Jersey and her Abuela and Abuelo in Florida. When not lying in the sunshine or snuggling next to a family member, Woofie could usually be found burrowed under our family's afghan, which soon became hers. One of her greatest accomplishments was chewing a hole in her afghan big enough for her snout to stick through.

Woofie is remembered as a very loving companion to all who sought her company. She was a strong faithful little Woof, who gave everything she had to provide love, joy and comfort to her family and friends. Woofie is terribly missed, most especially by her family. Her funny little antics, her pleasant personality and her loving nature will remain with us in our hearts as a reminder of our faithful little friend, daughter and sister, Woofie.

Abby Thomas - June 2003, 1 year old

We love and miss you, Abby-Girl.

Fritzy Von Lewis - June 2003, 10 years old

To my Little Frizty Roo Roo, I do miss you so... I am so glad to have found this page for lovers of these little guys everywhere. You brought so much joy to my life.. I will never forget you.

Ollie - May 2003, 9 years, 6 months old

Ollie was an angel sent from heaven. We love her dearly and our lives are not the same without her. She was my best friend and she was always there through the good and the bad times. I love Ollie and nothing and no one can take her place.
Tena and Tony

Betts - June 2003, 19 years old

Great dachsie...went across the world with me. For many, many years on my great...miss her everyday...clicking around the kitchen for a carrot circle out of the fridge. Huge alertness even when she got SARDS several months ago. She taught me who was really saw great love in life...great kindness, simplicity...

I get it now....I loved her....I wish her lofty spirit were here...I guess I have to continue it....Great peace, Betts, great fun to have had you...all my love forever and ....please dear dachsie of all dachsies....Be nice...don't hoard the food...there's plenty up there!!!

Show little Irene the ropes...she needs your chutzpah....always did......M.B. Helfrich

Minda Noel - June 2003,13 years old

Mindy, you were the joy of our lives. We think about you every day and miss you more every minute. We can't enter a room without looking for evidence of presence. Every upright garbage can, and uneaten leftovers from dinner make us miss you even more. 'Want a bath?' We love you and miss you!

Maggie Mae - June 2003, 11 years, 11 months old

Maggie Mae, you are so special in the hearts of many people that we know, and many people whom we do not know who's hearts you have touched. You always shared your unconditional love, understanding whatever you were told and never did you meet a stranger. You disappeared in January 1995 and it was so devastating to all who loved you, but you knew best. Wherever your journey of seven years took you I know you shared your unconditional love, understanding and that beautiful smile. When you returned through the rescue group, I knew at first sight as did you that we had found each other again.For the hope you brought with your story for those who have lost their treasured companions - we thank you. Even with your illness you continued to share your love, giving more than you received in return, your strength and bringing happiness to all who met you. Now you have gone to Rainbow Bridge, a place you deserve to play and romp as a puppy, never being tired, lonely, hungry or in pain again. Thank you for all the joy you have brought to especially me and all of those along your journey here on earth with us. The joy will continue to live in our hearts as your memory is but a touch of the Master's hand to allow you to continue you to live in those hearts you have touched. 'Till we meet again - for I know you will be waiting for me on the other side. Peace be with you as with us. I love you and you live on in my thoughts every day.


Harley D - June 2003, 3 months, 2 weeks old

Harley D left us on 20 June 2003. He was our first dachshund and we loved him from the moment we laid eyes on him. He was sweet, loving, playful and filled our home with joy. I keep thinking of the 'I should haves', but it is too late for that. I know that his death is part of God's plan, although I am still not able to figure out what plan that is and don't know if I ever will. We have a new baby. His name is Snoopy Colorado, he is a sweet, silly, fun loving full of kisses little guy. He will be loved and cherished just as much as Harley D was.
Harley, Mommy and Nessie love and miss you very much.We'll see you at the Bridge. AshLee Bassett is there to watch over you in the mean time, look for her.

Bullet Carlson - June 2003, 16 years, old

Sorry I let you get out of my sight and get lost in the woods...Many people say that dachshunds go away and die when they know it's their time. I just hope you didn't suffer...My buddy for 16 years.
Love Curt

Barney Buddy - June 2003, 4 years old

Barney Buddy,
I remember like it was yesterday, the day you came to live with us. And I ache every day since you went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. Oh, how you loved to ride with Dad in the car, and how you thought you owned the whole darned block. God forbid anybody go in front of our home with another dog!

You were so sick the day you died. I am so proud of the way you hung on until we got you to the vet. And how crushed we both were when the doctor said there was no hope for you. You ended up dying in my arms anyway, and I hope you knew how much we absolutely loved you. I can't wait to see you running to us on your short little legs, with your tail sticking straight up! See you at the Bridge, dear sweet Barn!
P.S.We have a little girl now, named Abby. No one can take your place, dear little boy, but it was just too quiet with you gone! You would have loved her!
You're ALWAYS in our hearts, and OFTEN on our minds. We love you Sweetie, Mom and Dad

Brandy Vandament Tosill - June 2003, 17 years old

Brandy was loved by two mommies in her life - her original mommie until she was 12 years old and then her adopted mommie for the next four-and-a-half years. She went home to be with her original mommie two months before she passed away. She is missed so much by both mommies...tears that will never go away until the day they are all reunited at Rainbow Bridge. Until then, rest easy our darling Brandy...

Scrappy - June 2003, 1 years, 11 months, 28 days old

My girls and I went to a pet store and saw this poor little doxie. He was in his cage. He was so small and scared. We took this poor little guy home and loved and cared for him. He had kennel cough and was so sick his first few weeks. He was sooo tiny. He grew into a brave strong little man! He was my best little buddy. He was so happy and I loved him so. He went everywhere with me. He would play soccer with the girls. He was the best soccer player! He made us laugh!! I found him dead in my driveway two days shy of his second birthday. Some stray dog or coyote killed him. I held his little body in a blanket and cried and cried. I held him for close to seven hours,till my husband came home. I did not want to let him go. I knew I would not hold him again in my life time. It has been over a year and I still cry and miss him. I hear his little collar jingling sometimes and I call his name. I miss and love you so much 'little buddy. You were my only son. Please forgive me for not being there when you needed me. I miss you so.

Angel - June 2003, 4 years, 7 months old

I got you when I was 30 years old. You were the first pet I have ever owned. To tell you the truth, I never thought I could love a animal. But you came along and stole my heart. I miss you sleeping in my bed, (at the bottom of the bed under the covers, I always wondered how you could breathe.) I miss you staying by my side as I prayed in my secret closet, (No secret to you, of course). You were a blessing to me and I will always love you and miss you. I know you are with the Lord now. I now have another dachshund and I love him very much. I call him angel every once and a while and also a (her). Dad says this will soon pass. I don't know. I can't wait to see you again.Thank you for giving this family many wonderful memories. With love from your mom, dad, brother and sister

Buddy Frank - June 2003, 7 years, 6 months old

Buddy Frank, you were Mommy's heart. I miss you as much as the first day I lost you. I miss watching TV and eating popcorn together. You were my 'little boy'. There will never be another like you. Mommy knows you're running and playing in the green grass at the Bridge while you wait for her. Love you 4ever...'The Mommy'

Buster, AKA Busterbrown - June 2003, 7 years old

Oh Buster my boy I do sure miss you a lot. Buster was there when I was alone, such a great traveller he was. We'd go to Winnipeg many times and he'd be the loyal man he was. Tragically he was taken from me when my son, little Buster, and I were in a horrible car accident. The car rolled over many times and the only one God took was him; little did he realise how lonely I am now without him. Buster, I shall most definately pick you up at Rainbow Bridge, never fret my friend I want to share eternity with you by my side. Well, my best friend, little Baboo I used to say, I love you and miss you.

Heidi Parsons - June 2003, 16 years old

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